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    Marketing Concept & Startegies for British Airways

    Brief :

    Task: Report and a poster (3,000 words) 

    Critically analyse the case study below and explain how the overall marketing strategy allows Air Canada and British Airways to achieve its objectives ethically. With the help of airline  industry examples from Air Canada or British Airways. You must choose any one airline (Air Canada or British Airways).

    Successful marketing for survival: 

    During the unstable period of 1970s and early 1980s , marketing was less important strategy among the airlines industry across the globe due to imposition of strict regulations and existence of sale oriented market all around the globe. Particularly, ownership and regulations were protected by government and airlines industry were secured from the stiff competition of the global market. For example, promotional strategy were limited, product quality was irregular, ineffective system of pricing etc. They did not give any importance  to the customer' s needs and expectations. Consumers also response to innovative glossary for some of the domestic flag carriers: For instances, Air Canada was constantly known as “Air Chance”. At the same time, British Airways was called as “Bloody Awful”. There are various changes take place in the recent years which brings major change in the development of airlines industry. The technological, socio economic and demographic changes lead to huge transformations in national and international airlines industry. The elements of the marketing models enhance consumer value. Both national and private airlines, had to develop their policies and strategies to restructure their marketing tool. This approach develops consumer oriented market to satisfy their demands and need.  For customer, an airline is competitive if it they offers better value for money when compared with its competitors, while the airline industry's ability to maintain healthy profits instead competition is inspiring, it is unpredictable  if the profits will survive the current low fuel cycle. Understanding what value really means to clients would enable airlines to enhance their brand positioning through better-targeted market segmentation, product planning, promotion, and pricing strategies.  

    The increase in consumer-oriented marketing concept in airline industry has been a response to changed environmental conditions from a sellers' market to one of a buyers' market. Whether a marketing orientation is required for organisational prosperity and well-being will depend on the prevailing relationships between the airline and its macro environment. For instance, Australian domestic airline operated within a statutory controlled legislative framework where The Two Airline Agreement enabled to share the major interstate and intra-state distances. The two airlines, namely, Ansett and the government-owned Australian Airlines, together manipulate the domestic market but competed with each other in international markets. Despite their domestic co- operation, they engaged in competition in international markets with each other. To deal with such situations, both domestic and foreign airlines are instituting made several changes. Some of these changes are focused towards the improvement of both airport and in-flight service. Airlines also offer them best services and restful cabin decor. The passenger information system developed by certain foreign airlines shows the plane's course and flight data on the movie screen when movies are not playing. In developing strategic marketing plans, airline executives should place more importance on those attributes which are deemed most important by passengers. In the development of new services and aircraft, a consumer-driven type of input should be utilised. It will definitely increase the likelihood of success in the turbulent environment of the airline industry.


    The report must follow the detailed structure as:

    • (approx. 200 words)

    1. Overview the airline industry, identify role of marketing in the industry.

    2. The main body (approx. 2000 words)

    1. a) Identify key marketing concept and methods applicable to Air Canada or British Airways. (e.g. Product Strategy, Branding, Promotional Strategy)
    2. b) Analyse  the marketing strategies and techniques promotes Air Canada or British Airways to achieve their goals. Whether it was achieved in an ethical manner?
    3. c) Elaborate two of the following marketing principles and concept  used in Air Canada or British Airways daily organisational operations: 7Ps, STP, Marketing Research.

    3. Provide detailed  mind-map/poster to describe the interconnection  of the marketing functions to other functional areas in organisations. (approx. 550 words) .Use poster and  explain the cross-functional relationship of marketing and other departments in Air Canada or British Airways For instance , but not limited to, Marketing’s relationship with HR, Production, Legal.

    • You need to upload your poster as a part of your main report.

    4. Conclusions and recommendations. (approx. 200 words)

    1. Conclusion must include what you have learned about the organisation.
    2. Suggest how your chosen organisation can enhance their effectiveness in the application of the marketing concept, strategies and programmes.

    5. Reference list

    6. Appendices

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