Difference Between Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement: The Whole Picture

Concise Analysis of Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement

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Difference Between Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement: The Whole Picture

Starting college is already haunting as it throws several new concepts at a time. Preparing a thesis acts as a cherry on top. Unlike other types of writing, it is a little bit challenging. Not only this, but the most daunting thing is to understand the difference between thesis paper and thesis statement. Yes, there are several differences between these two holds. To be clear about this, let us consider the definitions:

A Brief About the Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main element of a writing piece. It contains the central message or the idea of the paper and a summary of the pointers you will include in the content. This can be termed the backbone of the write-up. It is so because it provides insight into the topic or subject. It tells them what the content is all about. Also, it makes that clear and easy for an audience to connect with your work. To make your work easier there is a thesis statement generator tool available. 

On the other hand, a thesis paper is based on the original research conducted. It has to be submitted in the final step of a master’s degree program. Unlike the thesis statement, it is a long writing piece and contains everything in a detailed or elaborated version. It has to describe the question by performing thorough research by yourself.

Now you are well versed about what these two means. Scroll down to learn the differences they both holds:

What Makes Thesis Paper Different From Thesis Statement?

As discussed, there is a difference between thesis paper and thesis statement. Have an insight into the pointers on which they differ:


Thesis Statement

There are five main types for writing a thesis statement which includes:

  • Argument: In this type of statement, you have to state a perspective and shouldsupport it with related evidence. In other words, topic+position+reason=argument statement.
  • Analysis: In this type of statement, you have to consider components of the text or object or idea. Also, you have to discuss how all these components work together. In other words, components+effects+analysis statement.
  • Evaluation: In this type of statement, you must determine the strengths and weaknesses of the subject. In other words, evaluation+reasons=evaluation statement.
  • Cause and Effect: In this type of statement, you should focus on how an event or action can contribute to a particular output. In other words, cause+effect= cause & effect statement.
  • Comparison: In this type of statement, you mustconsider the differences and similarities of texts or ideas. In other words, objects of comparison+conclusion=comparison statement.

Thesis Paper

  • Explanatory: In this type of thesis paper writing, it has a method of constructive writing which contains a thorough explanation of the topic or the subject. You might concentrate on the central idea with the questions like when, why and how.
  • Argumentative: In this type of writing, arguments are included just as the name suggests. You need to discuss the subject and prove the respective perspectives so that reader can take action. It has to be explained thoroughly through the papers, reasoning and evaluations. In this, you must provide strong evidence and claims.
  • Expository: In this type of writing, you have to be,organized and structured. It explains the goals and the ideas of the subject. It is the most organized of all the other types as the structure is crucial with sections. You must have strong evidence to prove what is written.

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Uses of Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement

Thesis Paper

  • Following Interest

It is one of the crucial advantages of creating a research paper. Through this, you can come up with your ideas and titles. In addition, you are free to conduct deep research about the topic or subject of your choice.

  • Develops Crucial Skills

Working on a thesis paper takes a large amount of energy and time to be completed. Thus, you have to manage time, plan everything, and organize things to do so. All these skills will not only help in this task but also add to your abilities. Along with this, critical thinking, communicating, and researching skills will also be developed through this. 

  • Guides Your Next Step

If you cannot decide where to go or what to pursue after graduation, developing a thesis paper might help you. When you work on a specific topic, you can know whether you want to continue it.

  • Increase the Chance of Employment

In the process of creating this paper, you will develop various skills needed for your job. If your paper is effective, then the employer will figure out your capabilities from that only. It will also showcase your hard work and dedication from that write-up.

Thesis Statement

  • Focus on the Main Idea

The thesis statement aims to convey the central idea of the entire paper. It gives the reader an idea about what you will talk about in your writing part. This briefs about what you will argue and why you have chosen it. 

  • Guides the Audience

Although writing focuses to keep readers in suspense. But when it comes to a thesis paper, you must be clear about what you will include in the content. It will guide your reader to read it further. 

  • Keep Your Writing Organized

Creating this will help you like an outline or a blueprint to follow in the writing process. It will act as, the foundation for your paper and help you to be organized. 

These difficulties will be lessened, if you use the thesis statement generator tool available online.

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After you have learned about the types and uses, now the question arises how to write a thesis? To get an answer read further:

How to Write Thesis Statement

Ever wondered how to write good thesis statement? Yes! Follow these steps to do so:

Step-1 Create a Question

The first and foremost step in developing a thesis statement is to generate a question about the topic you have chosen. 

Step-2 Draft an Answer

After you have a question, work on providing a solution to your readers. It should not elaborate but a brief. 

Step-3 Provide Evidence

Once you are done giving an idea about the solution, you have to convince the readers by providing enough supporting facts or evidence. 

How to Write Thesis Paper

Step-1 Abstract

It is the overview of the thesis written shortly and crisply. 

Step-2 Introduction

In this chapter, give an overview of the entire thesis by answering the questions: why, how and what.

Step-3 Literature Review

In this section, you have to evaluate previous research about similar topics. 

Step-4 Methodology

In this chapter, you should define the methods you will use in your research process.

Step-5 Results

This chapter outlines the relationship between the question and the hypotheses defined. 

Step-6 Discussion

In this section, explain what analysis of the result means.


In this chapter, you must highlight the objectives that are achieved, along with what they will be contributing. 

Although we have already discussed in detail the difference between thesis paper and thesis statement from types to structure and uses. Consider the other factors on which they differ: 

Concise Analysis of Thesis Paper and Thesis Statement

In this section, we will discuss the difference between thesis paper and thesis statement in brief. 

Thesis Statement

Conflicting Points

Thesis Paper

A statement that states the central idea of the entire paper


Paper that includes one’s original research in form of a long writing

Maximum 1-2 lines


Minimum 100-300 pages

A conclusion of the paper


An entire thesis paper

To provide a gist of an entire thesis paper


To explain each point in detail in the paper

Three parts-





Five Parts-


Literature review




Tells readers about what the research is all about in brief


Explains everything to readers in a detailed manner

Still Confused? Get Expert Guidance!

Although the thesis paper and thesis statement is part of a single document, this does not make them the same or similar. They have a notable difference between thesis paper and thesis statementAll these pointers discussed above in the blog will help you write an effective paper. 

However, if you are stuck somewhere and unable to find solutions on your own. You can seek thesis help from experts available. As professionals have the appropriate knowledge about thesis paper and statement and will guide you in the right direction.

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