5 Amazing Astronomical Events That Rarely Occur

5 Amazing Astronomical Events That Rarely Occur

04 Aug 2022 6500 5 minutes

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Our galaxy comprises planets, comets, asteroids, and other celestial objects. Each of them has their own secrets and mysteries that grab the attention of many researchers. They put their blood, sweat, and tears in revealing those enigmas. Some events like eclipse occur very frequently, thereby making it easier for those scientists who are doing their research work on that particular phenomenon. On the other hand, certain astronomical events occur after a century or more, and those who are studying them, have no option except leaving their work in between. Isn’t it sad? Our experts of assignment help Adelaide have covered a few of such astronomical phenomena that rarely occur in a century. If you want to know about them, then read this blog.

1) Total Solar Eclipse

This phenomenon occurs when the New Moon gets sandwiched between the Sun and Earth. It projects the darkest shadow called the umbra for a very short interval of time on our planet. Full solar eclipse is as dark as night and happens after every 138 years and is also known as totality. When this event takes place, the Moon covers the Sun entirely, whereas, in annular solar eclipses, the Moon partially blocks the Sun.

2) Transit of Venus

This astronomical event occurs when Venus comes between Earth and Sun, or one can say it traverses between the two. Transit of Venus can be seen from Earth as it appears as a black spot within the disk of the Sun. There is a significant mismatch in the repetition period of this phenomenon as the pattern of transits is 8, 113.5 and 121.5 years. The recent occurrence of Venus transition was recorded in 2012.

3) Great White Thunderstorm

The great white thunderstorm is the rarest astronomical event that occurs in every 30 years. In this, a huge ammonia rich cloud is formed that has a length equals to the radius of our Earth. Basically, it originates from the Northern hemisphere of Saturn. The formation of such a humongous cloud occurs due to the ten string lightning that happens every second within the atmosphere of the Saturn. This further vaporizes the water present there, and after getting condensed, the lightning becomes more fierce and forms thunderstorms. The surprising fact is that the great white thunderstorms are 10000 times intense than that of storms on Earth.

4) Planetary Alignment

This is the rarest phenomenon characterized by the alignment of the planets in our solar system. Scientists estimated that it would occur in 2040, in which the Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon will roughly align when seen from the Earth. The similar event was recorded in 2000, when the Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter were within 50o of each other.

5) Halley’s Comet

It is also called Comet Halley, and is a short-period comet that returns to Earth’s vicinity after every 75 years. It is the only comet which can be seen with naked eyes, and last time it was seen in 1986. It is named after the English astronomer Edmond Halley who predicted the occurrence period of this terrestrial event. This comet is 9 miles long and 5 miles broad and gets illuminated by the sunlight while passing through our solar system. It mostly contains icy particles and follows the elliptical path.

It is quite exciting to know about the unique natural events that occur in our universe. This blog is an attempt to increase your knowledge about the must-see sky events. Hope you liked the content.
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