There, Their, and They're | Meaning, Examples & Usage

There, their, and they're are the most commonly used homophones. Many of you might get confused between them, so read this blog to understand the difference.

Uses of There, Their, and They're | Global Assignment Help Australia
28 Jun 2024 120 9 minutes

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Baffled between there, their, and they’re? It is common to get confused regarding their uses and differences. They sound similar and contain the same properties, so it can be tricky for many of you to understand. Words like these that sound similar but have different uses are called homophones. You should rewind your memories to those primary grammar lessons where your teachers must have used this term.

Yes, we all have studied them in our school lessons, but we still get confused between their uses and meanings. Therefore, for your convenience, our experts have brought this thorough write-up where you will understand them with the help of a few examples. So, let’s get started and understand the usage and meaning of “There”.

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There: Meaning & When to Use?

“There” is an adverb that denotes a location generally. If we understand its literal meaning, which is “at a place”. While writing, many times you make a blunder and use ‘their’ in its place. However, they are completely different from each other. Look at the following example to understand it.

For example: I will meet you there after the office.

So, have you understood? In the above sentence, you can see the speaker is talking about a particular place where he will meet someone, and he has denoted it by using “there”. It is one way of using it, but do you know that it can be used to introduce a sentence? Yes, because “there” is a much broader term and can be used in two ways. Let us understand how it is written as an introductory term.

For Example:  There are many children in the park.

Here, the speaker has introduced the children in the park. In addition, you can see the difference between the above examples and the difference between its usage. So, you might have learned about how you can use it in your sentences without making any errors. Now, for the next section, you will find the meaning and usage of “their” Read it and understand its correct usage and actual meaning.

Their: Meaning & When to Use?

“Their” denotes an ownership of a person or a group of something. Many students get confused with its usage and make blunders. But it is simply used in sentences where you are informing about some ownership. Look at the following example and see how our experts have used it. 

For example: Teenagers spend hours chatting on their mobiles

In the above sentence, the writer was talking about the teenager and their ownership of mobile phones. So, ‘there’ has been used to denote the ownership of the mobile. Similarly, if you have to write something like that, you can use it in your sentence. Well, “their” can also be used as a gender-neutral pronoun in place of ‘his’ or ‘her’. It has two purposes and can be used accordingly, look at the following example to understand it.

For example: Someone left their watch in the metro.

In the above sentencethe gender was unclear of the person who left the watch. Thus, the writer has used “their” because it can be used as a gender-neutral pronoun. It must be clear now how you can use “their” to frame your sentences. So, let us move further and learn about the meaning and usage of “They’re”. Read the following section and clear your doubts.

They’re: Meaning & When to Use?

“They’re” is a contraction that means “They are” so as this word suggests, it is used to call someone. It was shortened to make it convenient for the writer. However, it does not change the meaning of the sentence, it remains as ‘they are’.

For example: Do you know they’re leaving the office next week?

In the above sentence, “they’re” has been used like a contraction, where it talks about the two people leaving the office. So, in the same manner, you can use it in your writing document. It is used for making the sentence short and avoiding broad sentences. In the next section, you will find a thorough explanation in a tabular form of all three: there, their, and they're. You will learn about its functions and parts of speech with a few examples. So, go through the next section and clear your queries.

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Examples of There, Their, and They're

Many of you might be having some doubts regarding what is the difference between their and they're. No worries, the following table will help you in better understanding. The table will explain you about in which part of speech it is used, its functions, and examples. It can help you understand these homophones, and it can be easy to use them in your writing assignment. So, go through the following table and clear your doubts.


Part of Speech





It indicates a place or a position

  • “The book is there on the shelf.”

  • “My dress is lying there on the sofa.”

  • “My sister is standing there on the bridge.”



Used to introduce a sentence or clause

  • There are so many reasons for doing yoga.”

  • There is a new horror movie in the theaters.”

  • There were so many people in the bus.”


Possessive Noun

Shows ownership or possession

  • Their car was stolen yesterday.”

  • “Somebody left their purse in the restaurant.”

  • “The children were playing with their toys.”



Short form of they are

  • They’re both going on a trip tonight.”

  • “Both of them are absent today as they’re getting married.”

  • They’re waiting for the doctor.”

Through this above table, about there, their, and they're sentences, meanings, and functions, you have understood it. However, it can be tricky sometimes to properly use them in your academic writing tasks. So, in such cases, you can get assignment help from our experts for an effortless experience.

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