How to Draft Accurate Business Letter Format

This blog explains a business letter format and its types. It also provides an excellent example of how it should be written.

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15 Dec 2023 255 12 minutes

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A business letter is a prominent source of communication in the professional world. Every company, brand and educational institute prefers structure and finely composed letters over text messages and calls. Due to its importance, many professors ask management and other subject scholars to write a business letter. But not everyone can draft a good paper. Many students encounter several challenges, and even after tackling these problems, they draft an average letter. So, to assist them, they can learn the business letter format with examples through this blog. Let's dive ahead and start with the basic concepts without further delay.

What Is a Business Letter?

A business letter is a professional document used as a medium of correspondence between two companies. These letters can be used to communicate with external clients, employees, banks, stakeholders and investors. They are usually printed on company letterhead and follow a professional style and strict business letter format. Moving further, let's have a look at its few types.

Know the Types of Business Letters and Their Uses

There are many types of business letters, and each of these forms fulfils a specific purpose. If you want to communicate your message effectively, select the appropriate formal letter and structure it accurately. So, let us introduce you to the popular business letter types.

1. Business Invites

The purpose of this type of correspondence is to provide a formal invitation to a company, party or employee. The invite can be to a personal event, gathering or a party. Even if the occasion is informal, the business letter format in Australia should be perfectly outlined.

2. Complaint Letters

A Complaint letter is written to report dissatisfaction or to raise an issue. You can write this correspondence to express your disappointment, to raise a complaint, or to explain poor customer service. Despite its nature, this Australian business letter format and its content should be positive.

3. Letter of Resignation

Even if you are working at a startup or a big multinational company, it's a protocol that you submit a written resignation to your employer. For practice, your professor will ask you to write such letters, so be professional and seek business assignment help to submit a flawless document.

4. Order Letters

The fourth type of letter is used to place an order between two parties. Purchasing items with the help of formal written communication also acts as evidence. It documents the transaction and agreement between a seller and buyer.

5. Letter of Recommendation

Many companies expect an employee to bring in letters of recommendation from a credible source. It also enhances the chances of hiring as it helps the interviewer to understand the employee's overall work profile. Its business letter format Australia can slightly vary from other templates.

Many companies expect an employee to bring in letters of recommendation from a credible source. It also enhances the chances of hiring as it helps the interviewer to understand the employee's overall work profile. Its business letter format Australia can slightly vary from other templates.

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What Is Business Letter Format?

A business letter should include a clear objective and a simple structure. The tone and language should be formal and printed on a company notepad or A4 paper. Keeping these things in mind, let us look at its structural elements and learn how to type business letter format. 

1. Sender's Address

A business letter always starts with the sender's address. You don't have to print these details if you are writing the correspondence on a company letterhead. If not, start with the sender's name, a short address, zip code and city state. It's usually present on the left-hand side but can vary according to the business letter format template you choose.

2. Date Stamp

After describing the sender's details, you need to write the date. It can be written in the standard format, such as DD/MM/YYYY, or you can modify it per your requirements. A date stamp is essential as it helps the recipient determine the priority of demands and concerns mentioned in the main body.

3. Recipient's Address

After the date, the next thing you need to include in a business letter format is the recipient's address. Use a personal title before writing the receiver's name, such as Dr., Sir, Mr., Miss, etc. These details are located on the left-hand side of every formal letter-writing template. Even its structure resembles the sender's address.

4. Salutations

The salutation is a greeting line in an Australian business letter format and is located on the left-hand side. A writer usually uses salutations such as Dear combined with the receiver's name. To stay professional, one

5. Opening Statement 

The business letter format in Australia follows the inverted pyramid structure. Thus, it includes all the vital information on the top. Therefore, in the opening sentence of the correspondence, you should explain your objectives. State the purpose and what you wish to accomplish and gain through the letter. 

6. Main Body 

The main body of the business letter includes all the secondary details that can be helpful for the recipient in understanding the objectives. So, elaborate on the primary instructions and provide supporting information. Make sure you are not vague, and if needed, seek business essay helpas experts will provide remarkable guidance in every step of letter writing.

7. Call to Action

The call to action is a sentence present after the main body. It is an immediate prompt for the receiver that should tempt them to fulfil the requirement of the sender. So, write a simple call-to-action and add a clear instruction or statement. A business letter's most widely used closing sentence is "awaiting your prompt response towards...". 

8. Closing Sentence

Just like the salutations, the closing sentence of the formal farewell usually begins with a single professional word. For instance, to mark the end of the business letter, you can use phrases such as sincerely, warmly, faithfully, thanking you and best regards. Make sure the chosen closing phrase matches the intentions of the business letter.

9. Signatures

After the closing sentence, the writer must skip a line and include its signature. The best alternative is to sign with a black ink. You should also include your name, job position, company name and primary contact information. The signature shows that the letter is authorized and truly written by the sender.

10.  Enclosures

In business letters, the writer has to send in documents such as receipts, invoices and other essential papers along with the correspondence. It can be a primary or secondary source of information for the recipient. As per the business letter format Australia, type in the word enclosure at the end and list all the documents you send. 

In ten simple steps, students can compose a perfectly structured formal correspondence. Still, if you are wondering how to type business letter format and need further clarification then check out the next section. The example given by our experts will resolve all your doubts and queries.

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An Example of Business Letter Format

Students need assignment writing help because they are asked to write a formal business letter. They know that with expert assistance, they can craft a good draft and fulfil the professor's requirements. If you are a student who also needs clarification on formal correspondence writing, check out the business letter example our experts gave. 

Clement Industries    

12 Grayson Street


17 December, 2023   

Mr. Jaxon Everett    

Manufacturing Head

Staniels Manufactures Co.

71 Moruya Road


Dear Mr. Everett, 

I am writing this letter regarding the delay in my purchase order, which was placed three weeks before 26 November 2023. The expected delivery date given by your company was 12 December 13, 2023. The payment has already been made, and I have also received a confirmation via email.

This is not the first time I have purchased products from your company; thus, I was not expecting any poor customer service. I eagerly expect the delivery as the late arrival is hampering the daily sales. I not only expect a prompt arrival but also need timely updates on the status of my purchased goods. 

Kindly let me know the expected delivery date and the status of my shipment.



Timothee Clement,


Clement Industries

We hope you have learned to write correspondence using the above business letter example. However, if you face any issues, our experts are available 24*7 to assist you. If you want to know more about our services, read the next section!

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