4 Things You Must Stop Doing that Make You Look Silly at Work

4 Things You Must Stop Doing that Make You Look Silly at Work

06 Jul 2023 8200 5 minutes

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In the early days of our career, we often tend to make mistakes unknowingly. We sometimes get caught in the office politics or get ridiculed for some or the other childlike act which peeves our coworkers to the core. If you have just started your career or trying hard to adjust to the sophisticated office culture with your way experienced colleagues, then read this blog in full. Stop doing these things and save your tarnished reputation for being a lazy, carefree, immature and ditzy young lad at work.

A Big No to Baby Talk

So as now you’re at the threshold of your dream career, be reminded of the fact that it’s time for you to act and speak like a mature person rather than rambling in front of your colleagues. Sound logical to the person you are talking to as your workplace isn’t a college cafeteria where you can just sit and chat nonsense for hours. It is essential to establish yourself as a professional, and for that you would be required to improve your communication skills.

Stop Talking Aimlessly - Remain Silent at Times

Sometimes silence is the biggest weapon so as to make yourself look balanced and responsible in front of the people around you. It’s better to be quiet instead of presenting your opinions to others on a topic which you might not even have knowledge about. Save yourself from being a mocking object and do not allow your chatty behaviour to make a fool of yourself.

Stop Acting Like a Chronic Complainer

You might face certain challenges while dealing with your seniors or maybe with the higher authorities. But at that time, it’s needed to act wisely and certainly not griping and complaining about every small issue whenever you come across any difficulty. Doing so will make them concerned about your babyish attitude and will further put a negative impact on them.

On the contrary, if there’s any serious issue, then you must always convey it with gentleness and poise without making your seniors realise that you are grumbling about anything. Do not become a complaint box, rather give your all to find solution to a problem.

Stop Using Abbreviations While Writing E-mails

You must watch your written communication while addressing your coworkers. At the time of drafting an e-mail, make sure you do not use any text language and abbreviations as this will indeed make you look unprofessional or amateur. Always use proper English and do proofread what all you’ve written once before hitting the send button. No employer or a client under the stars would condone the presence of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the e-mails. Therefore, eliminate slangs and inappropriate words from your dictionary when you step into your workplace.

To sum up, someone has rightly said that a professional is one who does the best when he doesn’t feel like. Imbibe the learnings from this blog and put them into practice to become a better employee who doesn’t behave like a jackass at work.

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