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    Business Expansion Plan of Phaeton Tours

    Brief :

    Word count: 3000

    Assessment Part-A

    1. Name and clearly identify the group members with their photo. Name of the product/service with a diagram in order to describe it.
    2. Describe why this is an investable, profitable and lean entrepreneurial opportunity.
    3. Must add the photo or other representation of your group creativity work e.g. sticky note to show your rough work.
    4. Explain and present a detailed value proposition canvas (with extensions and detailing according to the taught syllabus) g., a) customer profile b) Value map.
    5. Define the business model canvas (with proper and detain as per given in the syllabus).
    6. The follow-up hypotheses and data gathering plan.
    7. Give one slide of principal Harvard style references list.

     Formative Assessment Part B: Individual venture development proposal(report/plan)

    • The student C level taken perspectivetaken (e.g. CIO, CMO, CEO etc). sales revenue, profit margin objectives for direct three years of operation (400 words).
    • Need to choose a role, if you are already do not have one!
    • Objectives are basically assumption & not accurate! But they must be close to reality!
    • C level perspective must be from your FORMATIVE ASSESMENT
    Customer value proposition canvas, reflecting feedback from the formative assessment. (500 words). 
    • Lean business model canvas( 9 components as decided by the student).(1000 words). 
    • The Clevel specilist contributing e.g. the  CMO marketing & customer engagement plan(600 words).
    • You need to cover the part of role that is contributing in this business idea.
    • Financial and financing plan( Summary of Appendix 11)(300 words).
    • In appendices II- cover cost structure, revenue streams, break even analysis, cash flow analysis, sources of finance, use of finance)
    • Summary: why to invest/finance this ‘ean entrepreneurial opportunity.(200 words)

    Evaluate yourself now with the use of marking scheme used for both parts A and B(100%) divided as follows:

    • Create an application of accurately referenced academic ideas, theories & principles of entrepreneurship development drawn from the syllabus. (30%)
    • Use of primary & secondary data I order to support your decisions. (30%)
    • Critical entrepreneurial/business evaluation. (30%)
    • Logical structure, clear use of English, font, use if word limit ad referencing. (10%)

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