How to Write a Perfect Commentary for Your English Coursework?

This blog highlights a step-by-step guide to writing a good commentary for English coursework

04 Aug 2023 2303 12 minutes

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What Is a Literary Commentary? 

A literary commentary is a detailed analysis of a given passage or a paragraph, including its functions and characteristics. It is written to investigate the passage's main themes demonstrating how the language functions to express its substance. The aim of writing a commentary is to provide a platform to explore different perspectives on a given topic. This is why professors generally assign students to write a commentary for their English coursework. But, most of them are not aware of the process of writing it; therefore, search How to write a commentary for English coursework?” or take assistance from the English coursework help in Australia. 

How to Write a Perfect Commentary for English Coursework?

Before writing a commentary, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the same so that you can present your viewpoints in a unique way. Basically, writing a commentary is divided into 3 major phases. They are:

PHASE I: Working on English Coursework Commentary

PHASE II: Writing English Coursework Commentary

PHASE III: Adding Perfection to English Coursework Commentary 

So, let’s get a better insight into these 3 phases and write a perfect commentary for English coursework. 

PHASE I: Working on English Coursework Commentary

Step 1 - Read the Passage Multiple Times

Start working on your commentary by reading the passage aloud more than once until you understand it well. Take time to read every single word and sentence carefully. This will help you interpret the text, and ensure you have understood every detail. 

TIP - Jot down your thoughts and questions that come to your mind while reading the passage. 

Step 2 - Highlight the Major Keywords 

Grab a pen or pencil, and highlight everything that seems to be important in the text. Also, look for the words that are bold and italicized because this usually indicates that they are important to the author and essential to understanding the text. 

TIP - Highlight the words that you don’t understand or have questions about so that you can discuss them while writing a commentary. 

Step 3 - Create a Proper Outline 

While writing a commentary, you should follow a very clear outline. Simply analyze the structure, content, and shape of the given text. Your outline should look like - 

  • Introduction - Determine the given text
  • Main Body - Address main text features
  • Conclusion - Summarize your thoughts on the text

TIP - Do not include the thesis statement while creating an outline. 

PHASE II: Writing English Coursework Commentary

Once you have analyzed the given text carefully and noted down all the details, its time to start writing English coursework commentary. For that, follow the steps given below-

Step 1 - Include the Basic Details in the Introduction 

In this step, you need to include the basic information given in the text, i.e., the author’s name, genre, publication date, title, etc. You need to write down all these details in the introduction section of the commentary. Avoid adding any unnecessary details and note down the main even when the work was introduced. 

For Example - If a specific piece of content was written as part of a larger set and published at a given time, it can be stated in your introduction section. 

Step 2 - Discuss the Text’s Subject and Themes 

This is the major part of the commentary, i.e., the main body. Here you need to describe the main text and its focus. Discuss the answer to the basic questions like - 

  • Who and what is the center of the text?
  • What's the key point about the text?
  • What purpose has been received via content?
  • What are the results?

Next, identify the theme and audience by reading the text. You can do this by observing the work that has been depicted in the given text.

Step 3 - Identify the Genre and Structure of the Text 

The text given will be in a specific form, and the way it is written decides its genre like whether its a poem, essay, or anything else. Identifying a particular genre will help you understand and determine the structure. 

For Example - If the content is very long, then it is descriptive. If it is written in short lines, then it’s a poem, etc. 

Step 4 - Analyze the Voice Used in the Text 

Next, look for the voice that has been used in the text. It could be in the form of a first-person or a second person. After that, note down the word selection, language, and observe how they fit into the text. You can also describe the same in your English coursework commentary so that the professor knows the voice of the text properly. 

For Example - ‘You’ or ‘We’ denotes that there are more than two characters in the text. 

Step 5 - Focus on the Tone and Mood 

The text's tone is how the author expresses his position in the prose. In the text, the tone may shift or change, such as shifting from a light-hearted tone to a serious tone. All you need to do is focus on the type of tone used in the text so that you can mention the same in your commentary. 

Step 6 - Include Quotations from the Text 

You can use the quotes from the given text to back your points and opinions. You can take quotes directly and use quotation marks. Use only the relevant quotes that can help you support the discussion. 

For Example - If you are discussing the paper's theme, you may take the lines containing words like love, hate, or anything that describes the emotions. 

Step 7 - Conclude Your Commentary with a Final Thought 

Finally, conclude the commentary of your English coursework by writing a summary of your thoughts and viewpoints. They should be used to reinforce your stand and the main points you discussed during your commentary. The relation between the text being addressed and the work must be built by stating the positive points along with the arguments. This is how you can give a strong ending to your commentary and impress your professor. 

PHASE III: Adding Perfection to English Coursework Commentary

Once you are done writing the commentary for your English coursework, it’s time to add perfection to it. Yes, you read it right! This is the last yet the most important phase, so be very careful. 

Step 1 - Read the Commentary Aloud 

First, start reading your commentary aloud so that you can easily identify the mistakes and rectify the same. It is a fact that, when we write something in a hurry, we cannot write perfectly at once, so it’s better to read it several times loudly. Listen carefully to the words and expressions and analyze the tone and conversation style. Also, note down the places where changes are required. 

Step 2 - Make Sure the Commentary Follows a Proper Outline 

In this step, you need to prepare a reverse outline by using your commentary as a guide. But, make sure that the commentary has a clear introductory section, main body, and the conclusion. Also, cross-check whether it follows your original outline or not. 

Step 3 - Rectify the Mistakes Carefully 

Finally, read your English coursework commentary backward, concentrating on each phrase to ensure it is correctly written. Highlight all the punctuation marks in the commentary and make sure that you use them right. 

For Example - Pause at the end of each sentence or a comma between words if necessary. 

This is how you can rectify all the mistakes from your commentary and make it completely error-free. 


Finally, the commentary is completed successfully. 

Now that the complete guide is in front of you, it’s time to implement the same steps and come up with an amazing piece of writing. In case you are writing it for the first time and face some issues not only in this but some other English coursework writing obstacles, then you can take assistance from us anytime. 

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