Facts that Could Prove Advanced Ancient Technology Was Used for Pyramids

Facts that Could Prove Advanced Ancient Technology Was Used for Pyramids

23 Jun 2023 9983 4 minutes

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The ancient pyramids of Giza have surprised mankind for centuries. They stand tall in the desert landscape, with the Great Pyramid standing at 139 meters high. Despite all the study of these ancient wonders, scientists still can’t confirm exactly how these pyramids were built. They have not been able to reconstruct them even on a smaller scale, with the same precision.

These are some evidence which prove that some form of advanced ancient technology existed at that time. Take a read to know about them:

1.Size of building materials-

The Great Pyramid consists of millions of stone blocks that weigh about 2.5 to 15 tons apiece. It is believed that they were quarried from a nearby source. At such enormous weight, how did the workers move these blocks? It is believed that large groups of workers would have pushed these massive blocks with the aid of wooden ramps. This seems very unlikely, as wood cannot withstand the weight of these massive stones. When you do the math for the time involved in the Great Pyramid’s construction, it turns out that workers did set a block every two and half minutes. This seems pretty incredible!

2.Complex tunnel system-

New things are constantly tuning up beneath the pyramids. The tunnel systems found below them are true evidence of an advanced civilization. Carved from limestone, these labyrinths are present deep beneath the desert and there is much left to be discovered. The passageways keep revealing new truths and hidden chambers.

3.Alignment of the pyramids-

The alignment of specifically the Great Pyramid is really exceptional. The north-south axis is inclined at 0.15 degrees of true north-south. The ancient Egyptians didn’t have the North Star to guide them about the true north. One of the ways for them to have positioned the pyramids had been by using some complex algorithms. These algorithms would have been performed only at seasonal solstice times, when the Sun’s direction is easily visible. The atmospheric conditions, obstruction of viewpoint, etc., would have further complicated the process.

4.Mortar used-

The bonding material used for fixing the stone blocks was mortar. The composition of this is really exceptional and even with our modern day technology scientists are not able to prepare it again. The mortar is found to be made of gypsum composites and it wasn’t used like we use cement. The strength of this mortar is found to be even more than the stones that were used to make the pyramids.

5.20-ton door-

The doors were built with great perfection. The arrangement was so accurate that a 20 ton stone block door could be opened with just one hand.

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