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    Responsibility as Tourist Consultant for Visit Scotland Company

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1231
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/508/9242
    • Downloads: 701
    Question :

    This unit state that you are working as tourist consultant for Visit Scotland Company and your responsibility is to explore tourism in potential area.

    • Provide an explanation on main historical developments and structure of travel and tourism sector. 
    • Explain the impact of local bodies, national government and international agencies on companies like Visit Scotland
    • Assess influence of demand and supply on the business of Visit Scotland  and other organizations of tourism sector.
    Answer :


    Travel and tourism sector is wide in nature and contributing huge in developing of economy. In the early time people are not aware about destinations which is popular in abroad so they travel at local places near to them. After globalisation people get knowledge about destination places and they start travelling around they world. Globalisation play important role in development of travel and tourism sector (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). This is an essential and effective step which assist in development of economy. The assignment is based on Visit Scotland company which is organisation of travel and tourism. This project assist in understanding topic related to historical development as well impact of government of the same industry is also covered. Apart from this economic policies related to local and national and its effect on demand and supply is also discussed.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Key historical development in travel and tourism sector

    In 1945, employment is generated mainly with the help of agriculture for every individual person. But in this period, mainly elite people use the optimised travelling luxury for moving one place to another. industrialisation is giving major negative impact on this segment they are using holiday packages more. Because at that time tour operators, travel agents and hotels are working separately. At that time many of the organisations are facing problems because of world war because of that no one is delivering attention to the economical situation of company.

    Between 1945-1979, several significant changes occur in travel and tourism industry is that it gain maximum growth in specific period of time. Hotels are focusing on needs and demands of customers and start providing several exotics and existing plan for different income group travellers. Operators are those who is offering travelling services related to bus, railways, airlines along with this provide travelling insurance facility also (Ghimire, 2013).

    Before 1980, peoples are spending their free time as well hard earned more in travelling by using holiday packages offering by several travel and tourism company. After technological development in this industry, it reach up to its new height. Latest technology make work more easy and also reduce cost of operations. Travel and tourism activities help in development of economy and also in raising standard of population of United Kingdom.  

    In the recent era, this sector is playing important role in nations economic development by providing employment opportunities to the people who are more included in such activities like travelling agent, business guide etc. organisation like Visit Scotland is offering entire services related to travel and tourism such as transportation, accommodation, food and several other.  Now a days youth are founding their career in tourism sector thus there are several people who are visiting more then one destination in a year (Zapata and Hall, 2012).

    1.2 Structure of the travel and tourism sector

    Travel and tourism sector structure is complicated in according to the diverse geographical region. The structure varies as per the location, region, state and country. This is completely dependent on the travel arrangement of the specific country or nations to the other nations. Many countries attracts the tourists with some natural tourist places and artificial places attractions, artificial attractions are the man made attraction which are basically a  constructed with the aim to fetch the tourist attention. There are various factors which needed to improve as possible cause until that factors will not improved the structure of travel and a tourism cannot be developed very well. Scotland is a beautiful country where people fly to get the pleasant experience but there may be some factors which do not satisfy the travellers wishes. Transportation is one of the major aspect of the travel and tourism cause people who are paying for the eminent facilities then they really wanted to retain the services according to the payments. The tourists would like to pay for the extraordinary services if there is  certain location where the transportation is not available that place would be less captured by the tourists (Garín-Muñoz and  Pérez Amaral, 2011). The 'Visit Scotland' is a Scotland's National Tourism Organization that aid to arrange the trip to the Scotland it is capturing tourist from the various countries that is USA, Germany, France, and Canada. These countries are well developed and now it is looking for the opportunities to develop travel industry for China and India cause the developed nations are the major source of its economy and now it wanted to increase its profit from China and India also. The

    Scotland is a nice country but there are some factors which can grab more opportunities for the enhancing travel and tourism. The firm can offer specific packages according to the budget of the people so that they can select appropriate package that can be beneficial for the firm and luxurious for the clients.


    TASK 2

    2.1 Functioning of government and its bodies in tour and travelling industry

    Travel and tourism industry is one of the big industry which generates revenue from the other countries. In order to generate income from outside sources government prepares a budget plan to invest in tourism sector that can attract the tourists. The government authorities develops some specific policies which has a major impact on tourism sector such as it is majorly impacted by the taxation, environment and transportation strategies. The government establishes policies that are mainly focused on the social, economical, and infrastructural so that the tourists can be more beneficial from them and they would get attracted towards the destination (Guttentag, 2015).

    Government function – The government develops some policies for the benefits of the tourist so that they can stay comfortably. They establishes the policies to increase the customer interests, locations, health and safety measure of the tourists, trade policies, accommodations where they  can stay, transportation facilities at several destinations that can allure the tourists.

    Government sponsored bodies -  Government is an authorised body which promotes its tourism interests in the market so that it can allure people. The government has the right to sponsored its tourism industry to generate the opportunities in the market which can also assist to increase its income sources.

    The travel and tourism industry is sponsored by the ministry of travel and tourism culture in every nation which prepares the planning, marketing and trade regulations for the tourism resources that supports the industry (Roxas and Chadee, 2013).

    International agencies – In Scotland there is a government body and various non -government organization which has some interest in tourism industry cause this is one of the major industry which aid to increase the productivity of tourist places. Besides regulating the tourism industry government also has some political interest in order to develop the policies. The government decisions are taken on the international level at which other countries are also involved that assists the relations with other countries and also simulate to solve the issues.

    2.2 Influence of local and national economic policy on success of travel and tourism

    It can be said that economic influence plays a crucial role in the success attained by t

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