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    Sustainable Tourism Development Services

    Introduction to Sustainable Tourism Development Services

    Tourism is a major component of growth of economy in the whole world. Tourism affects the current and future economic, social and environmental factors. Along with this, they address the needs of visitors, industry as well as host communities (Bramwell, 2011). Sustainable tourism development provides guidelines along with management practices which are applicable in all destinations which are included in tourism. Sustainable tourism includes optimal use of environmental resources as it is the key element and it is helpful in development of tourism. It requires informed participation of all the stakeholders as well as it has strong political leadership which assist in ensuring wide participation. Sustainable tourism helps in providing proper satisfaction to the visitors. Further, it helps in raising awareness about the places so that the business entity can attain success in the industry (How to become a Tour Operator Manager, 2017). The main objective of this tourism industry is to improve opportunities related to job so that the local people can improve the living standard. In tourism development, stakeholder’s involvement is important. The present assessment will focus on different approaches of development planning of tourism and these approaches affect the tourism industry.

    TASK 1

    1.1 The way in which stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism development in Philippines.

    There are different ways in which stakeholders can provide benefits in Philippines from the tourism planning which includes:-

    • In the popular tourist destinations of Philippines, person having their own shops which offers the best services as well as products to the tourist according to their taste and preferences. It assist in improving the awareness with the proper response along with the suggestions which provide supports in formulating a planning in attaining the success in tourism. Benefit for local community from tourism development- more employment opportunities with raised living standards and increased spending power (Buckley, 2012).
    • Residents Person who reside near to the destinations of Philippines create a healthy relationships and bonding with the tourist. The members have to provide the support in proper planning as well as helpful in making the strategies which assist in attracting the visitors.
    • Regulatory bodies of Philippines play an essential role in improving the destinations of tourist. Along with this, it also play a important role in formulating a plan. The policies, schemes and rules having a impact on the entire process of planning in the development of tourist (BUTED and et. al., 2014). Benefit for government- earning lot of revenue from tourism development plans where an effective planning will attract more number of tourists from all over the globe.
    • Benefit for investors- getting more return on investment and new areas of investment.
    • Benefit for suppliers and other supportive industries- getting opportunities to expand the business and increase the supplies of other services or products to travel and tourism industry (How to start a tour operator business, 2017).
    • Tourist is also a key stakeholder who included in the entire process of planning in development of tourist destinations. There are different factors like age, gender as well as nationality of visitors which having a impact on the planning process of development of tourism. The members of Philippines have to make a appropriate plans according to the needs and requirements of the tourist so that they can attain the targets. They helps in improving the places by providing the fair charges of visiting the places.
    • Employees are also included in the stakeholders who perform their job perfectly and also in the proper manner. They play an important and essential role in making plans for the development of tourism in Philippines (Carlsen and Butler, 2011). They have to use the appropriate knowledge so that they can attain success in developing the places which are included in the tourism industry. It helps in expanding the business and assist in providing the better facilities to consumers.

    1.2 Benefits and limitations of public/private sector tourism planning partnership in Philippines.

    Public private partnership is a type of partnership between one or more people in public as well as private sectors for a long term nature. The members of Philippines have to maintain public as well as private partnership which helps in attaining the goals and objectives. Along with this, it also provides support in developing the tourist destinations which assist in attracting the tourist (De Castro and et. al., 2014). Philippines is having a large scope to increase tourism but their government is not having proper resources to develop this as they want, so they are having a option to make their work as they want.

    Advantages of public private partnership

    This partnership enhancing the solutions which is related to the development of infrastructure with the initiative of public as well as private.

    • Public and private sector partnerships are always supportive in nature which helps in achieving the task in the appropriate time intervals.
    • Private sector is having a strength to make better development as per the requirements of government planning. They are having resources like; advance techniques and machinery to develop sustainable tourism in the Philippines (ErkuÅŸ-Öztürk and Eraydın, 2010).
    • It is effective in developing the market as the private sector having a potential which will helps in making a new market which is situated near to the new emerging destination.
    • Partnership helps in improving the opportunities for unemployed candidates in Philippines, most of the peoples are unemployed and living in rural areas, this partnership is increasing a chance of employment for them. Private companies needs more manpower which helps in producing the activities and on the basis of that they can attain the targets according to the development plan which is made by government.

    Disadvantage of partnership

    • Private industry is having man and money power so that they have a more control on tourism development which is not appropriate to retain public sector's profits in this development (Eugenio-Martin and Campos-Soria, 2014).
    • Quality management is get affected, private companies is more concerned about their cost and profits so they can make fraud with the government if they are having extra cost as per they decided in they contract, they can use lower quality material in basic infrastructure development of tourism destination.

    TASK 2

    2.1 Features of tourism development planning at different levels

    Tourism development planning is a process which assists in developing strategies as outlining the task as well as schedules so that they can accomplish the goals. It embraces different factors which include social, economic, political and technological and concerned with the past, present and future. In Philippines, tourism industry aim to become successful in developing design of planning in the development of tourism at the different levels that is national, international, regional and subregional levels.

    International level – The main objectives of international organisation is that they have to promote places which are involved in the tourism industry in Philippines. Along with this they have to use the proper policies so that they can attain the success. It measures the flow of trade as well as investment in the whole world (Frost, 2011).

    National level – In this level, the business entity included in public and private sector to do work together in the development of tourism. Philippines promote the different facilities for tourist so that they can share best experience with other people. At this level, some trusts are also work hard so that they can gain the objectives of tourism

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