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    Sport And Event Tourism

    Introduction to Sport And Event Tourism

    Sport and event tourism is play significant role within the country for nation and personal development. It assists in enhancing the economic benefits by providing them with employment opportunity. It also increases interaction with new people and tourist for nation development through employment opportunity. Present study is based on Shanghai which is located in central coast of China and deals with different types of sport events to attracts tourist. In order to focus on present report, it covers roles which assist to identify current position to make support for future sports' event program. Furthermore, it also includes sport tourist which assist for events and stimulate to sport program. In addition to this, it also determines the positive and negative impact of events that contribute regeneration in the city.

    Sport event program to stimulate sport tourism

    Shanghai organizes different types of tourism programs through they can get the best tourists. Mainly, this city is looking towards increasing their revenue through football events so that it is great opportunity for them to target different customer. This is because, as it is the tourists place so it is beneficial to focus on different events. Further, nowadays sport tourism is heart of every country which make growth of nation and it is the fastest growing sector in global travel industry of urban areas. With the help of engaging tourism sport, the city can focus on high profitability and benefits in several years.

    In addition to this, foreign arrivals would also receive huge amount which can boost the economy of the country. Now, sport tourism is an activity which assists in generating significant revenue, creating new jobs and development of entire destinations, etc. It is also provides opportunity to interact with many people through advance knowledge can be made. In this aspect, Shanghai also provides facilities to the community in which sport tourism program can be build as an offer. It gives new opportunity in developing positive image in front of the people through performing activities in urban areas.

    Background to current tourism activity

    China is expanding their operations in term of tourist activity. Shanghai is the best place for the tourists. In this city, current tourism planning is very effective that support to make competitive advantages.

    Sport venue and event facilities in shanghai

    Shanghai has a sport centre in which venue is develops from December 2008. This centre has 18000 seats indoor and 5000 seats outdoor. Thereafter, structure of arena is designed by the German architecture firm GMP.

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    Further, many other venues designed at Shanghai are as follows:

    • China Mansion Hotel
    • Club Shanghai
    • Shanghai grand theatre
    • The Bride 8
    • Shanghai rose

    Different types of sport tourist for events

    Tourist refers as a person, who makes tour from home and office for business, leisure, sport and many other purposes. Sport tourist define as travelling of people in which involves observing and participating in sport events. Based on different needs and reasons, tourist categories in a different way. For example, incentive tourist are get holiday packages as a reward and gift. They can be get by office, friends and family. It is working as inspiration from tours to work hard and learn many things. Salesmans are the best examples who achieve their targets and get right benefits from it.

    Shanghai organise Tennis event in which they are develops culture surrounding the game. In this aspect, all players are good in their games and are role model for people. For athletics, they organize the Golden event to attract various customers towards the city (Mair and Whitford, 2013). Various tourists participate in this event from different countries. It will make sure that all elements need to be covers for developing operations and results. Thus, Shanghai gets many tourists at their workplace.

    Different types of tourist take place within the city are as follows:

    Adventure tourists are determines from different things towards many people. It is generally expressed through engaging a person in physical, natural and cultural journey that brings them in comfort zone. It is established by tour company to create broad ideas that is categories in sub elements. In this way, different types of tourism take place such as accessible tourism, thrill tourism and Ethno tourism etc. Shanghai is also promoting adventure tourist through trade shows and many events.

    Identify current provision to support a future sports events programme

    Shanghai is leading with government agency for their sport event. They are also makes some close partner who ensure successfully operations in the biggest world (Alonso Dos Santos, Calabuig Moreno and Emeljanovas, 2014). Currently, the cited city operating major international events in which national strategy can be made. It represents for global competition which assist to support and profiling high performances' success. In addition to this, they are also creating opportunity through which sport can help to engaging various people. As results, positive economic benefits can be developed across the communities.

    Various sports are organized by Shanghai in the future which are as follows:

    • Formula one Chinese Grand pix
    • Beijing international marathon
    • Tour of Qinghai Lake

    In order to organise these events, country need to provide proper advertisement in different country. In this way, sports tourist can be assist to focus on different aspects that are requires attract various people of different nations.

