Strange Facts about Christmas That You Were Not Aware Of

9 Fun Facts You Must Know

28 Dec 2022 6220 10 minutes

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Strange Facts about Christmas

You must know that Christmas is a festival that is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ. The term "Christmas" originated recently, but earlier, it was known as Yule. Many people celebrate it for the birth of Jesus, while others celebrate it as a cultural holiday across the globe. Christians believe Jesus is a son of God, and in honour of him, they celebrate this day. There are different activities that people follow on this day. They go to church and decorate Christmas trees. There are other theories behind the celebration of this day. If you are living in Australia have you ever heard about Fun facts about Christmas in Australia?

You should know some of the shocking Christmas facts which will surely leave you in shock.

9 Fun Facts about Christmas That You Must Know

1. Santa Didn’t Always Wear Red: Some Christmas Facts is not easy to believe. It is believed by everyone that Santa Claus wears red, but this is not true. Haddon Sundblom, an American artist, painted Santa in a red suit for a Coca-Cola advertisement in 1931. Previously, Santa has always been portrayed in different ways. He sometimes wears shorts and used to wear blue, green, or other colours. The Coca-Cola advertisement shows Santa as warm, happy, and jolly. It attracted many people, who began to trust that he was a bubbly, gracious, and cheerful person. The perception didn't change after that.

2. The Tree Was Missing: Evergreen trees decorated with ornaments and other lights are always the centre of attention at Christmas. There is a debate still going on about the Christmas tree and whether it was always a part of it or not. Nobody knows the actual history behind this. Some people believe that this tree was not a part of this celebration from the beginning. They say that Prince Albert gifted this tree to his wife Victoria, and this tradition started. Before Christmas 2022 ends you should know these amazing facts.

3. Stockings Have a Story Behind Their Origin: The tradition of gifting is ordinary at Christmas. It started when Nicolas used to leave gifts for those who needed them. He was passing through a village once when he heard about a poor widowed man who was worried about his daughter's wedding. St. Nick left some gold near their chimney so that the poor man could use it for his daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, that gold fell into the stockings that were hanging near the fire for drying. So from that, people start to hang a stocking on Christmas.

4. Christmas Does Not Take Place On 25th December: This is one of the popular Christmas facts which people don’t believe. Everyone celebrates Christmas on December 25 because it marks the birth of Jesus. There is no history of it in the Bible. Many historians say that Jesus was born in the spring season. This day was originally chosen because it coincided with the Pagan festival of Saturnalia. That happens in honour of Saturn and celebrates gift-giving.

5. Santa Has His Personal Postal Code: Many people write letters to Santa every year in the hope that they will get a reply from him. The post office during Christmas time gets flooded with letters. So, in Canada, some post office workers started writing letters to people on behalf of Santa. As it starts getting famous, they set a personal postal code for Santa. Were you aware of these interesting facts about Christmas?

6. Christmas Was Banned: This Christmas fact is not believed by many people. In 1647, Christmas was prohibited in Scotland, Ireland, and England. The parliament replaced it with a day of fasting because there was no mention or justification of it in the Bible. So, they thought it was wasteful and immoral behaviour. After this, they banned Christmas celebrations.

7. Giving Cookies and Milk to Santa: You must wonder why your kids leave milk and cookies on Christmas, right? It was of Dutch origin. According to legend, when Santa left gifts for the children, the Dutch children rewarded him with food and beverages in exchange for his kind gesture. Many people do not know this Christmas fact. 

8. High Demand for Gifts: The idea of gift giving is that it shows a sweet gesture. It demonstrates that you care about the people around you. On any special occasion, you offer gifts to your loved ones which show respect towards them. During Christmas, people spend lots of money on gifts. It is expected that this year approximately $1 trillion will be spent on this day. Some people buy gifts at the last minute as they rely on offline shopping rather than online. Also, most of them redeem coupons this season.

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9. Jingle Bells Was the First Song Played in Space: In 1965, on December 25, it was a prank done by Gemini 6 and 7 astronauts. When they arrived at the moon on December 16, they noticed an unidentified twinkling object in polar orbit. Then the two of them started playing jingle bells. That is how it first appeared in Space. We know you were not aware of these Fun facts about Christmas. So we have brought this blog for you. 

These are a few Christmas facts that everyone does not know. We hope you enjoy reading this blog. 

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