Chcccs015 Assessment: Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Need

Chcccs015 Assessment: Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Need

Chcccs015 Assessment Answers
01 Mar 2021 2551 13 minutes

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Every student looks for a prestigious profession, and nursing field completes their search. If you want to serve people in health, safety, care, and mental well-being, then the chcccs015 unit of the nursing course is for you. This is because you will get to learn everything you look forward to help people. You can even build an excellent career by sustaining in this competitive environment if you get a job in this field. But apart from it, you will have to be diligent while pursuing this course because there is a lot to learn and more to gain.

Australia is a country where you can notice several students opt for the nursing courses, therefore the higher competition enhances the level of assessment questions. Chcccs015 unit of nursing is already considered the hardest; thus, a difficult nature of its questions is quite obvious. Let's know more about this unit so that you can understand what makes it challenging for students.

What Does Chcccs015 Unit Involve?

After completing it which is also called the Midwifery course, you will be able to provide individualized support to people. This is because, during the completion of this course, you would have developed skills like how to help family or an individual to cope with illness, live with it, how to deal with mental illness, and not only this, you can be skilful to assist people psychologically as well. You can learn how to make the public aware of health care while pursuing chcccs015.

If you want to be an excellent nurse, and want people to recognize you by your work, then make your foundation strong. For this, you have to answer the assessment questions effectively. You have to understand why today a lot of people need individual support from nurses. You can learn about it from the Maslow's Hierarchy of human need'.

Read about it in the below piece of information. 

What Is Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Need? 

It is a theory that is generally represented in a pyramid shape, look at the below diagram. Needs that come under the lower section of the pyramid must be fulfilled before the other ones, because they are basic needs and if they are not satisfied, then you can't get fulfilled other ones. You can say that the intangible needs of humans are at the top of the pyramid. Let's have a look at the below-shown diagram to understand better.

We are going to discuss each need in detail as this helps the students while connecting the chcccs015 assessment answers with practical things. 

1. Psychological Needs: Food, water, warmth, and rest come under this type of need. They are also called the most basic needs of human beings. If they are not getting enough food or their health is not good, then achieving other needs can't be possible. This is why many people across Australia hire personal nurses to take care of their health. But this is not possible for all the people to hire so they take help from government-run programs or schemes also to take their health.  

2. Safety Needs: Next need is related to safety in which people need protection from threat, bad health, poor financial security, and emotional instability. You have to assist people to overcome the incident they may have faced in their life. If people's health is deteriorating due to threat, then also nurses provide support. If because of poor financial security someone is depressed, then he can ask for help.  

3. Belongingness & Love Needs: It is on the third level of the pyramid and the last one on the lower needs. Emotional attachment with family members and friends is the need of human beings. It happens many times that you are asked some questions related to this section in your chcccs015 assessment assignments. So, you have to learn about a relationship based care while pursuing this course and provide support to needy people. 

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4. Esteem Needs: Esteem comes at the second higher level of the pyramid. It is of two types: one based on self-assessment and another on self-respect. Your personal growth development, and achievements come under these two types. When you can't achieve what you desire, then getting demotivated is quite common. Sometimes while answering this type of chcccs015 questions, you perform badly because of a lack of knowledge. 

5. Self-Actualization Needs: It is sometimes called self-fulfilment needs also. You can see in the diagram that it is in the highest place of the pyramid. The people who get successful in achieving the highest level needs, have to deal with different types of problems. Mostly people from this level require assistance as they have to deal with more stress. 

So, this was all about Maslow's theory about human needs. In the coming section, you will come to know about 10 chcccs015 assignment questions. These can be asked in your assignment, so have a close view of them.       

10 Most Important Chcccs015 Assignment Questions

  1. Explain how will you deal if a persons' individualized plan require support with a task that is outside of your skill, knowledge, and job role. 
  2. Analyse the actions that you can take to monitor support activities. 
  3. Describe the individualized planning and how strength, interest, health, and emotional intelligence matter here. 
  4. Give details about different support activities being implemented as part of a person's individualized plan. 
  5. Examine why it is important to promote clients' independence and right to make their own decisions. 
  6. Explain how will you monitor the quality of your support activities and also describe the standard maintenance. 
  7. Elaborate how will you treat people with dignity, compassion, and respect, and why it is important for an excellent result. 
  8. Explain how adult education is a part of an individualized plan, and write its importance and implementations. 
  9. How will you maintain a safe and healthy environment for a person and report for the same to the supervisor? 
  10. Describe how can these four- grooming, daily-care, showering, and shopping help in maximizing the potential of an individual if supported.

These are some most important questions that you may have to talk about in chcccs015 answers. If you are given the assignment by the professor, then he may give the topic also, but if you are asked to find the topic yourself, then you have to research to find the best one. 

It is a tedious task for many students, they face various problems while selecting one. Sometimes they are not aware of how to find the right one. But henceforth you don't need to struggle as the expert writers of Global Assignment Help present you with effective ways through which you can find a perfect topic. So, let's have a look at the below write-up and know how to find the best topic.  

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How to Research for chcccs015 Assignment Topic? 

1. Read Some Assignments on Midwifery or Nursing: There are many other courses related to chcccs015, so check out how students have created topics for their assignments. Read some of the main assignments of your seniors; you only need to read the topic, introduction, and conclusion of these assignments because it is enough to get an idea regarding the topic and theme. 

2. Find Your Interest Area from the Subject: As you know how vast is this unit of nursing course, so there will be many sections and topics. While studying it, if you find some areas that are interesting or favourite, then you can make your chcccs015 assignment topic from here.  

3. Understand the Professors' Expectations: Like every student, you also have the desire to get excellent marks in your nursing assignment. The best way to start it perfectly is by knowing the expectations of the professor. If he finds your topic is not meeting the requirements, then he can end up giving you poor marks in the assessment. 

4. Take Professional's Help: If you can't find the topic on your own, then you can seek professional help also to get the perfect topic. These writers are generally subject experts; so, they know what is best for you.  

So, this is how you can find the best topic for your chcccs015 assignment. But if you do not have time to do extensive research to find the topic, then you can seek assessment help from professional writers. 

If you want to know who can help better, then just scroll down and read. 

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Need the Best Chcccs015 Assessment Answers? Here Is the Way 

The complexity level of the Chcccs015 unit is not unknown to students and that is why taking help becomes a necessary thing. There are many students who have taken assignment help in Australia from us and also got amazing grades. Our professionals are certified writers who work diligently to write impeccable assignments for students.  

Apart from it, you can also enjoy the alluring discounts and offers. Your pocket will have not much burden if you place the order from us. 

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