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    Impact of tourism events

    In this aspect, tourism events focus on the events which majorly affect the economy, environment, politics and socio cultural community. As per the view of Duglio and Beltramo, (2017), sport tourism can bring many benefits in economic, social and rural areas. It can make sustainability through managing business activities' and financial benefits. However, in mass market it generates negative impact through assessing the performances. Thus, it is essential to monitor performance effectively. It can be create impact on the following basis:

    Economic impact (Positive)

    Carlson, Rosenberger III and Rahman, (2015), stated that sports tourism provides employment opportunity in which jobs are creating for various people. It can also generate impact on retail and transportation business. This is because, when people go out from their homes they have to spend money for travelling and other requirement. It leads to spend more money which generate multiple effects through generating more jobs. In addition to this, in Shanghai it is also provides opportunity to small scale enterprises that are most important part of rural areas. Hence, the city has opportunity to expand their tourism activities in different areas through they will able to develops positive results and performances. It will generate positive impact through sports can get high revenue and maintain profits in positive aspects.

    Economic impact (Negative)

    However, Taks and Misener, (2016) argued that successful sport tourism relies on basic infrastructure such as roads, visitor and hotels. It creates high taxes which taken by government. Beside this, jobs are created seasonal in which tourism can push to local property prices and cost of goods and services. Money generated is not always beneficial for local community. Destinations dependence can create negative impact on events such as terrorism, natural disasters and economic recession. It also creates adverse impact on employment opportunities of Shanghai due to seasonal and few jobs. It will also describe performances which would be analysis whole market for developing ideas and operations.

    Social impact (Positive)

    According to Misener and Schulenkorf, (2016), improvements in infrastructure and new leisure amenities which can create results from tourism also beneficial for local community. It encourages to local people of Shanghai to preservation of traditional customs and many other things. In addition to this, interaction between hosts and guest creates better culture that assist to understand raising global awareness of issues such as poverty, human rights, etc. In this way, customer demand also assess which would be enhance profits and positive outcomes to deliver effective results. It makes high power to produce profits and revenue through concerning with customer feedback.

    Social impact (Negative)

    As compare to this, Huang, Mao and Zhang, (2014) argued that visitor behaviour can have harmful effects on quality life of host community. For instance, drugs and alcohol problems increasing crime level within the nation. Tourism have also infringed on human rights that can cause of new hotels and barred from beaches. Interaction with tourist can also lead to erosion of traditional culture and values (Huang, Mao and Zhang, 2014). Hence, tourist events can affected negatively through supplying some essential features within the nation. It will lead to manage outcomes positively through assessment can be created. Due to changes in customer mindset, Shanghai has negative impact that describes to change their strategy. It makes focus on different elements which need to be focus by the nation for development of the city. It also determines effective results through business will easily achieve targets and goals.

    Environmental impact (Positive)

    As per the view of Brannagan and Giulianotti, (2015), tourism particularly can impact on nature and echo-tourism. It creates positive impact in term of promoting conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests. It also assists to generate more money which encourages generate more fund through maintain animal preservation. With the help of alternatives sources of employment in Shanghai, they can reduce problems such as over fishing and deforestation in the nation.

    Environmental impact (Negative)

    Tourism possess major threat to natural and cultural resources. It includes water supply, heritage sites and many other activities that are cause of increasing pollution through traffic emissions. In addition to this, the cited city also has adverse impact due to littering and increased sewage production and noise.

    Further, sports events also encourages generate economic and social impact that provide opportunity for additional visitors. This is because, revenue and positive impact can be enhance in international market. It contributes development of civic pride that are beneficial for cultural development programs. Within the growth directions of tourism industry can create impact on performances of Shanghai. It makes positioning destination within the market and providing competitive advantages. Systematic planning and development create various types of marketing events for tourist attraction. Infrastructure and economic growth can also build to attract various tourists who are managing different activities at workplace.

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    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    Sports events are very old who perform functions and operations through sustaining activities. In history of Olympics and other sports, it enhances performances and outcomes which assist to develop profitability. It is the fastest growing industry within entire events which can be signifies in multi sports elements. Through attracting tourist visitors, generate media exposure and economic impact to host nation and destination. There are various government strategies take place which beneficial for host nation and city. This is because, it provides various benefits to participants who are giving entertainment and enjoyment to spectators. Sport event is effectively growing industry, which make competitive advantages at workplace. Hence, various types of events are organises to emergence benefits for nation.

    To meet with competition host country determines their purposes for competing in market. Sport meeting are organised to select winner through participating of different players and teams. Shanghai make various activities through they can easily attract tourist which generate significant advantages through flows of travellers. Primary purpose for travel determines viewing of sports in which events are organises. This is allows make effective results through classified tourism events.

