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    Unit 3.23 Sustainable Tourism Development Level 3 GSM London


    Sustainable tourism can be referred for forming a proper balance between among the economic, environmental and social culture tourism aspects and its development which has crucial role in the biodiversity convergence. This is often attempt to reduce their environmental influence and local culture in regard of making future generation accessible while involving to employment, conservation and income of ecosystem of locality of place. Tourism and travelling segment is drastically emerging in the competitive industry rapidly. There are numerous sectors which are continuously facing issues and changes due to different consequences emerged within the environment (Aldebert, Dang and Longhi, 2011). Qatar is a rich nation of Middle Ease which is promoting their tourism through supporting and hosting numerous sports practices and business programs. The report is associated with numerous stakeholder identification along with benefits and disadvantage of PPE, measurement methods, interactive planning structure and its significance, distinct stages of planning, tourist influence, conflict resolution etc. It will assess the planning rationale and different approaches utilised in tourism and travelling sector. On the other side, assignment will focus over requirement of planning along with evaluating current issues belonging to the tourism development planning that can resolve interest of well-being.

    Task 1

    1.1 Analyses the features of Tourism Development planning at different levels

    Tourism planning is a complicated process that follow numerous strategic level required to structure the modified plans and tactics in relation of operating business practices along with the objectives accomplishment to more specified destination. It involve global transportation service, movement and scheduling of travellers of country as well as working strategies along with promotional activities of nations. Qatar is focusing over the specific division levels and activities that are planned in specific manner which is discussed as below:

    International Level: Tourist management of team of Qatar are designing the activities at global level aiming over transportation facilities incurred in international marketing along with awareness of tour programs to ascertain tourist (Buckley, 2012). As per the tourism plan, different strategies of marketing are optimised or employed by organisation in relation of grabbing consumer attention to Qatar tourists.

    National Level: As per the strategic level of management, the nation need to structure different policies and program procedure linked with the tourism activities along with employing effective changes in the structure of organisation to compete their competitors with the purpose of dealing with specific target. Despite this, the referred country has to comply respected country's legislation while planning the national tourism activities.

    Regional Level: Whole team of Qatar utilise numerous marketing strategic and promotion activities at the regional level to facilitate traveller services linked to the intrinsic transport of country (Ashworth and Page, 2011).

    Sub-regional Level: Traveller mostly prefer several distinct places in Qatar so the nation is accountable for fulfilling extreme duties of state to deliver and involve needed facilities while improving the plans.

    2.2 Significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism developments in Qatar

    Interactive tourism planning can be defined as the process i.e. utilised to design efficient structure linked to the suitable future and present development in the specific segment. Thus, this is essential for Qatar tourism evolution to aid in specific sector or area. Henceforth, the country has helped their tourism in regard of complaining their objectives of business and decrease different limitations and errors from existing tourism structure and framework of company. For efficient organisational planing, it is essential for enterprise to adopt numerous holistic principles that affirms recent situation that mus be update and development in relation of goals and target achievement in future. This is a constant process which never restrict the growth and path of goal achievement for future. It is paramount for the stakeholder of organisation to continuously notice the planned and create modification on the continuous basis.

    Numerous components that needed effective communication is significant in the segment of tourism which are claimed as below:

    • Through analysing and investigating Qatar's extrinsic market through the help of market segmentation that enable direction toward groups and sub-groups according to the number of tourist.
    • One most paramount mechanism through which company can emphasise their brand recognition which can help in firm's diversification at international level.
    • It is most assisting to inform and aware in regard of tourism events or performing a project in extrinsic market.
    • Communication plan can be termed as the sold mechanism that is helpful for the emerged menace resolution along with suitable and clear for tourists in order to increase the benefits and market share.
    • It can help in effective strategic implementation of organisation on the grounds of market segmentation which can direct to the attainment of goals and target.

    2.3 Different methods to measure tourist impact

    Numerous models and approaches create different influence on the different aspects of Qatar tourism. Here are mentioned some of the utilised techniques which are discussed as below:

    Environmental Influence Evaluation: Various evaluation have been conducted by numerous investigator in order to determined the basic environment impact of Qatar tourism. These studies presents that the environment of Qatar has been influenced in certain way (Bramwell, 2011). It can help in delivering information linked with the availability of natural resource of Qatar. Also, different developed policies associated with the environment of Qatar play significant role in the environment influence identification process while studying tourism industry of Qatar.

    Cambridge Economical Affect Approach: Tourism can be defined as the industry as this can help in measuring tourism sector impact on different activities of Qatar. It mainly encourage on the determinants of economical tourism that has created influence on evolution of Qatar tourism. It is a spreadsheet techniques that focus over assisting in the computation estimation from existing and national information level of country. They convent the volume of visit into the economical terms that can help in creating visitor number. This techniques is also assisting in the calculation of visitor, generated income amount for residents through created employment availability increment due to higher visiting number etc.

