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    L/508/0485 | Types of Business and Business Environment | Ford Motor

    Brief :


    Mr Barclay is well known businessman and philanthropist who consider himself as the citizen of the world. He hired Conrad's, a consulting company that specialise in collecting evidence which help him in deciding his next business in UK.  He consider himself new in regard to business environment in the country and want to develop his knowledge. Your are a research assistant in the company of Conrad's and you have to perform that task of generating a informative report which will share with Mr. Barclay. The chosen organisation that you have asked to focus on this report are as follows:

    • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
    • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
    • The British Heart Foundation
    • Cancer Research
    • Aviva
    • Ford

    Activity 1

    You have to produce report which contains:

    • A analysis that shows the challenges of different types of business structure and the relationship of types of organisational functions. This should be done by an analysis of how the structure, size and scope of organisations link to the business goals and product and services offered by the organisationAn evaluation of different types, size and scope of the organisations that comes under the three sectors; public, private and voluntary sectors you should make sure that you explain the legal structures that relate to each sector.
    • An evaluation of the benefits and limitations of the interrelationships between the organisational functions and their influence on the organisation structure . This will include an explanation of the relationship between organisational functions and how they link to organisational objectives and structure. Your  should include a full explanation of the functional areas and what they actually do.
    • An implementation of PESTLE model to help in detailed analysis of the macro-environment in an organisation (choose from one of the above organisations). Using your organisation identify specific examples to generate the negative and positive impacts of the macro environment on business functions.
    • An evaluation of the impacts that both macro and micro factors have on business goals and decision-making. This support a SWOT/TOWS analysis for two chosen organisations that justifies the decision-making process. The report also evaluates how strengths and weaknesses relate with external macro factors.

    Assessment Criteria 




    LO1 Evaluate different types, sizes and scope of organisation

    LO1 and LO2

    D1 Provide critical evaluation of challenges of different types of organisation structure and its link to organisational functions.

    P1 Explain types and purpose of organisation: public, private and voluntary sector and legal structure.

    P2 Evaluate the size and scope of different range of organisation.

    M1 Explain how the structure, size and scope of organisations link to business goals and product and services offered by organisation.

    LO2 Define the interrelationship of various functions in an organisation and how they link with its structure.

    P3 Evaluate the relationship among organisational functions and how they relate to organisational objectives and structure.

    M2 Explain advantages and disadvantages of interrelationship between organisational functions and its impact on  organisational structure.

    LO3 By contemporary examples to show both positive and negative  impact on macro environment has on business functions.

    LO3 and LO4 Evaluate impacts of both micro and macro factors have on business goals and decision making.

    P4 Evaluate the positive and negative impact of macro environment has on business operations with examples.

    M3 Apply PESTLE model to support the analysis of macro environment in an organisation.  

    LO4 Explain the internal strength and weaknesses of specific businesses and discuss their interrelationship with external macro factors.

    P5 Make internal and external analysis of particular organisation in respect to evaluate strength and weaknesses.

    P6 Evaluate how strength and weaknesses interrelate with external factors.

    M4 Apply SWOT analysis and  justify how they affect decision making.

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