What Is Convenience Sampling? Know Its Example, Merits and Demerits

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09 May 2024 331 15 minutes

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Many of you come across some topics where the data is collected not through published materials or web sources but requires census study. That is when convenience sampling helps you, as this method under non-probability allows you to take random applicants. It is more useful when the population range is too high which makes it tough to cover in the given time. However, many of you fail to employ this technique correctly. You use it even if the situation requires a different procedure than convenience sampling. It is because you lack complete knowledge about this method, and our experts see this as a prime issue for many unsuccessful data collections.

Hence, your first step towards gathering the correct form of details to avoid facing any setbacks in the overall process is to know and learn what is convenience sampling. So, let us start with this query.

Meaning of Convenience Sampling and How Does It Work

Practical work is a beneficial approach to learning the application of any process. However, it does not always lead to success, as it can backfire sometimes. Such a situation brings drastic results since you do not know how to handle it. But the one who can define convenience method can find a way to overcome this case and join the correct path. So, learning the definition of a technique helps you avoid this.

Meaning of Convenience Sampling:

This technique is a popular division under the non-probability sampling procedure. In this process, you focus on analysing such specimens that are available easily to develop your information. Many of you consider convenience sampling to collect details for your topic. However, it relates to the following condition:

  • Need quick data as the timeline is short
  • Working on a topic with a limited budget
  • Cannot access the large stock of population

Such conditions are necessary to become the only source for your information in the convenience sampling method. But, not every topic requires the same approach, so you cannot apply it just because you cannot manage time to work on research. Moreover, you must know the correct process of this technique to collect the accurate data set to build your document. So, let us study how the convenience sample cycle works.

How Does Convenience Sampling Work?

Every technique that helps in collecting information for your topic follows a definitive process. When you face challenges in acquiring the required details, it is because you skipped learning about the process that can help you correctly execute this non-probability method.

Hence, the following pointers will cover the details related to the convenience sampling cycle:

  • Your first step is to showcase the motive and targets of your investigation to find a direction to head towards finishing.
  • Next, you work on finalising the number of population to check. It is simple in this method as you pick them if they are available or can participate.
  • Examine the features of the targeted population to conduct in-depth research.
  • Once it is completed, focus on finding an appropriate method to collect data from applicants. Aspects like cost, time consumption, availability and resource materials are the factors to consider in this step.
  • The next step is to list questions to ask from the participants. You can mix the questionnaire with qualitative and quantitative queries to collect accurate data.
  • Now you reached the final step where you can ask these questions to the candidates who are willing to join your investigation.

This is the complete cycle of convenience sampling you should follow. But you approach directly from collecting data and skip the practice behind the curtains. That is why most of you fail to acquire proper results, even though your initial step of picking this method is correct. You can observe this process if you search and go through some of the research done by other explorers as a  convenience sampling example. So, your knowledge remains incomplete, but you should learn more about it. That is why the following section covers areas where you need it.

Areas to Apply Convenience Sampling for Correct Results

After learning its process, you cannot simply jump to apply it for practical work. You should have an idea about where this method is suitable so you do not have to restart the cycle. Since you avoid learning this knowledge, you have to research again. So, the better path is to get a grasp on the areas where you can apply convenience sampling for accurate results.

Hence, the following sub-heads give you insightful information about these fields:

Beneficial for Initial Research:

Since some topics need preliminary data to design further steps for their research, this method becomes useful. For many themes, such as finding out the native population of a region, you need a specific idea of the census range. With convenience sample technique, this step becomes easy as it allows you to get a rough idea of the scope.

Limited Resource in Support:

In addition to providing a base for future research, it offers accessibility to researchers with limited or less support to collect required data. As a student, you have restricted resources as you do not contact any company or financial institution. So, when you need to examine the applicants for your topic, the convenience sampling method works for your benefit.

Issues in Accessing Population:

With census analysis, not every person opens up to participate in the questionnaire. That brings some challenges with gathering the information. In this method, you only look to find available applicants to get access to collect your details. It is the prime trait you can observe when you learn to define convenience research methods.

Interpret a New Phenomenon:

Usually, a general census helps to learn about a subject related to the population. However, when you have to find new details in a region, you cannot analyse the entire country. So, to gather this information for your project, applying the convenience sample is beneficial. Moreover, you shrink your target population to a specific number to question candidates who are willing to answer.

Successful Full-Scale Research:

This method also helps you when you want to start an expanded research. For that, you need a base knowledge of different areas about the phenomenon, and this method helps to collect that. So, when you aim to conduct a large-range investigation, you must understand what you are dealing with. The process of convenience sampling helps you get this knowledge.

Every situation demands a specific method of research for a better understanding. Thus, you cannot apply this method beyond its scope as it results in time consumption with zero outcome. Also, you cannot assume that you can define convenience method properly after learning the required situations. You also need to know and understand the benefits of the procedure you are applying. Moreover, you should grasp the details regarding its limitations to decide where it suits you better. So, let us study them to answer the question, "What is convenience sampling?"

Merits and Demerits About Convenience Sampling

When you apply a method, there are situations when it helps you reach the set objective with less or zero difficulty. However, you can face various cases where employing a technique leads to a disaster you cannot overrule. So, the best way to avoid such scenarios is to know about convenience sampling as a whole to determine if it is a success or failure.

Hence, the following sections cover the two aspects which are benefits and cons of applying this method in your research:

Merits of Convenience Sampling:

The following heads provide knowledge on its plus points you should know about:

Speeds Up Data Gathering:

A lengthy process to collect data requires more resources, time, effort, team, and unlimited access. With census examination, you do not have endless availability because you cannot ask everyone to agree to participate in your research. That delays the process, but with convenience sampling, this cycle gets speed up so you can collect the required data to understand the phenomenon.

Handle Work with Less Funds:

As a student, you cannot find an institution with high resources. So, you have to limit your funds to finish your research. Moreover, you cannot spend much time on data collection as you have restricted time. So, these restraints force your hand in gathering complete data. It is where the situation gets turned, as one of the convenience sampling advantages allow you to work with low fund and short schedule.

Can Find Samples Effortlessly:

In this method, you can access the data easily as it works well with restrictions. Moreover, you can find the specimen easily since you do not have to cover an extended area to collect data. Hence, the samples are available easily for the researchers. Also, you can start the process quickly, which helps you acquire the data. It can also provide you with free samples since the cost in this process is low.

These benefits make this method a perfect match for a student like you who has limited resources and less time to gather details. However, learning one side of the coin leads you to a setback, so the best way to avoid that result is to know about its limitations.

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Demerits of Convenience Sampling:

The following sub-heads shed light on the disadvantages of convenience sampling:

Existence of Sampling Bias:

One of the minus points of the convenience technique while researching is that the data shows bias. When your research contains a handful of applicants, a misjudgment can exist. So, you may not correct the details at the end.

Cannot Find Distinct Traits:

Another demerit of the convenience sampling method is that it does not examine different candidates. Since it looks for applicants with availability and similar features, the aspect of variations starts to vanish from the data.

Limit Locations to Examine:

Due to a handful of people under the microscope of this method, the restriction on location becomes one of the disadvantages. This attribute brings an incomplete form of data that sometimes gets rejected because of less expanse.

After learning the pros and cons of convenience sampling, you can identify the correct area to use this method. But, there are several doubts that come into your brain, which require answers. So, you ask for a place where you can find solutions for your queries. The following section discusses that.

Need More Details on Convenience Sampling? Ask Our Experts

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