Five Crazy Engineering Patents That Are Quite Unusual for Most of Us

Five Crazy Engineering Patents That Are Quite Unusual for Most of Us

01 May 2024 6090 6 minutes

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The light bulb, dynamo, electric motor, etc., are some of the patented inventions that have eased off our lives and provided comfort to us. Patents can be done for any idea or design to tie your name legally with it so that nobody can claim its ownership. Do you know that Thomas Alva Edison was America's most prolific inventor as he held 1,093 U.S. Patents in total? He was a genius, and his work proves it. Since one can get a patent for any kind of inventions, some crazy inventors took this liberty a step further and created something that is quite unusual and maybe they are of any use. Our engineering assignment help experts have created a list of such crazy patented inventions that are a bit vague for the present generation. Take a look!

Vibrating Tattoo

We all are well aware of the vibration device on our cell phones. But, phone manufacturer Nokia took the technology a step ahead when they developed a vibrating tattoo and filed a patent for it. The tattoo would alert customers when their phone gets any notification for an incoming call, text, or dead battery. According to the officials, this apparatus can detect a magnetic field and give a “perceivable stimulus” to users. This invention is acknowledged by many experts as it could be functional in some situations, but they also believe that it would be inappropriate or distracting or even dangerous in many cases.

High-Five Machine

Have you ever faced a situation when you desperately want to give someone a high five, and no one’s around? If yes, then for people like you, somebody actually gave a thought and created a high-five machine. It was patented in 1993, and comprised of a “pivotal, self-righting hand-arm.” The apparatus imitates a natural human high-five in two possible ways: bent at the “elbow” and other with an arm straight up. Apart from this, there are certain benefits that user get with the machine, i.e., it can be used for exercising as the "hand-arm configuration” improves user’s hand-eye coordination and mood simultaneously.

Hiccup Treatment

Have you ever experienced hiccups? If yes, then you can understand how irritating they are. We do not take them seriously unless the hiccups become very persistent or if they dramatically bother us for no obvious reason. Hiccups can be troublesome and to stop them, we take measures, such as drinking lots of water or holding breath. But, there is a hiccup treatment device which might help some of us. It was patented in 2003 and is effective for long duration hiccups that last for 48 hours or more. It basically zapped away hiccups with a small electric shock given to your vagus and phrenic nerves to stop them.

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Light Bulb Changer

Have you ever changed the fused light bulb in your home? You may be surprised to know that a machine has been invented that change the light bulbs. It’s quite a cumbersome and costly option for that purpose. Strange but true. How would one even get this idea up to a light bulb? This apparatus contains elements that help in instantly detecting a fused bulb. It automatically removes the burned out light, and replaces it with a new bulb. This machine works without human intervention.


There are people in the world worrying about their beer getting sunburned. For such fellows, there is an invention named ‘Beerbrella’ that shades the beverage from direct sun rays. This so-called protection thing is provided with a small detachable umbrella which is approximately five to seven inches in diameter. The best feature of this umbrella is that it can be connected to the beverage container by any means, including strap, clip, cup, foam insulator, etc. The shaft of the umbrella is provided with a pivot to adjust its angle accordingly to shield the sun.

In the end, we would like to say that we are no one to judge someone’s work because only the inventor knows the pain he/she experienced while creating something. Through this write-up, we did not want to hurt anybody’s feeling. We wrote this just for informative purpose.

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