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Case Study Based on Concept of Social Entrepreneurship

Brief :

Learning Outcomes 


K1 An evaluation of the theoretical business start-up, growth activities and risks relevant to the management of the entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity processes.

K2 How to construct Concept plan – with important areas of market research, marketing, operations, human resource, legal, finance and contingencies/exit strategies.

K3 An appreciation and personal reflection of the influence of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity on  an entrepreneur’s journey


S1 Ability to resolve problems through critical, logical and creative thinking.

S2 An ability to evaluate risk identification, analysis and management.

S3 An ability to build communication skills - written & oral; pitching ideas using innovative  methods


Managing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity Report

The submission of 3,000-word report (excluding appendices) in the form of a personal enterprise report that explains the key themes of managing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity– supported by theory, practical case studies, evidence of engagement in business activities, including business network events and discuss of viable business ideas of your choice embodied in a concept plan.

Figure 1 – The structure

  • Letter cover page
  • Executive summary
  • Acknowledgement
  • Content page
  • Glossary and acronyms
  • List of table and illustrations.

Task 1 : My story in beginning    200 words

Task 2 : Research questions       1000 words

Task 3 : The concept plan         1800 words

Task 4 : references                  100 words


Task 1  

Introduce who you are. What environment are you coming from? Is your family entrepreneurial? What pre-entrepreneurial skills and attributes are you providing to the module? This section is the introduction to the report.

Task 2

Select one of the FIVE  questions below: A, B, C, D or E. Discuss the theme and issues using  sources.

A. - Theme- society

What is social entrepreneurship? What are the motivations in order to setting up a social enterprise?

B.- Theme- Organisation/product

Happy 20th Birthday Google! Discuss and illustrate, how organisations and products launched post 1999 are changing the way we work and do things?

C.-Theme- Idea/ Concept

What lessons we learn in getting our ideas and concepts to the marketplace?

D.- Theme- Entrepreneurial Journey

Metaphors: The entrepreneurial journey is like running a marathon or climbing a mountain? Discuss.

E.- Theme- Your own optional theme to be agreed with Module Leader.

Task 3

The concept plan- The blue sky thinking

In this section we expect an analysis of an original viable business ideas of your choice embodied in a concept plan.

Concept plan

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Market research
  • target Market
  • marketing
  • Human resource
  • Operations
  • Legal issues
  • Financial
  • Risks, contingency and exit strategies
  • Other issues
  • References
  • Appendices

Task 4 References.

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