    Social Influence Analysis: This deal with the quantity of life of local residents and society as country also encourage the impact on the segments of Qatar tourism. It can influence the religion, culture and norms of Qatar in more positive and negative manner. Several different tools and methods are basically outlined such as survey, literature review, survey as this can help in analysing social influence of tourism activities of country.

    Task 4

    4.1 Different method of resolving a conflict

    Numerous conflicts and issues which emerge within the nation while managing stakeholder along with sustainable tourism development. Various distinct issues which can indirectly and straightly impact the Qatar tourism development (Bramwell, 2011). Distinct authentic determinants like resource availability, climate changes, educational level, waste and pollution, tourism policies at Qatar. It can influence over specific destination welfare, main issues which have developed between tour operator, planner, developer, tourist state, local community etc. It is significant companies to utilise efficient methods in relation of problem resolution which can assist in reaching business development as well as several result in adequate ways.

    Negotiation: It can be termed as significant technique which is utilised for proper management of conflicts and disputes. It is needed to structure effective activities of interaction among the two parties. In this procedure, both parties carry out with negotiable agreement including common guidelines and terms along with appropriate and effective solution for this. For example, in relation of development plan regional and local state authorities that can be communicating with country for resolving issues with Win-Win situation. Key limitation of this procedure is when both parties stick on the values and morals, the process become more complicated.

    Mediation: According to this procedure, the company operate some specific agreed context and mutual terms in order to achieve the set objective and final goals. This is one fundamental techniques in which numerous team are actively engaging in the procedure to pursuit the issues resolution. Cause of this adverse consequences and condition, sometime, this has become more complex to build more specific condition for the person to manage the condition which is the major drawback of this techniques.

    According to this discussed element, Qatar government sets their policies that can direct of governmental terms that can direct to the government to more complicated condition which can help tourist while paying the practices (Buckley, 2012). So, these kind of issues can be resolved and maintained with effective adoption of mentioned techniques through Qatar government. Also, numerous techniques communication as well as distinct activities should be implemented in the tourist management department adopting appropriate methods as well as Qatar tourism development.

    4.2 Implication of balancing supply and demand

    This is significant for the industry of Qatar tourism to balance their supply and demands of service in order to create sustainable tourism development in country that can be attained through implying proper methods and techniques. Numerous methods and techniques are employed through which demands and supply of tourism facilities are maintained in Qatar. Different determinants which can directly influence the consequences of supply and demand management consist of finite pressure, imposition limit on resources and many more. So in regard of administrating demands and creating estimation of evolution, it can assist in managing those determinants in more adequate manner. Considering the importance of all elements that can help in coordination and planning of development between domestic and international environment in context of Qatar tourism industry. In context of, most appropriate and effective techniques in relation of managing future demands of consumer in tourisms segments of Qatar (Castellani and Sala, 2010). After employing the country's process, Qatar can render more advanced technologies, high service quality, financial and natural resources at the same time. Hence, entire factors are suitable for monitoring supply and demands determinants in regard tourism industry of Qatar.

    In order to accomplish the supply and demand of Qatar, this is paramount to undertake the elements of supply in regard of satiating their visitor and traveller as well as increment of economical and development. Country has improve their strategy of tourism creating it more business and sports centric to critically attract these tourists toward the nation (Robinson, Heitmann and Dieke, 2011). It is fundamental to achieve determined target in significant manner to attain the results.

    4.3 Moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism

    Enclave tourism can be defined as the action that can be used for the purpose of managing small geographical area to gain consumer satisfaction. This is a sort of practice that is majorly coordinated through country's state for visitor's well-being as well as satisfying activities demand along with the resources that are modest in relation of spending within specific duration of time.

    Numerous moral and ethical problem related with enclave tourism like visitor safety, issues associated with health, financial security, lack of proper transportation, unsuitable service with other problems associated with safety and health problems. Qatar is an emerging country that has been coping up several issues with facing drastic emergence in the tourist number. So, these create more issues and impact negatively over the activities of tourism. In the tourism sector, competition among the region is increasing each and every day (Choi and Murray, 2010). Tour operator and companies are conducting proper CSR activities in relation of major stakeholder. These practice can assist in the issue resolution in more significant manner.

    Moral and ethical issues regarding enclave tourism of Qatar

    • Local communities of Qatar are not getting any kind of benefit as there is a restriction of accessibility and every local enterprise do maximum efforts to generate more revenues.
    • Further various activities are taking place in unethical manner such as development of various buildings and sanctioning of license all done in unethical manner.
    • There is a rise in child labour and local communities has been benefited very less by development of tourism.
    • Lack of techniques and tools for conserve natural resources and no proper drainage system also come under the ethical issues.
    • Lack of proper medical facilities and issues such as child prostitution all affect the tourism development in negative manner.

