Who Invented Homework and Why This Idea Progressed?

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Who Invented Homework and Why by Global Assignment Help Australia
15 Dec 2023 235 16 minutes

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Scientifically, the human brain is on the constant verge of learning, and it occurs till you are brain stops working. That is why many of you want to learn who invented homework. You think of it as an extra burden in your studies. Why should you do homework? It does feel like a burden as you have to study for many hours in the class, and when the fun time begins, you get assigned some tasks. That is what raises the question to know who invented homework and why in your mind. You give it a thought about what its use is. Repeating what you study in school and that is what makes it a topic of discussion. Many of you still have a doubt if they are actually studying or just following some orders.

This process seems like the life of a robot, and nothing new comes out of it. It makes you think that why was homework invented in the first place. But a point should be based on proper knowledge; you cannot know that until you read. So, study this blog till the end to develop more information.

Who Invented Homework in Academics

Education is a continuous cycle that helps you grasp the knowledge you gain through your observations. But, there are a few who think if you repeat the same process for a period, that is when you learn. Even if a few disagreements can emerge, many of you question how was homework invented or who came up with this idea. Though there are speculations over that, the following section provides insightful information about the few names:

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The Italian Lawyer-Author - Pliny the Younger:

He was a public speaker in the city of Rome, Italy. Born in Novum Comum around 61 AD, he instructed his students that they should practice their public speaking skills after the session. This method of teaching was popularly known as ‘Homework’. Since it is traced by the researchers, he is claimed to be the one who invented homework. 

He believed that scholars can gain command over their speaking ability if they indulge in repetition of the speech.

The German Philosopher - Johann Gottlieb Fichte:

He introduced this idea in Germany before the United States adopted it in their education system. So, for those wanting to know about who invented homework and progressed, it is Johann Gottlieb Fichte. During his working tenure, he developed Volksschulen, a People’s school. It is where he made the homework mandatory.

He believed in a controlled environment to build a uniformed nation. Also, he instructed the scholars to complete their homework in their time outside Volksschulen.

The American Educational Reformer - Horace Mann:

Till the 19th century, more than half of Europe followed the homework ideology. The individual who invented homework on American soil is Horace Mann. He is said to be an educational reformer in his country but lived briefly in Prussia. During that time, he learned about the German homework philosophy and introduced this idea to his country’s education system.

Mann believed that this system is a better way to acquire good knowledge and increase the ability to memorise.

These are the few names that come up when you ask who invented homework and why. These details show the ancient route that introduced this new wave in many parts of the world. However, Australia, being in a different region, has a different way of directing education in its operations. Since you are studying in this nation, you ask who invented homework here. The following section contains information about this question.

Historical View of Homework: The Wave in Australia

Every new aspect that gets introduced does not come directly, it comes in bits. That is why it is important to look at different areas to ensure that you can piece them all together. So, when you ask who invented homework in Australia, it contains a very detailed answer.

The following sub-heads cover this information for better clarification:

Mass Spread of Schooling:

Learning was a part of the Australian history of education, but in the second half of the 19th century, the nation and its young scholars saw something new. The student started struggling with a massive workload in the New South Wales region due to mass schooling. Many scholars started facing many issues with handling the pressure.

This new addition of pressurised work is turning the learning place into a workplace, just no salary. With that, the children were given plenty of homework to complete and submit the next day. However, the question that was not answered was about the progress of these scholars with the assigned homework.

This decision to add mass schooling happened under the supervision of Governor Richard Bourke in the 1830s. He acted as a visionary individual and stated that a technique similar to the Irish National System is appropriate for this colony. He also made the aims clear to his accomplices, and one of them was a politician, Henry Parkes.

He acted as the partial person who invented homework in Australia. He founded the primary school system and authored the Public Instruction Act of 1880. He also published the Public Schools Act of 1886 and proudly acknowledged himself for that.

Connection Between Lessons and School-Routine:

Michael Foucault is the author of books related to prisonary and penitentiary. So, when the terms like discipline and punishment added to the education system, he stated that the prison and modern schools are quite the same. He was a heavy supporter of the person who invented homework in Australia, and his belief proves this claim.

