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    Hospitality and Tourism Managers



    “A study on hospitality and tourism managers for resolving the problem of high staff turnover in Milestone Hotel”

    The present research study focuses on identifying different ways for resolving the problem of high staff turnover in Milestone Hotel. Hotels are most significant part of hospitality and tourism industry (Nadiri and Tanova, 2009). Milestone is one of the most luxuries hotels in United Kingdome. Milestone hotel different types of services for all facility members, pets and lids also. It major services are effective entertainment, food, restaurants, spa, swimming pool, gym, wines, bar, parking and fun club etc. They provide modern technologies in their all types of services as well as organization makes sure about the appropriate environment, cleanliness and needs and expectations of customers (Gustafson, 2002). For providing effective services organization uses effectual recruitment and selection process for hiring people for different types of post and position. Company provides efficient training and development program for improving employee skills and knowledge which enhances personnel performance of individuals. But after providing all facilities there are some reasons because of them employee leave this hotel in high rate (Hughes and Rog, 2008). Milestone is facing high employee turnover which affects the productivity of different types of services and customer satisfaction and performance of the organization.

    Employee turnover can define as a rate by which employer of the organization gains and losses their employees. For any organization which has high turnover it means employees are not so stable in that company and spend shorter tenure in organization (An Investigation of the Relationship between Employee Turnover and Organizational Culture, 1999). At recent time success of hospitality and tourism organization totally depends on the employee satisfaction. Work force play a significant role in providing effective outcome for an organization as well as in maximizing customer satisfaction. If organization have high turnover then company needs to hire and train more employees it takes lots of time and cost for an organization. It also leads low profitability and income for an organization. Employer satisfaction is frequently calculated as ration of number of employees leave the organization in a specific time period (Flick, 2011). Employees turnover is associated with different other problems, such as production becomes low, lack of quality in product and services, higher cost, low satisfaction with customers and suppliers, work anxiety and absenteeism, etc (Gibbs, 2002). There are various factors of employee turnover at Milestone; these are demographic factors which include age, gender, education, income, status, category of job; job hoppling, level of salary, nature of work, supervision, culture and environment of organization, commitment of company, employment policy and perceived employment opportunities is a major factor of employee turnover (Jackson, 2010).

    Rational of study

    The present research subject is relevant to the problem of staff turnover in hospitality and tourism industry. The investigation has been chosen Milestone for whole study because in recent time it is facing a problem of high employee turnover (Gustafson, 2002). The present research study is conducted for analyzing employee turnover and its impact on Milestone success and performance. Along with this investigation will also provide an insight for resolving this problem. Major objectives of this research report is determining different reasons behind high employee turnover in Milestone, identifying various impacts on success and productivity of the Milestone and how organization can resolve this problem (Hughes and Rog, 2008). For attaining the objectives of this study researcher will use different research techniques and tools and methods, such as literature review and data collection and data analysis which help in determining appropriate solution of this research. Along with this different websites, published articles on employee turnover, Milestone’s annual report and blogs, journals, etc useful in getting review about the employee turnover and its impact. In addition this research will helpful for the academic research and future research studies, etc (Magableh and Kharabsheh, 2013). It provides assistance to teachers, students and research scholars those want to do research on relevant topic hospitality and tourism organization in future time.

    Research problem

    The present research is on resolving the issue of employee turnover in Milestone organization. Company is facing the high staff and employee turnover due to different organizational factors (Sreejesh and Mohapatra, 2013). Major research problem includes that why employee turnover is very high in Milestone organization. Along with this research problem also comprises that this employee turnover has high negative impact on the performance and productivity of Milestone. Thus, reducing this employee’s turnover is very essential for this organization. Therefore, rapidly increasing employee turnover is a big problem for Milestone and identifying the various ways for resolving this problem is main research difficulty (An Investigation of the Relationship between Employee Turnover and Organizational Culture, 1999).

    Research aim

    The major aim of research study is determining how Milestone can resolve their problem of high employee turnover.

    Research objectives

    As per the aim of research major objectives are as follows:

    • To determine major reasons behind high employee turnover at Milestone hotel.
    • To critically analyze major impacts of elevated staff turnover on success and performance of Milestone hotel.
    • To identify different solutions for reducing employee turnover in Milestone organization.

