How can students overcome FOMO?

How can students overcome FOMO?

28 Feb 2023 6592 4 minutes

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The cases of psychological disorders like depression and anxiety among college students have increased quite gradually in recent times. Studies have shown that aspects like friend circles and social interactions are the primary reasons for it. Amongst many others, a behavioral disorder known as fear of missing out, commonly referred as the acronym ‘FOMO’ is getting more significant amid college scholars.
Fear of missing out, refers to the condition in which subject feels anxious that he/she might get left out of any activity or a collective that is going to take place. In simple words, it is a fear that haunts students about their poor choice of decision.

In this blog, our experts have listed a few easy tips that can help students overcome it.

Have a look!

Evaluate the situation

Sometimes, students overthink for no reason and create unfriendly circumstances for themselves. Therefore, it is important to assess the situation you’re facing. For instance, if you think that all your friends went for a holiday without you on purpose, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are true. They might have did so because you were behind on your bills, low on cash or perhaps any of your examinations are approaching. Hence, it is crucial to think before jumping to conclusions.

Be practical

It is quite important to note that you can’t please everyone, therefore it isn’t necessary that you crave for anyone’s approval or seek his/her friendship. Distinguish between friends and acquaintances or the ones who actually matter to you.

Take it easy

Students often look to multitask in order to be a part of more things, but the truth is it limits their overall skills to interact with people. Psychologists believe that in order to establish good social relations one needs to spend enough time engaging in interactions and being a part of group activities.

Live in the moment

At times, students attain a wrong perspective and worry about what the future holds for them. It refers to people who think ahead of themselves and care more about the future as in; will their efforts to be friend with someone pan out, or what they can do to get approved by a group of people? All this leads to FOMO, therefore it is important that you don’t ponder about what future holds rather try to live in the present.

Take a break

Students who feel they have missed out on something or are excluded by their friends should take a small break from all this. Spend some time in the nature or plan a quick getaway weekend where they can relax and maintain a calm state of mind. Also, it is highly advisable to cut the chord between you and social media as it makes the situation worse.

Hope you liked reading this informative blog.

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