His belief, if you narrow, will show that both departments follow the route to training and disciplining the candidate. Though prisons hold convicted felons and are tortured every day, he stated that this place offers reform. Also, his ideology displays that schools are platforms to mould the child into a puppet that behaves in a restricted manner. So, earlier it was a punishment exercise to train young people.

That is why you seek homework helper now, as the system was built on a rigid base. Though the current scenarios are much lenient, the pressure to work on your tasks is high. However, you question why is that. Is homework what that can teach us? You know it does not teach you anything, for that matter, but your professors support the idea of who invented homework and why. But you did not find any basis for them. So, the following section discusses your teachers’ point of view towards it.

Why was Homework Invented: Professor’s Wise Words

In some aspects, you and your professors do not agree or see eye to eye with each other. You prefer to enjoy time with friends in your school, while the professors want you to discipline yourself. They also want you to finish the task assigned but do not give the basis for why they prefer to do that.

You, on the other hand, hate this process where you have to work on several tasks. Your brain generates a question of who invented homework on a loop. However, the motive is to teach you more about the information over the topics.

In the eyes of your professor, there are more benefits to working on a project than one. All of them are catalogued below for you to observe:

Firstly, it helps you to improve your knowledge. Since there are new approaches to drafting your work, you can learn more than classroom study. That is why your professors prefer you to finish your task.

Secondly, working on your homework gives you more chances to improve and enhance your intellectual and conceptual building. You can work on your enhancement in many areas since you do not have to follow the same old routine to complete the task.

Thirdly, you should know that the person who invented homework wants to focus on developing your core knowledge. Thus, working on your assigned tasks gives you the advantage of having a better understanding of the subject and its topics.

Fourthly, one of the habits that build command is practice. The more you do, the better you become, and by working on your projects, you encourage this process. Thus, the professors prefer you to work on your projects.

Fifthly, working on assigned tasks like homework has another perk. There are topics where you lack command and have many doubts. That is when you can thank the person who invented homework, as it helps you understand these areas and find fruitful solutions to your questions.

Sixthly, the process of revision helps you remember the topic more clearly. One of its forms is to draft an academic project since it contains a repetition of tasks and learning. That is how you can revise your syllabus and develop better knowledge.

These are the reasons why professors prefer you to work on your projects. It offers an advantage by teaching you about the subject and its various sub-topics. Also, it helps you solidify foundational knowledge, so you should thank the person who invented homework and why. However, it is essential that you take a proper analysis of how much benefit it offers and where it lacks. The following section gives an insightful look at its pros and cons.

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What Merits and Demerits Does Homework Carries?

Every action or step has its benefits for you, but nothing comes without disadvantages. Thus, before making any claim, you must have a fair overview of both sides. The following table provides a better look at that:





The first merit of writing homework is that it bolsters your learning. Since it discusses topics related to your subject, you become more familiar with them. It improves your concepts and facilitates the learning process.

The individual who invented homework in Australia sees it as a form of disciplinary tactic. Thus, sometimes professors assign you tasks as a punishment which does not support your learning.


In the cycle to complete the project, you have to go through the study material. This steady procedure allows you to read the materials more and gain better conceptual knowledge.

Sometimes, the minus points overlaps the benefit. One such is burdened with homework to write. It is why you seek assignment help, as it grows pressure, not learning.


There is no regular study if there is no project. It is a reason that seeded the idea of inventing homework to give you a better routine for systematical education.

Learning includes time, and you cannot find it if you are busy finishing the task. It is one demerit why you avoid the idea of working on a project.


Completing your tasks allows you to develop the ability to manage time. Thus, it is important to develop this skill to finish the document on time.

Due date scares each of you, and that fear develops stress. Due to that, you fail to acquire the benefit of learning.

Seeing this table, you do think if the person who invented homework looked at all these points. You should know that this study process came out of a different ideology, and with time, it changed to what you see now. However, you do come across several challenges and need exemplary assistance. But you do not know where to look, so the following section answers this query.

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