Top 9 Language Features to Score Good Grades in Your English Assignment

How to Score Higher Grades in English Assignment

28 Sep 2023 4978 8 minutes

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Your friend scored better than you in the last English assignment? Do you want to know the key to frame a high-scoring paper? Here is a quick look at some features of the language that can help you ace your English writing assignment.

Ever wondered what are unnoticed secrets that add a plus to your English assignment? Well, let us discuss those here. Our english assignment help experts have highlighted a few features of the language that students often ignore while framing the assignment.

Here are some of them

1. Simile
2. Hyperbole
3. Alliteration
4. Analogy
5. Metaphor
6. Personification
7. Onomatopoeia
8. Allegory
9. Mood and Tone

1. Simile

A simile can easily be defined as a comparison of two objects. These are quite similar to metaphors, but can easily be identified by the terms “like” or “as.” The most common example of the simile is “As busy as a bee.”

These comparisons are quite engaging and keep your readers involved in the assignment. They are an interesting tool that can help you break the monotony of the tone of the text at times.

2. Hyperbole

The most complicated of all the features discussed yet. If used in the right place they can work wonders, but using them at the wrong place can disastrously destroy your paper. Your mom would once in a while scold you screaming, “I have told you a million times to clean your room.” Definitely, she is not patient enough to repeat the same task so many times.

Hyperbole is clear exaggeration made in our statements. Intentionally or unintentionally, we commonly use this in our day to day lives to reflect how things work for us.

3. Alliteration

You knew this term because of its famous example “ She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore”.

Yeah, the repetition of the first letter of every word of the sentence makes it unique. Commonly used for marketing tricks, it is one of the sharp tools that English offers to the writers. The phrases and sentences like this stick to your head that adds an engaging value to your content. Using these in your content in an interesting way can surely help you increase the interest of your reader in your assignment.

4. Analogy

If you choose to write a persuasive essay for your English assignment, then analogy can be your best mate. The clear conclusion with a healthy argument and clearly stated facts and theories help your reader get the point clearly and easily.

One of the most common analogies used by motivational speakers often is “Just as the caterpillar comes out of its cocoon, so we must come out of our comfort zone”.
Analogies keep the readers engaged while relating everyday things to the topics easily.

5. Metaphor

You must have read in several English assignments “Life is a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs.”

When the writer describes a feature of something with respect to some other thing it is a metaphor. It makes the writing quite impressive and the reader engages itself in the comparison and identifying of the objects.

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6. Personification

Personification often forms an interesting comparison of a non-living object or even emotions to that of human qualities. This figure of speech is quite common among poets and literary giants.

One of the most beautiful examples of personification is given by William Shakespeare in his poem, “I wandered lonely as a cloud”.

Here, he compares himself to the cloud and further states that the clouds wander lonely.

Personification lets your reader get a clear picture of what you are trying to state. It makes your writing quite engaging and alluring.

7. Onomatopoeia

“The leaves rustled in the woods”.

The sound words we often use to make a clear picture of the occasion are often called onomatopoeia. These are funny literary tools that help us picture an image clearly. These would not only add charm to your assignment but also keep your reader engaged.

8. Allegory

You would have often used some pictures, stories or poems that have a hidden moral message. These pictures, stories, and poems are the allegories. They are a strong way to express a symbolic message in the real world.

One of the most famous examples of allegory is the book by George Orwell, The Animal Farm. The book talks about the revolution by the animals against the farmer, but when reading between the lines it clearly reflects the Bolshevik revolution in the Soviet Union.

Allegory often helps you find different layers of a single story, thus making your work more interesting and engaging.

9. Mood and Tone

This is not exactly the feature but an important point that affects the readability of the assignment. The mood is specifically used to stimulate the feelings of the reader. It is important that the reader gets the emotions right, else your assignment will be of no value. The tone of the assignment is the way you as a writer express yourself. It is not only through the words but also through the tone of the document that you keep the readers engaged.

It is very important that your assignment reflects what kind of tone you have used. If its an informative assignment, then the tone has to be explanatory and if it is narrative, then the tone has to be similar.

These are some of the often not so noticed tools of the English language that can provide you with assignment help to write a better assignment. Experts suggest that using different elements of the language in an efficient manner can make your assignment stand out. Involve these elements in your next English assignment and be prepared to see the grade change.

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