    Research question

    As per the rational, aims and objectives of study major research questions are as follows:

    1. What are major reasons behind high employee turnover in Milestone hotel?
    2. What are foremost impacts of elevated staff turnover on performance and productivity of Milestone Organization?
    3. How Milestone hotel can resolves this problem or reduce employee turnover and enhance employee stability in this organization?


    The present research study focuses on the employee turnover in Milestone and how organization can resolve this difficulty. For determining different solutions researcher needs to review on relevant studies which had done in past by different research scholars and it is known as literature review (Meet the team, 2012). It comprises findings of different research studies which are relevant to current subject of investigation. The present research includes different research learning on employee turnover in hospitality and tourism industry, different research studies on employee satisfaction, hospitality and tourism organization, etc.

    Critical evaluation for determining various reasons of employee turnover of Milestone hotel

    As per the view of Nadiri and Tanova, 2009, “Fairness of the outcomes that employee of Milestone received by management of the organization may have large impact on turnover of staff, job satisfaction and employee stabilities, etc” (Nadiri and Tanova, 2009). It shows that appropriateness of feedback play a major role in high employee turnover of organization. Nadiri and Tanova, 2009 also suggest that “employee turnover can be resolved by improving job satisfaction, organizational justice and effective working environment of organization” (Nadiri and Tanova, 2009). Therefore, Milestone can improve the overall performance and employee satisfaction by utilizing different tool and techniques for maximizing employee satisfaction and stability level. Deery and Shaw, 2000 says that “Employee turnover increases due to the negative organizational culture and environment and it influences organization’s performance” (Deery and Shaw, 2000). It means that organizational culture has strong relationship with employee turnover of the hospitality and tourism organization and this problem can re resolve by effective management of working environment of staff. Opinion of Gustafson, 2002 states that “high employee can reduce by using effective recruitment and retention strategies of the organization” (Gustafson, 2002). As per the above discussion Milestone can minimize their high staff turnover difficulty by using effective strategies for hiring new employees and for retaining them. Gustafson, 2002 concludes that “turnover is associated with management of the organization” (Gustafson, 2002). Therefore, high staff turnover of Milestone organization is also associated with the capabilities and characteristics of the manager of Milestone hotel. It includes overall experience of managers, experience in hospitality industry, skills and knowledge about Milestone hotel and its services, participation with employees of the organization, etc. Along with this as per the view of Jeon and Choi, 2012 which analyses that “Compensation, salary, bonus, fringe benefits and other facilities are also included in the reason of job switching by employees from one hospitality organization to another” (Jeon and Choi, 2012). It shows another major reason of employee turnover of Milestone so company needs to focus on their employment policy. Including this Antoncic and Antoncic, 2011, study explains that “working, environment, roles and responsibility, appropriate outcomes for employee inputs and culture are also significant reason behind employee turnover” (Antoncic and Antoncic, 2011).

    Critical evaluation on impact of employee turnover on Milestone and its different aspects

    Therefore as per the above discussion there are different reasons behind high employee turnover in Milestone hotel. Workforce turnover has high and negative impact on organization’s performance and productivity. As per the study of Cheng, 2012, which states that “employee turnover has huge impact on individual and overall performance of Milestone which affects the ability of organization for attaining objectives of the organization” (Cheng, 2012). On other hand Hellawell, 2012 concludes that “staff turnover affect the customer satisfaction level and quality of services of Milestones” (Hellawell, 2012). As well as Chiaburu, Diaz and Vos, 2013 states that “employee turnover also influences hiring, recruitment and selection policy of organization” (Chiaburu, Diaz and Vos, 2013). As per the Gaurav, 2013 “Employee turnover has negative impact on production and operation process and productivity of different services of the organization” (Gaurav, 2013). However, as per the article of Measuring the impact of human resource management practices on hospitality firms’ performances, 2006 which shows that “employee turnover have large negative impact on human resource management, policies and practices of hospitality and tourism organization” (Measuring the impact of human resource management practices on hospitality firms’ performances, 2006). Study of Gustafson, 2002 explains that “employee turnover increases cost and reduces profitability and income of the Organization” (Gustafson, 2002). Therefore, Milestone is facing the high employee turnover which leads requirement of hiring new employee for organization in frequent time basis and these new employees requires high training and development program for appropriate understanding of hotel and its services. This process includes recruitment and selection process as well as training and development session and all these types of program needs high cost. Therefore, Employees turnover increases cost, reduces profit and income of Milestone. Study of Kuballa, 2007 states that, “High employee turnover influences the organizational behavior, team management, group behavior and leadership styles of the company” (Kuballa, 2007). Thus, high employee’s turnover has negative impact on Milestone organization and its management. As per the Topolosky, 2014 “High staff turnover affects requirement of resources, skills and knowledge and decision making process of the company” (Topolosky, 2014). Thus, due to the high turnover Milestone needs to take decision as per the requirement of knowledge and skills of the organization as per the roles and responsibilities of company and its production process. Therefore review of various past research studies shows that High employees turnover of Milestone has various negative impact on different aspects of organization which influences overall performance of the company (Hill, 2008).