    Task 5

    5.1 Current issues associated with tourism development and selected emerging tourist destination

    Qatar is a developing country while Turkey is a developed country. Impact of tourism on both developing and developed country can be understood by the table given below:




    Social issues

    Emergence of the tourism industry nowadays are totally linked to the diverse social issues which is linked with dynamic change, customs, deficiency of values and morals etc. but communities and people in Qatar which are linked to the aims over genuine and moral attitude along with the guest which could support them in the management of travellers and effective relationship management (Morrison, 2013). these are diverse social issues which are associated with the tourism communication styles, perception, hospitality rules and so on. there are diverse government rules which could support in gambling and reducing crime number in Qatar.


    Development and growth of tourism has negatively affect the norms and culture of Turkey, as organisations and communities involved in tourism development do maximum efforts to match up with the culture of visitors.

    Environment issues

    Growth of tourism is totally addressed by diverse issues in implementing of natural resources. Tourism sector likewise face diverse issues which are linked to the environment like land, building pollution, water and various natural resources apart from that issues of deforestation etc. as similar accountabilities of the nation does not able to avoid environment which is linked to the irrigation, national parks, modification and drainage of ecosystem by tourism activities.


    Due to various destinations of tourist, main issues which Turkey faced is increase amount of pollution, deforestation and many more.

    Economic issues

    The varying in the economic situation of nation, this is based for the current emergence of the tourism. Cause of Qatar, diverse issues which have faced diverse economic problems which is linked with the export and import leakage, cost of infrastructure, cost enhancement that could lead to increase the cost of the products and services that negatively affect local residents who has lower income (Ooi and Laing, 2010). while seasonal jobs are categorised and this is faced by Qatar workers that comprise deficiency in employment guarantee, job insecurities from one to other season.

    Increase number of visitors helps in increasing number of profits. In additions to this, development of tourism offers different economic benefits.

    5.2 Recommendations for future development of tourism in destination places

    Numerous plans and methods for properly resolving penance which are discussed in the following report. Entire discussed methods and techniques assist in development of Qatar tourism for the present and future period. One of most appropriate and best methods which can assist in reducing distinct issues related with the tourism of Qatar i.e. optimum use of available and necessary resources. Due to the emergence inbound destinations, individual are more tend to like those tourism activities of Qatar. Another necessary and paramount future trend in the segment of travel and tourism that incorporate more service more values. In recent era, many traveller are likely opting adventure and fun experience provided by Qatar tradition, culture as well as value.

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    Positive policies of government of economy can assist in developing and resolving issues of tourism sustainability in the country (Miller and et. al., 2010). Through the assistance of social media, various tourism organisation or tour operators of enterprise are employing distinct technologies in regard of deliver more better services to consumer, If the destination of tourism set parameter to use these destinations online, proper promotion and updates can assist in arranging more consumer. It is paramount to protect destination of tourist, locals and traveller to manage the crisis and attract more and more tourist number. Hence, in regard of achieving safety standard, government should conduct implement of their designed plan that involve budget safety issues involving whole program of stakeholder to prevent crime etc.

    Concept of sustainable tourism is the one through which negative impact of it can be minimised. It is very essential for both developed and developing countries to use different tools in order to deal with the negative impact of tourism. Secure the environment and requirement of stability in income opportunities are the major areas that require to be consider in order to deal with the negative impact of tourism. Economic, socio cultural and environmental are the three major aspects that require to be consider by both developed and developing country. Following are the recommendation for Turkey and Qatar:

    • In order to deal with the negative impact of tourism on environment, communities that involve in tourism development require to encourage optimum and sustainable use of resources so that wastage of resources can be minimised.
    • Further, to deal with negative impact of social cultural, there is a requirement to empower local groups and employees. Government can also provide its benefits to these parties.
    • To deal with the negative impact of tourism on economy various factors such as country’s prosperity, employment opportunities and earing capabilities require to be consider.


    This can be affirm from the above discussed report that Sustainable tourism can be referred for forming a proper balance between among the economic, environmental and social culture tourism aspects. For different destination of tourism at country, key stakeholder of country consist of local government, community, employee, tourist, regulatory bodies etc. this is essential to deliver stakeholder and people benefits associated with the tourism sector. Private and public partnership provide major role in the governance of society and major activities in country as well as the funds management for coordinated activities. Tourism planning is a complicated process that involve global transportation service, movement and scheduling of travellers of country as well as working strategies along with promotional activities of nations. Sustainable tourism development can be termed as the positive changes and modification in the diversity, culture, natural resources conservation, tradition etc. Analysis the supply and demand of tourism, initial and foremost phase is to fulfil the demands and supply elated to the tourism sustainability. Distinct authentic determinants like resource availability, climate changes, educational level, waste and pollution, tourism policies. This is significant for the industry of Qatar tourism to balance their supply and demands of service in order to create sustainable tourism development in country that can be attained through implying proper methods and techniques.


    • Ooi, N. and Laing, J.H., 2010. Backpacker tourism: sustainable and purposeful? Investigating the overlap between backpacker tourism and volunteer tourism motivations. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 18(2). pp.191-206.
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