4 Ancient Things That Were Quite Advanced at the Time of Their Invention

4 Ancient Things That Were Quite Advanced at the Time of Their Invention

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28 Feb 2018 8599 5 minutes

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Our breed is in the phase of constant evolution. As we are evolving with time, we are seeking various new ways to live and govern ourselves. And, for that purpose, we are working really hard to advance the technologies. Right from the beginning of ancient civilizations, our ancestors were indulged in building technological platforms to ease off the lives of the upcoming generations. There are numerous examples of ancient technologies dating back thousands of years that might leave us awestruck. The kind of wisdom and knowledge held by those former people can make you astonished. To make you aware of such ancient innovations, our assignment help experts have summarized a few examples. If you are interested in reading about them, then take a look. 

1.) Ancient Greek Programmable Robot

The Heron of Alexandria is given credit not only for the first steam engine and automatic doors but also for the development of the first programmable robot in the early century. Researchers found a wooden three-wheeled cart robot which is powered by string instead of any power source. It could move, turn, or maneuver by its own using a system of weights and pulleys. Despite it lacks the sophistication, it operates similarly to how other modern robots work.

2.) Ancient Indian Corrosion-Resistant Pillar

Even though the modern generation claims to be the smartest, it hasn’t found a way to tackle the corrosion problem. Talking about our ancestors, they actually had a remedy for it and the evidence of which is present in the Qutub Complex of Delhi, India. There is an Iron pillar which was built around A.D. 400. The specialty of this archaeological wonder is that it thoroughly mocks the metallurgists because it's more than 1,600 years old and it has not rusted yet. Studies reveal that the Iron pillar is composed of phosphorous in high concentration, which shields the metal underneath from getting corroded.

3.) Ancient Viking Compass

Have you ever wondered how voyagers in the past used to navigate their paths in the ocean? They didn't have any GPS device, or accurate compasses, or any shuffleboard on their rickety ships. For scientists, the most puzzling question is how the Vikings were used to travel in almost a straight path from Norway to Greenland and back? In 1948, they found an ancient Viking advanced compass that dates back to 11th-century. Its amazing features include the sophisticated sundial in which several shadows stick together to give the cardinal directions. It works even when the sun isn't available. After testing, scientists found that it is comparable to modern compasses with less than 4 degrees of error. Since half of it was missing, nothing more could be said about it.

4.) Ancient Roman Technicolor Cup

This antique Roman goblet ‘the Lycurgus Cup’ is a technologically advanced and scientifically strange cup. When it is held up to the light and lit from the front, it looks green, but when illuminated from behind, its color became a demonic red. Moreover, this color changing feature also depends on the kind of liquid this chalice holds. In 1990, some British researchers tried to reveal the mystery behind this cup, and they found that the glass of this stein comprises gold and silver flecks that are 1,000 times thinner than the human’s hair. Basically, this was the one of the best creations of the Romans discovered nanotechnology.

We call ourselves superior in almost every aspect, but are we? Historians are digging up some more evidence that indicates how ancient people had developed those devices that modern folks can still barely understand.

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