Avoid 9 Common Pitfalls to Get Your CDR Approved

This blog highlights the pitfalls that should be avoided while writing the CDR to get it approved.

07 Aug 2023 2516 7 minutes

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Are you worried that whether Engineers Australia will approve your application or not? Well, you are not alone, the thought of CDR rejection frightens all the engineering students and induces them to go for CDR writing service to make it worthy of the approval. Do you want to get the authority's consent to work in Australia? If yes, then you should not miss reading the next section of this document.

How to Get the Engineers Australia’s Approval for the CDR?

Tired of getting rejected numerous times, students search for CDR writing service. You are also doing the same. But, there is one thing that you must know that is without being aware of the reasons for the rejection of the report, it is impossible to get it approved. Wondering, why the Engineers Australia rejects the report and how to get the much-needed approval? Well, we will answer this question here in the form of some common mistakes students make unknowingly while preparing the CDR. You should avoid them to impress the authorities. Go through these mistakes carefully.

Mistake 1

One project in two career episodes

This is one of the most terrible mistakes students make while composing the CDR. In an attempt to make the career episode long, they split one project into two episodes. Instead of impressing the Engineers Australia, this spoils the impression in their eyes. Remember, one project means only a single career episode.

Mistake 2

Including group project in episode

Do you know what a CDR is? Well, it is the assessment of an engineer's skills and capabilities. It is not a place to include group projects or teamwork. Engineers Australia wants to know how well you perform working individually. The CDR is all about "I" and not " We". Therefore, mention teamwork or the group projects only briefly, do not write an entire career episode on them.

Mistake 3

Submitting plagiarized work

We are sure you see a plethora of samples before writing your CDR. This is not wrong, you can take their reference. But, taking references is one thing and copying is another, right? No matter whether you copy the samples intentionally or unintentionally, the Engineer's Australia will always catch you and reject your report. Therefore, make sure to keep plagiarism at a bay.

Mistake 4

Giving unnecessary technical details

To prove how technically competent they are, students include too much of technical details, such as graphs, tables, and charts in their CDR. Well, including the necessary information is fine, but going overboard with it is something you should avoid. It makes the report uninteresting and tedious.

Mistake 5

Going beyond the prescribed limits

Writing more impresses Engineers Australia is a myth that needs to be busted as soon as possible. The authorities have prescribed word limits for each section of the report due to the reason that they do not want long and unnecessarily wordy reports. Therefore, write to the point and do not exceed the word limits mentioned below:

  • Introduction- 50 to 100 words
  • Background-200 to 500 words
  • Personal engineering activity-500 to 1000 words
  • Career Episode-1000 to 2500 words
  • Summary-50 to 100 words

Mistake 6

Missing out problem statements

The aim of Engineers Australia is not to know the list of projects you were a part of. They want to know what problems were encountered while working on it and how you resolved them. Therefore, along with listing out the project also mention the problems and their solutions.

Mistake 7

Not being honest

A thief may escape the police's eyes, but the Engineers Australia will never fail to catch a dishonest person. They have rigorous procedures to cross-check every detail and claim you make in the report. Therefore, be honest about your skills, abilities, and achievements. Do not mention what you have not achieved. And, also avoid exaggerating your capabilities.

Mistake 8

Deviating from the prescribed format

The Engineers Australia has prescribed formats for every section of the report. Many students violate these guidelines and as a result face rejection from the authorities. Do not be like them. Before going ahead with the composition of the document, first, check the official website of the authority to understand the formats properly. And, if you face any difficulties is perceiving them, then instead of fretting and wasting your precious time, contact us for the best CDR writing service.

Mistake 9

Making grammatical mistakes

This is something that is not at all acceptable by the Engineers Australia. Many students miss the proofreading step and end up submitting the report full of grammatical and spelling errors. This disappoints the authority and it ultimately rejects the application. Therefore, do not be a part of this clan and correct these faults as soon as possible.

Still wondering whether Engineers Australia will give its assent for your application or not? Well, if you compose it keeping in mind the above points, then definitely it will. A perfect CDR is a key to unlock your dreams of working in the Australian land. And, this document will be your helping hand in this process. Therefore, go through it again if you have any doubts left. Lastly, wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.

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