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4 P's of innovation & trends in robotics industry

Brief :

Assessment Brief

Controversially, the most stimulating aspect in innovation as we take up into a new era is Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Robotics. These terminology is used to identify the use of technology to depict intellectual behaviour. Lets assume that you are an innovation Consultant who desires to guide on business solution that operate Robotics or AI. In your first task, evaluate current innovative ideas to a business challenge, for instance a 'Chatbot' for Sales and Customer Care provides the sense of 'human live' but almost like digital technology.


  1. Analyse ONE business issue/difficulty that has resolved with the help of AI or Robotics i.e. Human Resource, Product Assembly, Transportation etc. Also research THREE existing outcome that are available in the global marketplace. Detailed about each solutions, then portrays with the help of  Tidd & Bessant 4P's Model of Innovation Space.
  2. Critically analyse the three solution and compare each one with the help of Coyne's 3 conditions to identify the capabilities of each solution. Develop a competency Tress or Wheel for each solutions highlighting how 'value' is formed for service users.
  3. Identify how innovation is interconnected with the success of business. Also provide ONE business challenge identified earlier, create new ideas for the advancement of AI. Take an example of 10 years later, how can you anticipate the development of AI in 2030? How it will affect the daily existing change in human relationships. Provide models of your own choosing to highlight some of your assumptions. 

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