Overview of Teel Paragraph Structure with Example and Use

A Guide for Structuring a Paragraph Using the TEEL Method

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Have you ever looked at a poorly written piece and wondered what does it lack? It is an age-old question of what makes a person a good writer? While grammar books and language guides will give you many technical answers, students still haven't found the solution to it. While the structure is not the ultimate answer to all writing queries, it is a critical element that makes up a good piece of writing. This is where writing methods like TEEL paragraph help you. If you can master the right structure of ideas, you will produce an effective write-up, if not an efficient one.

In language, there are no hard and fast rules prescribed for writing, as it is considered an art and a skill. However, there are many structure hacks provided to guide students to write effectively. The TEEL structure is one of them. Many of you might be hearing the term for the first time, but it is a common structure technique used in essay help. Like all other structures, it guides you how to arrange your content to boost its quality. Here is what teel paragraph structure is all about:

What Is a TEEL Paragraph?

TEEL is an acronym for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link. These are points that guide you in forming a structure for a paragraph under this method. When you are writing an essay, you create a topic on which you write. Your essay will constitute of several sections that elaborate on this topic. The paragraphs from the main content of the essay. All your arguments, ideas, and key points will be presented through these paragraphs, and hence they need to be written as clearly as possible. Every individual section will have a theme and a sub-topic of its own. Therefore, it is necessary to structure it just like you plan and structure the entire essay into introduction, body, and conclusion.

How To Write a TEEL Paragraph?

Here is how the TEEL paragraph organizes the content of your essay:

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Topic Sentence

It is easy to get lost in your writing flow and keep beating around the bush. TEEL paragraph alerts your mind that whenever you start a paragraph, you should always start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the first sentence of your section. And according to this method, you should make it clear what will be discussed in the paragraph.

It is commonly found that people start a paragraph discussing the points of the previous topic. When you begin a paragraph, it should be dedicated to a specific theme or topic, and you must make this clear through the first sentence to give an overview to the readers of what is about to come in the following sentences. All the ideas and arguments of the respective paragraph follow the direction of the topic sentence. It is necessary to keep in mind that your topic sentence should not be a fact or a closed-statement. Providing a fact will lead to the reader losing their interest in reading further as it kills their curiosity. You must leave room for exploration of evidence.

For ExampleNo matter the rumors and opposition, climate change is a real issue that can be proved easily by science.


Your topic sentence is not enough to convey to your audience what exactly you are talking about;it just vaguely conveys the idea and creates a theme. The explanation part elaborates and makes it clear to them. As per TEEL structure your topic sentence should be followed by sentences that give out details. Just like in the whole essay, you have an introduction, body and conclusion, your explanation part should also loosely follow the same guidelines. When explaining the topic of the paragraph, firstly introduce and give context to it and then move on to the main details. Since there are limited sentences in a paragraph, try introducing the topic in just one sentence.

The explanation part should give the readers a complete overview or understanding of the topic. It contains all the arguments and claims you will have regarding the topic.

For ExampleThe temperature fluctuations are noticeable in recent times. Further, these changes have been recorded by scientists who predict that it is a potential signal towards more dangerous climate change.


It is a general recommendation to back up everything you say with sufficient evidence while writing TEEL paragraph insists on this. By evidence, it is not meant that you need to provide only statistics and other technical or scientific data. You need to justify the arguments presented with the ideas behind the statements you are giving. Although most topics do require you to provide such factual evidence, when it comes to topics of arts and humanities, evidence means the ideas or logic behind your arguments. You can support it using quotes or excerpts from a literary work.

This step makes sure the reader follows your thought and believes in your argument. If your reader will not connect to your opinion or is not convinced enough, they will lose interest and question the credibility of the content. This is why teel paragraph structure insists that you should focus on providing ample proof for every argumentative statement.

For ExampleStudies show that there has been an approximate 60% rise in global temperature in the past few decades.


This might be called the conclusion part of the paragraph if we compare it to the general structure of an essay. Just like in the conclusive paragraph in an essay, you link it to the initial hypothesis you provided in the introduction, here you have to connect it to the main topic.

