Fun Ideas to Increase Employees Productivity

Fun Ideas to Increase Employees’ Productivity

09 Apr 2022 6604 5 minutes

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It’s odd to see that although most companies talk about increasing their employees’ productivity, they do that by putting immense pressure on them. Nearly every HR manager might have read about the Maslow’s need hierarchy theorem, but when the employees ask them to have a taste of it, they ignore this. But how can one think about increasing company’s productivity without working toward workers’ satisfaction? No member of the workforce can stay loyal if the only reward that he/she gets is the salary. To let employees devote all their effort to their job, the assigned task should seem interesting to them, and the work environment should be homely and fun. Well, that doesn’t mean “fake fun” devised by disconnected HR managers once a week, but the work itself should be enjoyable. Work processes can become smarter when people performing them get the independence to follow their own working strategy. Otherwise, if they are treated like wayward children, they will feel humdrum and lazy. Productivity is closely connected to motivation, and every HR manager should be well-educated in this field. Here we have given some interesting ideas to motivate employees so that they can perform to their full potential:

Introduce a gaming area

To increase productivity, it is important to offer employees with well-timed breaks when they could relax their vexed nerves. And, for this, there could be no better way than providing them a space filled with various games, such as polo, dart, gaming console, and table tennis. Such a relaxing zone can really refresh employees and strengthen their relationships, and they’ll work better as a team.

Organize group activities

If you want to ensure that the employees feel great to be a part of the workplace, then offer them a chance to enjoy some time together. A night out or picnic can be a great idea here. Such activities outside the office will help employees to bond, which will result in better team performance. Moreover, workplace friendships can also develop a culture of ‘compassionate love,’ i.e., a mutual feeling of respect and trust. Researchers have found that this can lead to higher level of satisfaction and teamwork, as well as a reduction in sick days.

Celebrate the achievement together

According to Teresa M. Amabile, a famous researcher on corporate culture, a progress report has a big influence on workplace happiness and productivity. She further says that employers must credit their success to the deserving employees in the form of awards and fringe benefits. And, apart from this, the HR manager should also organize events to celebrate even a small win.

Allow casual dressing days

Once or twice in a week, employees should be allowed to wear casual dresses. Most companies go for casual Friday and Saturday, but you can keep it on any day. Wearing casual dresses is fun for employees, and they feel more comfortable. Both these factors help in increasing their productivity.

Recommend sharing photos

Let your employees connect over Instagram or other social media websites where they could share their family photos and memories. This is a great way to bring employees together and encourage friendship. Obviously, by seeing the family photos of their coworkers, there will be a curiosity to know about them, and this will ultimately promote peer-to-peer bonding.

Encourage hobbies in office

Everyone has a hobby, and spending half an hour on that can make them happy. But office-goers hardly get any time to spend on such leisure pursuits. So, as an HR manager, you can schedule a few hours in a weak for letting them spend some time enjoying their hobbies. Do not worry about the time loss as after spending some time on such activities, employees will get back to work with more energy and freshness.

These were a few simple and practical ideas that an HR manager can follow to make the work environment fun, which would ultimately boost employees to perform their best. To get more such ideas, stay connected with us as our HR assignment help experts will keep on updating them.

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