    Potential contribution to regeneration

    As per the view of Gilani, Kazemi and Atashpanjeh, (2014), regeneration is a comprehensive and integrated vision and actions which leads to solve problems. It also seeks to bring improvements within economic, physical, social and environmental conditions which take place for changes within the environment (Gilani, Kazemi and Atashpanjeh, 2014). It describes in four different areas in which Shanghai can focus on different aspects of society are as follows


    Economic of Shanghai is concerned with income, job creation, employment, employability and development programs through sports events.

    Social and cultural

    Social and cultural programs are describes in term of education, crime, health, quality of life and public services.

    Physical and environmental

    This includes building and natural environment in term of infrastructure, transport and communications of Shanghai people.


    This is related to nature of engagement of local community of the country in local decision-making, involvement of many other people and leadership style.

    However, Kennelly and Toohey, (2014) stated that with the help of sport events, there are significant roles which describe for urban regeneration. This is because, it is very important element which assist to provide welfare and well-being of community. Different types of contributors can impact at national, local and individual level. It is very difficult to separation in these elements t6o make strong relationship between tourist ad host people. It also assists to create better understanding and benefits which relates to regeneration.

    In this way, Shanghai need to concentrate on motivation to tourist so that they can reach towards each customer. Needs, motives and motivations are important elements that describes to conduct and play mechanics of tourism. Motivation exists when person is capable to deliver effective results and performances. Motivation is exists when person is capable of creating impulse to lead with various needs. Sometime tourist satisfied and sometime dissatisfied so that it is essential to maintain positivity within Shanghai. More specific motivations are requires deliver effective results in the country. Push and pull factors are also assists to develop market and profitability.

    Sports performance recovery and regeneration solutions are describing in a comprehensive program in which targets can be made through link in nutrition and supplementation. In this aspect, guidance can be made through assessing stress management programs. Solutions are also identifies to guiding people. Shanghai need to be strong through they can easily lead with demand of tourist assistance. Specific health issues are classified to make recommendation that are appropriate for sports people. Therefore, lab test allow to demonstrate cause for particular problems. It also requires collect some sample for privacy and many other benefits. Implementing new plan can be support to modify programs according to lifestyle.

    Theory to promote sport events tourism

    In order to enhance sport events, Shanghai need to concentrate on different theory through they are able to develops their outcomes. In this aspect, they can invest different resources and fund which generate interest and potential customer base. Beside this, negative reputation also creates difficulties which need to be overcome (Kim, Choi and Kaplanidou, 2015). There are different types of theory are exists which can be used by the nation.

    They are as follows:

    Marketing theory

    Marketing theory is very complex which determines ideas and concern with the best practices. It assists to Shanghai to concentrate on traditional advertisement through they can promote to business and operations. Preparation of events programs can take place through placing new services and traditional advertisement such as print, outdoor and online marketing. Promotional activities are included in tern of advertisement which campaign and launches in media and defines promotional angle through services and products can be consistent.

    Profitability curve

    Profitability curve is basic element which describes specific products that produce profits and loss within a life cycle. It is very important that describes regarding financial leaders at business. It will make high profits and account for future budgets. Products and events are launch that assist to determine products and services. New products can be given for development of the nation. It describes for ascertain results and performances to make profitability. Shanghai need to try that their profitability curve always move towards right side through demand can be increases. It creates positive impact on performances of Shanghai.

    Pricing theory

    It is essential to determines appropriate pricing strategy for particular products and services. In this way, it is major element in which customer need to take point for deliver positive results. According to customer convenience, Shanghai need to launch their products and services. Basic economic theory are also describes which create more demand of particular products and services. Other factors are also affects to pricing of products at launching time. Hence, lower price can raise demand at each level that describes for manufacturer ability to produce sufficient supply. Buying power of target customer is effective so that business can easily competitive.

    Diffusion of innovation

    Diffusion of innovation is another theory which describes to assist and help to business leaders. It will assist to understand about customer and their requirement from the nation. Customers are likely to attain new events through business can get high sales and customer base at workplace. In this way, new technology can be develops through Shanghai which assist to provide effective results through conducting survey. Promotional campaign for launching products and services are requires for each buyer and professionals.


    From the above report, it has been articulated that sports event tourism play very important role in growth of nation and city. This is because, it provides various types of opportunities for generating employment and assist to gain profitability at workplace. In this way, the country can get right direction to perform various functions and operations. In this way, performances should be measure which describes to deliver effective results. It also makes concentrate on various activities which demonstrate positive and negative impact on the performances. Furthermore, different types of theory also undertake which assist to promote events of sports in Shanghai. It also assists to match skills and performances to match performances with ideas. Moreover, it also summarized for assessing outcomes on economy, social and environment aspects. Therefore, sport events are analysis positive and negative both types of events within the market.


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