TEEL paragraph lays emphasis on creating links throughout the content. Link is one of the essential parts of any paragraph. It brings together the whole section and connects it to the main topic of the essay. The link part of the paragraph summarizes the paragraph’s topic, all the arguments and the pieces of evidence provided and establishes its relevance with the overall theme or topic of the essay.

For ExampleThis exponential rise in temperature over the last few decades indicate the correlation between the rise in capitalism in the past few decades and climate change.

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TEEL Paragraph Example: Informative Way to Draft This Passage

Many of you face difficulty in understanding its full name. Topic, Explanation, Evidence and Meaning are its pillars, but you do not know how to frame content using them. So, when you think of drafting it, you ask how to start a teel paragraph or end a teel passage.

Such questions reduce your confidence in drafting the work, but the following example will restore it by demonstrating the right way to draft it:

GAH Teel Para copy

The above teel paragraph example shows you exactly how to draft this passage. However, you cannot learn anything through a look or an idea, so your first attempt may bring some challenges. You need some assistance or suggestions to get past them during that time. Hence, the following section provides insight into the tips to follow during such a time.

Tips for Writing Using TEEL Structure

Still not clear how to use the method to write flawlessly? Here are some tips you can follow when you are trying to write something using TEEL:

Read Well-Written Essays

If you are using the TEEL essay structure for the first time, it is natural to get confused in understanding it by reading the theory. Read samples of well-written essays before you get started, as it will provide you with more clarity on the application of the TEEL structure in an actual essay.

Keep Your Tone Consistent

The TEEL paragraph focuses on paragraphs individually, and since each section has a specific topic, students tend to forget about the essay as a whole and focus too much on the paragraphs. This often leads to the tone being inconsistent as paragraphs change. Make sure you keep the whole essay in view while writing and maintain a formal tone throughout.

Creating a Draft

Creating a rough draft is the key to applying the method successfully. Decide in advance what points you want to write about in the essay, divide them into paragraphs, and then follow the structure for each Teel paragraph. Also, make a checklist of the details you will provide in the sections, and you will have an exact draft that will make your writing procedure easy.

Research Well

Since you need to provide arguments and details to the topic sentences of the paragraphs, researching the topic is essential.

Prepare Evidence

Evidence plays a significant role in the method. Make sure you have gathered all the necessary evidence for all the arguments you are going to give. Take note of all the quotes, statistics, research and scholarly works if presenting them is essential. This will avoid wastage of time later.

Be Clear About the Arguments

Be very clear about the arguments you are going to give in the essay. They should not be just opinions and should be justifiable using proofs or logic.

Don't Forget About the General Structure

Keep in view the general structure of the essay, i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion. Remember that the body usually has 3-4 paragraphs, so do not exceed it. Remember the purpose of the conclusion, and don’t just blindly apply TEEL to it.

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How TEEL Paragraph Structure Improves Your Essay?

Using TEEL essay structure not only guides you to write an essay, but if effectively followed, it can make your essay better. Here are the advantages of using TEEL:

Provides a Framework

Students who are not keen on writing are generally clueless about how they should go about writing. TEEL Paragraph method provides a path for them to follow, which makes it easier for first time writers.

Helps You Focus

When writing, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts, and students tend to present these thoughts disorderly as they flow. TEEL paragraph structure ensures that you keep your focus on the details that are necessary and not waste time beating around the bush.

Provides Evidence

When you write Teel paragraph, you are required to provide evidence for every argument, which makes your content stronger. The readability and credibility of your writing increase as you present to the reader the logic behind your points.

Strategic Approach

It provides a framework and a plan for students. They can easily strategize their write-up since they have the base laid. They can quickly think of what topics and points to present in which paragraph.

Creates a Checklist

Very often, after students are finished with a write-up, they fret over whether their piece is good enough or not. There are no criteria to check this, but when you follow the TEEL essay structure, you have a checklist to know if everything is up to the mark. This helps in editing your writing easily.

Increases the Readability and Understandability

TEEL structure not only provides the writer with a structure to follow but also the reader with a path to follow. Since it promotes a flow of logic and arguments presented in the essay, it makes it easy for the reader to grasp the ideas the writer is trying to communicate.

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