Top 5 Greatest Physicists of the World

Top 5 Greatest Physicists of the World

Greatest Physicist
07 Nov 2017 26783 4 minutes

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Have you ever wondered why Earth rotates on its axis? Or how something as titchy as a coin drowns but a massive ship doesn’t? No, isn’t it? Such questions require a powerful sense of imagination and thought process that ain’t common in everyone. Only a few minds that come across once or twice in a century have that incredible ability to challenge the conventions and find answers to such questions that don’t even cross the minds of common men.

Physicists are the people who study literally everything from the infinite universe to a tiny water drop and seek logic behind every phenomenon. We bring you the list of a few such remarkable physicists that not only pioneered modern-day science but changed the way people used to perceive nature.

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Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, physicist and engineer who played a pivotal role in laying the scientific foreground for generations to come. He was a visionary who took logical thinking to a whole new level. His inspiring inventions like pulleys and center of gravity play a critical role in the field of engineering even to this day.

Erwin Schrodinger

Schrodinger hailed from Austria. He is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the complex quantum mechanics. The famous phrase ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ came from the explanation of his theory about the behaviour of particles as wave when observed through different time frames. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 1933 for his brilliant contribution to the field of physics.

Michael Faraday

Faraday was a British Physicist & chemist who is known for the introduction of electromagnetism. He could well easily be considered as the greatest contributor to the modern day industrialization. His laws on electromagnetic fields and the behaviour of metals were the stepping stones in the path of dynamic machinery development.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein just changed the way we looked at everything. His ideas on time, gravity, and light were revolutionary and took the whole scientific community by storm. He is the only scientist who came remotely close to the hypothetical concept of time travel by explaining the phenomenon of relativity. He coined the ever so famous equation ‘E=mc2’ that successfully expressed the duality between the mass of matter and energy. Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the greatest minds to have ever lived.

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Isac Newton

Isac Newton was truly the kingpin of scientific revolution and introduced everyone to the world of change. He invented the calculus, gravity, and the Mathematics that explained transformations. His discovery of the gravitational laws successfully explained how the galaxies remain stable and why men can walk. Newton also defined how light was made up of seven constituent colors and the formation of the rainbow.

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