    Solution for reducing employee turnover of Milestone hotel

    Above part of literature review shows that there are various reasons behind huge employee turnover in Milestone hotel and other hospitality and tourism organization. Along with this it is also described various impacts of staff turnover on Milestone and its performance (Burke, 2007). There are various studies which help in determining different appropriate solution for reducing employee turnover in Milestone hotel. As per the Brown, 2008 “effective recruitment and selection strategies are very effective for reducing employee turnover” (Brown, 2008). It shows that for reducing the overall staff turnover from hospitality and tourism organization, management of the company should focus on utilizing appropriate techniques for hiring new employees, such as online recruitment process, advertisement in newspaper, internet and social media, etc. Along with this Beiske, 2003 states that “by utilizing effectual retention strategies company can resolve the problem of low stability of employees or workforce” (Beiske, 2003). It shows that Milestone can use different retention strategies such as attractive salaries, gifts, performance appraisals, etc for resolving their employee’s yield problem. These strategies will provide help in reducing the overall staff turnover of the Milestone. Corbetta and et.al., 2008 says that “by improving organization culture, working environment and other facilities which improves motivation of different employees of organization are also helpful for retaining employees in company for long time” (Corbetta and et.al., 2008). Barr, 2004 states that “different motivational lectures and effective communication between management and employees also increases the employee satisfaction of the organization”. Therefore, Milestone should utilize motivational theory which helps in determining needs and expectations of employees of organization. Company can improve their policies and decisions as per the employee’s needs and requirements and take those decisions which satisfy their requirements and increase their interest towards the work and their roles and responsibilities (Ireland, Webb and Coombs, 2005). Along with this effective coordination, team activities, role plays, training and development program and effective strategic management also help in reducing overall employee turnover of Milestone. Including this work life balance and different employment policies also help in reducing staff turnover and improving individual and overall performance of the Milestone hotel (Tesone, 2006). Therefore as per the review of past research studies hospitality and tourism can resolve their research problem by effective employment policies, attractive salary and bonus, appropriate training session and motivational programs and work life balance, etc (Wilton, 2013).. Reduction in staff turnover improves overall profitability, performance and outcomes of the Milestone hotel as well as it increases the ability of the company for attaining objectives, mission and vision of organization. It also improves the customer satisfaction due to the qualitative services of the hotel and its employees (Yin, 2009).


    Research plan

    For determining reasons, impacts and solutions of high employee turnover of Milestone hotel researcher will use an appropriate research plan (Tsiotsou and Ratten, 2010.). This research plan includes specific stages, such as research design, approach of research, techniques of investigation, methods for obtaining data from different sources, distinct way for deciding sample, analysis of data, dissimilar ethical issues and challenges and considerations and limitations of research, etc. All these stages are very helpful for conducting research on high employee turnover of Milestone hotel (Merriam, 2009). This research plan provides all that type of information which helps in taking appropriate decisions for reducing employee’s turnover of organization. Along with this investigation also provide assistance in conducting whole research.

    Research design

    Research design is a blue print of the whole investigation in which research will be move for further stage (Gibaldi, 2010). There are three types of research design, exploratory, descriptive and experimental research design. As per the aims and objectives of current research exploratory research design is best. It is based on the secondary data and it is conducted for those that type of investigation which does not have a clearly defined research problem. Thus, as per the research employee’s turnover is a problem for Milestone hotel but it is not clearly defined the reasons for instability of employee in hospitality and tourism organization. This research design provides the introductory information form secondary data which is helpful for identifying appropriate research problem (Gill and Johnson, 2002). This research design also focuses on the informal and formal discussion with employees, customers and sample units of the research which provide insights for resolving research problem of the Milestone org

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