CHCECE017 - Foster the Holistic Development of the Child in Early Childhood

CHCECE017 - How to Write a Healthy Brain and Child Development Assessment

04 Nov 2023 1197 10 minutes

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The CHCECE017 assessment comes under the Diploma of Early Childhood Care & Education study. Students pursuing these diploma courses have to write CHCECE017 assessment answers. In addition, Australian students write assessments related to fostering children's holistic development and well-being in early childhood.

In this blog, we provide an overview of the holistic brain development of a child. This surely helps you in writing CHCECE017 assessment Answers. In addition, students can read this blog to learn more about a child's holistic development and well-being.

What Is the Holistic Brain Development of a Child?

In simple words, when a child's entire brain is activated to acquire new information, it is known as a child's holistic brain development. It impacts a child's growth in all areas, including cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical.

Let's look at why a child's holistic development is so important nowadays.

The Importance of Holistic Brain Development in a Child

When a child takes birth, the all-around development of his starts. Holistic brain development is important because

  • It develops inner values and confidence in his early years. 
  • It nurtures the child’s abilities and develops skills so that they can lead a successful life.
  • It focuses on the complete brain development of a child.
  • It not only develops intellectual skills but also focuses on all areas of a child's development equally.
  • It helps children to reach their full potential.

When we talk about the importance of brain development in children, students should also know about the components. The objective of holistic development allows finding unique qualities in a child's behavior.

What Are the 5 Components of Holistic Development (CHCECE017 assessment Answers)?

Social Development

Socializing is necessary for children to develop social skills and share habits. To uplift the social skills of a child, try to engage them with other children. The more child interacts with other kids, the more they will learn.

Social skills help children build relationships with others and teach them how to show empathy towards others. Social skills are very important to foster the holistic development and well-being of the child in early childhood.

Cognitive Development

The construction of thought processes is known as cognitive development. It includes a child's overall intelligence, memory power, decision-making, and problem-solving habits. Therefore, it is important to develop cognitive skills in the early years of childhood. So, by age 5, 90% of the child's brain is already developed and can retain more information.

Physical Development

The physical development of a child focuses on how to lead a healthy life. Physical activities and exercises increase the blood flow to the brain. This gives children more energy to store new information in their brains. Encourage children to play, dance, swim, run, or do any physical activity to build physical strength. 

Communication Development

Communication is a big requirement for children’s growth and development. It studies how a child can convey their thoughts and ideas to parents. Why is communication necessary between the two? How can parents talk with their children to develop their communication skills? They can do this through music, reading, and story-telling; responding to their actions will develop their language skills. So, a parent can start communicating with their child to understand what they are trying to say.

Emotional Development

It laid down emphasis on how children's emotional skills get developed? In the early years of childhood, a baby starts expressing his emotions to their parents without knowing their meaning. That is a perfect time when parents can develop emotional skills in their children.

Apart from that, there are some important factors too that affect the behavior of a child. Read the below section for details.

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Factors That Influence the Brain of a Child

There are various factors that can influence the holistic brain development of a child and are as follows:

  • Social status
  • Stimulating experiences
  • Physical skills
  • Education
  • Physical & mental health
  • An optimistic environment 
  • Nutrition

Let’s move ahead, and shed some light on how parents can help children in their growth and development, and what is the role of guardians in the growth of a child?

How Is Parents' Role Important in the Brain Development Of Children(CHCECE017 Assessment Answers)

In the CHCECE017 Assessment Answers, students can learn about the importance of parents in the development of a child’s brain. As parents are the one who can keenly observe their child's behavior, nature, and other activities they perform throughout the entire day. A child requires a few things from their parents:

  • They need love and affection so that they can trust their parents.
  • Children love it when parents play different games with them. This will develop their senses.
  • They love to talk with their parents so they can try to communicate with them in common language.

Parents who love, play, and enjoy with their children can develop many skills. However, the child’s growth and development depends on the parents, who spend most of the time with their kids. Guardians are the only people who know the positive and negative points about their toddler. That’s why parents should spend time with their kids as much as possible. So that they can freely share their emotions with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Development 

1. What Is the Purpose of Holistic Brain Development (CHCECE017 Assessment Answers) ?

The purpose of holistic brain development is to nurture the child's mind with social, emotional, cognitive, communication, and physical skills. These components are very important to improving a child's nature and behavior.

2. Why Is Holistic Development Important for a Child? 

If your child's foundation is strong, they can lead a happy life. Holistic development (CHCECE017 Assessment Answers) is important because it enhances children's learning skills and capabilities. Also, it can transform the child's personality linguistically and psychologically.

3. Which Plays a More Important Role in Brain Development, Nature (Genes) or Nurture (Environment)? 

Both play very different roles in a child's development. However, the development of the brain begins in utero. But, the environment and surroundings also affect the brains of children.

4. When Is the Brain Fully Developed? 

Our brains develop daily to meet the demands and requirements of everyday life. So, we can say that it never gets fully developed. 

In this blog, we try to explain how to foster the holistic development and well-being of the child in early childhood. So, if you are writing a holistic development assessment, you must cover all these crucial points in your writing. If you are searching for the best CHCECE017 Assessment Answers online from best homework help experts, then Global Assignment Help Australia is here. We will provide you with the CHCECE017 Assessment answer sheet before the deadline. Furthermore, if you are looking for other writing services online in Australia, such as essays, dissertations, coursework, thesis, case studies, or assignment help, reach out to us and get a solution to all your queries.

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