7 Best Acting Schools in Australia Students Can Apply For

7 Best Acting Schools in Australia Students Can Apply For

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Acting is one of the most elaborative forms of performing arts and requires a great caliber to showcase the skills. If you are aspiring to become an actor professionally, then Australia has some amazing acting schools that offer this course and have produced legends over time. The first question that arrives is that isit really hard to get into a drama school/institution?Yes, it is, which makes choosing the right one more important. In this blog, we have shared information about some of these drama institutions, which are the best in the services they provide, the courses they offer, and the process of admissions.

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Do You Have It in Yourself to Enter the World of Acting?

Whenever you think ofjoining the drama school, always ask yourself if you can portray someone else and his emotions on the stage because only then you’d be able to classify him as the real actor.An actor is someone who performs different characters and plays the role on stage and in commercials such as television shows, movies, theatre, and let’s say Netflix, too, as this is the 20th century.

If you’re stepping into the world of arts, you need to have the networking skill in yourself; else, surviving in this place is going to be difficult. You will have to meet people, network with production teams, media industry managers, start contacting agents, and set your right foot inside the room of auditions. As long as you are concerned about the typical qualifications, it won’t really be a problem as it’s not required in Australia. But if you’re qualified enough to apply the networking skills, it would increase your chances of getting a good institution.

We have mentioned some best drama schools in Australia in this blog for you to decide which is going to be your Consider undertaking professional training, such as at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) or similar performance academies. These are usually three-year undergraduate programs.

One very important thing to note is that you must have a professionally made portfolio with which you can carry in the auditions and send it to casting directors or other production agents. You can also try joining the various actors’ unions, which helps the actors gain information. After all this information, you must be wondering that what are the qualifications a student should have to become a successful actor. Follow the next section.

What Are Some Qualifications for the Actor?

For the student to achieve a good career and in the acting profession, he is ought to have some kind of professional degree and learning to enter the gates of media. Some major courses that are getting taught in acting schools are:

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts
  • Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting)
  • Bachelor of Acting

These courses are prominent and are covered by some good universities that have their name established in acting. Let us see what those renowned schools are for the acting profession.

Take a read through the list given below to know more about them.

Some Renowned Acting Schools In AustraliaAre-

  • National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Sydney

This drama school has produced gems like Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson, Baz Luhrmann, Alex O’Loughlin, Richard Roxburgh, Hugo Weaving, Sam Worthington, and others who have carved a niche for themselves in this field. The three-year full-time acting course covers subjects such as staging, design, production, costume, properties, directing, and playwriting. For getting selected, you would need to prepare at least two monologues, i.e., one Shakespearian and one modern, that are meant to test your skills. The college presently takes 100 students per course.

  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Perth

Under the three year tenure of their acting course, you would learn subjects such as aboriginal performance, production & design, acting, arts management, costume, dance, lighting, music theatre, performing arts, props & scenery, sound, and stage management. Some of its notable alumni include Hugh Jackman, Jai Courtney, Heath Ledger, Frances O’Connor, Lisa McCun, and others. Again, for the admissions, you will have to prepare two monologues (one classical and the other contemporary).

  • Actors Centre Australia (ACA), Sydney

This place offers several full-time, part-time, online, and short courses and private tutorials that you can choose according to your preference. The school also holds several workshops all year round for those who are interested in learning acting skills. The Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has been a notable alumni of this school.

  • Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne

If you happen to pursue the drama course in this college, you would be trained in theatre practice (acting), dance, contemporary music, film & TV, musical theatre, production, visual art, etc. It is a three-year degree course, after which you would be a bachelor's in fine arts. For admissions, you will need to perform two monologues, out of which one would be self-devised and another one a classic piece.

  • Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Sydney

There are several degree courses available at this institute, including masters, graduate diplomas, graduate certificates, Bachelor of Arts, screen & production, and several others. Students have a multitude of options to choose from at this institute, such as screen business, producing, screen design, radio, screen studies, screenwriting, sound, visual effects, and others. The tenure of each course is variable and depends on the requirement of the course.

  • Sydney Drama School, Sydney

With casting director Toni Higginbotham as one of its staff members, this school offers short courses on-screen acting, voice accent, acting technique, scene studies, presenting, and many more. The duration of the courses varies according to the allotted time for each of them. Their teaching staff includes some of the highly trained professionals who have worked in the film and television industry for several years. They also have flexible short courses along with master-classes taken by some of the leading directors of the television and film industry for students of all age groups.

  • National Theatre Drama School, Melbourne

It is one of the reputed acting schools in Melbourne, and the students can choose between full-time or part-time acting courses primarily in stage performance and acting for film and television. This school has a ballet school branch as well, so if you have an interest in choosing this particular dance professionally, then this place is probably the perfect one for you. Check our website to learn more about what they have to offer to the acting students.

Hope you are now aware of the various acting schools in Australia and what it takes to get admitted to these reputed institutions. Prepare yourself beforehand and give your level best to get into your dream college. But the drill doesn’t stop here. Have you ever wonderedwhat an actor had to go through to get into such good drama schools?You could also do it online as the institutions also provide online classes, but we all agree that classroom studies are always the best.

For three year courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts, the tuitionfee, which was recently established in 2019, is AUD$31,020, further divided into two semesters.

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Which Is the Hardest Drama School to Get Into?

Nowadays, almost all the actors try to have a degree or some kind of qualification from the renowned acting schools because it is a strategic way to achieve the best career in acting. And everyone knows that London is the place where most of the country’s best acting schools are situated.

RADA, also known as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, was founded in the year 1904. In the U.K., RADA is the best known and one of the prestigious drama schools.

When you talk about the level of hard work you need to put in to get into the acting schools, then RADA is the institution where you need to double your efforts because their policy says that they accept only 28 candidates in their Acting BA every year, which consists of men and women numbered equally. But even if you got enrolled there, it looks all lavish at first, but when it comes to training, not all students are able to cope up with that. Their major teachings are for the students looking for the theatre, and therefore their alumni are also famous with casting directors and production agents. If you are looking for the best post-graduate drama courses, then this is your place.

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Therefore Good luck with your endeavors!

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