10 Apps That Must Be Installed on Every Economics Student's Phone

10 Apps That Must Be Installed on Every Economics Student's Phone

26 Sep 2023 13083 9 minutes

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Nowadays, the app stores are flooded with millions of mobile-based applications that serve users of all ages. You just type a random word, and several suggestions will appear before you related to that particular locution. Students in modern times live in an interconnected world than ever before. 

As a student of economics, you might be using various mobile apps that are helping you in your studies and assignments, which is good. Some applications are designed focusing on a particular field, such as engineering, commerce, medical, etc. Similarly, there are apps made explicitly for economists. 

Do you know any of them? If not, then read this informative blog prepared by our economics assignment help experts. They have listed here some very useful mobile applications that must be installed on every economics student's phone. 

10 Useful Apps for Economics Students

  • Econ ED

This mobile application belongs to St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. The app is one of the best apps for younger students with an economic curriculum. Using this amazing application, they can explore the economic world and become more familiar with economic concepts, such as purchasing power and inflation. The app also offers excellent examples in an easy-to-use format. The best part is, you can use this application to complete your economics assignment perfectly.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg is another widely successful finance app like Yahoo Finance. This app has corporate and finance news pages, market info, and portfolio monitoring. The monitoring features of the portfolio may be less useful to economics students, but the news section is excellent and provides commentary, opinions, and latest news in the field that can be helpful at the time of writing economics assignment.

  • Economic Times

This news app reports the latest business and stock market developments. So, if you want to stay up-to-date on economic news and trends, then this app has a global perspective. It includes data, slide shows, market tracking, and push alerts for important information regarding economics. It gives you a more regional viewpoint on economic reports from across the world that can help you during studies and at the time of assignment writing.

  • Khan Academy

If you are new to the economics world, then Khan Academy is the best application to learn more about principles of macro/microeconomics. This world-renowned learning platform can be considered as the Wikipedia for students. Khan Academy provides a quicker way to refresh your concepts of economics and finance which can be beneficial for your career.

  • Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is freely available on Google Play Store and it is famous because of its accurate delivery of financial reports and classy articles, analysis, and international financial markets data. One may refer to other information sources, but the user ratings of Yahoo Finance make it one of the top applications. The advantages associated with it are credibility, free of cost services, and accurate data along with the quality of information.

  • EconBiz

EconBiz is a convenient mobile application for both students and professionals to gain knowledge about newly published economics articles. It provides you the access to a vast array of economic books, journal articles, and documents. Although it began as a German-language app, now it covers a significant amount of English-language material as well, making it useful for any economist who attempts to find a reference article to study or complete the assignment writing tasks.

  • Stock Market HD

Australian students, having a keen interest in financial activities around the world, should download this app. This mobile application was initially designed for investors, but with time it became handy for economists too. It provides them information related to stock prices and ups & downs in the share market. The unique feature about this app is that one can access the history of stocks of any company.

  • The Economist

This app named as "The Economist" focuses on news and analysis of economics issues worldwide. It provides a range of free articles from The Economist', plus current affairs studies, science, technology, and other news stories. And the best thing is, you can also save articles for later reading, and use the information at the time of writing assignments.

  • World Bank Data Finder

The Data Finder app is available to users on major mobile platforms and in four different languages. The application is handy in accessing national, regional, and global data. It also inculcates policy data related to several areas of the education system. App users can access data based on several parameters such as topic, indicator, and country. Data is available in various forms such as tables, charts, or maps. Also, you can also share it via Email or social media. This app is an incredibly efficient tool for economic references and readers can rely on the data.

  • Stock Wars-Virtual Investing

Have you ever thought of exploring the work of a finance adviser or stock market expert? The Wall Street's everyday functioning can be learned by various games which are based on virtual money. Stock War app is one of them, and its simulation is based on real market trends. Here, users are provided with some virtual money, and they have to put that money to the market that runs similar trends as those of real market. You can earn or lose your money depending on the market ups and downs. 

These are the 10 most useful mobile applications for economics students. Use them wisely and score better in your assignments and examinations. 

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