Top 6 Tips to Write a Beautiful English Poem

Top 6 Tips to Write a Beautiful English Poem

27 Jan 2024 11807 7 minutes

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Harsh but not wrong that people in today’s world don’t talk, but they chat; they don’t write, but they blog. That’s how literature is losing its quality. In your WhatsApp messages, you might have tried to compose a short, sweet sorrow poetry to impress somebody or convey your feelings. But you couldn’t get success in that. Being a student of English literature, you have read many outclass poems, and sometimes they might have touched the inner core of your heart and gave you a quick-freeze. If you want to be a poet, then you have come to the right place as here you will read six of the most amazing poetry writing tips. Take a look.

1.) Find a Right Time and Place to Write

“The right word, the wrong time;
The right poem, the wrong rhyme."

The wanna be writers should learn that there is a right time and place for everything you create. If you start writing without creating an appropriate surrounding, then there may be some chances of you getting lost or distracted. You cannot focus on creating a soothing line that calms your senses. Experts suggest that night hours are the best time to write poems as the world is silent at that time and your mind has higher tendency to make brainy quotes.

2.) Keep Searching a Right Word for the Title

Based on the experiences of the writing experts, it is suggested that you keep on twisting and re-arranging the words to get a catchy title. The name of a poem directs your mind to bring out the words related to your theme. The title acts as a glue and sticks every word in the poem at its right location. Writers have found that once they give a title to their work, then they need not put an extra effort into looking out for the right words as they instinctively appear in their mind. So, keep yourself busy in searching for a right title.

3.) Let Your Theme Find You

Be always ready as your theme can strike you even in your dreams. If you are poem fanatic, you are always on a hunt for a theme to construct poetry on it. The theme serves as a backbone to the poem. It directs you to write without losing your path. It is very difficult for every writer or poet to find the right theme and compose anything out of it.

4.) Express Your Feelings with Easy Words

“ Words worked hard to become a sentence;
They reached a writer, and he made them immortal.”

As a writer, you are always surrounded by in-line words. But, it depends on your wisdom to choose among them. First of all, you must understand the right use and placement of a word in a line. On the other hand, if you are not choosy with the words, then you might kill your poetry, or it may lose its essence. While reading your poetry, a reader shouldn’t put an effort to understand its meaning. He/She must transit from one paragraph to another effortlessly.

5.) Try to Use Imagery Words

“ If a poem is a body, then imagery is its heart;
You forget its place; you killed the art.”

It is suggested that you should learn to place imagery word to create a clear image of your brilliant thoughts. The secret recipe of beautiful poetry lies in the pictures that appear in the readers’ mind while going through it. The best thing about using imagery words is that when somebody goes through the poetry word by word, line by line, then a picturesque scene should be moving inside his brain. Imagery can leave a long-lasting impact on your soul, then what it would have left by the words.

6.) Play With the Words

If you have read the poems of some of the famous poets such as B. Wordsworth, John Keats, etc., then you might have noticed that their works had something unique. There, one may find the usage of a repetitions, personifications, contrasts, symbolisms and sound effects (Alliterations). Adding these qualities will hone your poetry writing skills. But, it’s like learning shooting. First, you have to learn how to hit a target. Similarly, you should know the proper use of those special tools before decorating your creations.

Since you are now well versed with the tips to compose a masterpiece poem. So, it’s time for you to rush to the room, open a diary, hold a pen, and bleed your thoughts.

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