Six Perfect Cities for Enjoying a Short Break in Australia

Read this blog to know about six perfect holiday destinations for students in Australia.

24 Aug 2023 4440 6 minutes

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College students lead a hectic life as their routine remain crammed with attending lectures, doing self-study, and part-time job. So, they often get burned out and feel the desire to take a break. Sometimes, a weekend away is all that is needed to revitalize one’s body and mind. Australian students are truly blessed as not only they get a world-class education, but when there is a need for a short break, it can be enjoyed with ease. Australia houses many  tourists destinations, and some of them are extremely reasonable for students. So, whenever you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of college life, visit a nearby holiday spot to be captivated by landscapes and experiences. Here we have enlisted a few towns in Australia for a quick getaway

1. Daylesford, Victoria

There are hundred good reasons to visit Daylesford. Located in the foothills of the Great Diving Range, the town is famous for its numerous spas, boutique accommodations, restaurants, gardens, and art galleries. A broader part of the town consists of natural springs that altogether cover 80 percent of Australia's effervescent mineral water reserve. There are many public and private spas in the town that provide you a quicker way to relax.

2. Ballarat, Victoria

Situated at the back of Yarrowee River in the Central Highland of Victoria, Ballarat is popular for its gold mines. It’s worth spending three to fours days here to explore the city’s historical monuments and museums. If you are a history enthusiast, then visit M.A.D.E(Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka) that will you let you relive the gold rush days. Or, just spend a few days roaming around the surrounding countryside exploring ancient gold rush villages. In case you are a connoisseur of art, don’t forget to visit the Ballarat Art Gallery which is Australia's largest and oldest regional gallery.

3. Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle is one of the most vibrant towns in Australia that is famous for its rich maritime history and surfing destinations. The place offers a perfect relaxation time with its cool bars, lively restaurants, and beautiful beaches. The city also provides the opportunity to try adventurous sports, such as skydiving, Karting, white water rafting, quad biking, and abseiling. For art enthusiasts, there's a great cafe culture, vibrant arts galleries, and some fascinating historic attractions left over from the convict years. 

4. Victor Harbor, SA

Situated on a startling coastline, the city offers a relaxed waterside retreat dominated by huge rock outcrop called bluff. The place is also famous as a whaling site where hundreds of blue whales come close to the town to breed and nurture their young ones. In the central area of the city, you can visit the  wineries and buy some unique beverages to take back for friends. You can also try a steam train ride to Port Elliot and historic Goolwa at the Murray Mouth. To roam around the city, hire a horse-drawn tram that's guaranteed to give an amazing experience.

5. Noosa, Qld

A suburban town in Queensland, Noosa Qld is a perfect place to visit during summer. It’s famous for its expansive beaches and colourful bays. It not just offers a wonderful surfing experience but also provides the opportunity to hike across Noosa National Park’s cliffs and forests, kayak across the open sea, canoe down the Noosa River Everglades, and chill out on the golden sand that stretches for miles. If you visit this place, then do not miss a day trip to the Fraser Island, a heritage-listed site where lush rainforests can be found emerging improbably from dry dunes.

6. Cairns, Qld

This two centuries old city served as a lounging spot for miners heading for Hodgkinson River goldfield until the onset of 20th century . Today, it is a perfect holiday destination to escape the winter chill. It has an amazing year-round tropical climate, and the beaches remain calm. Along the coastline, you can dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Moreover, you can also head into the rainforest and try zip-lining through the canopy or treat yourself to a spa treatment. Plus, hire a car and explore the waterfalls of the Atherton Tablelands. Last but not least, drive one of the country's most scenic roads, the Captain Cook Highway.

These were some of the best places that Australian students can consider for a weekend trip that too without breaking the bank. So, what you are still waiting for? Book the tickets, pack your bags, and go ahead. In case pending academic projects are not letting you plan your trip, seek Australian assignment help service from the subject-oriented writers working with us.

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