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Small Things About Life Which Makes you Happy Everyday

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10 Aug 2017 9201 6 minutes

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They say happiness lies in small things of life. But unfortunately, most of the times we fail to realize how true it is. Needless to say, we are too entangled in life’s trivial matters that hardly do we have time to appreciate what we already have. We are occupied in achieving bigger and better, and this marathon is making difficult for us to pay attention to simpler things present around us. Simply having a cup of coffee in hand and reading a good book can also give someone the most amount of happiness, but do we recognize it? Everyone is so caught up in chasing success and money, and in the midst of all this, the little joys of our daily lives are waiting silently to feel appreciated. It’s time to understand that the month-end paycheck can never help you achieve the happiness that you can get from a warm hug of your beloved mother. Let’s get going!

Not having to set the alarm to wake up early the next day

It’s such a bliss, isn’t it? So, if every day you set the alarm before going to bed, and for this one day you are spared the need to follow this ritual, then feel blessed and sleep till you naturally wake up.

When you feel famished and unexpectedly get something to beat the hunger

While there are many poverty-stricken peeps out there who sleep on an empty stomach, you got food to eat when you were hungry. Don’t you think this moment needs to be cherished? Be thankful for food and cultivate the habit of paying gratitude to the basic yet indispensable.

Randomly finding money in an old pair of jeans

Nothing can beat the pleasure of finding money in the pocket at the time of need. Who under the sun doesn’t get happy with it? Everyone! But hardly do we value it, amirite?

When you get a clean room after a hectic day at college

Nobody likes to come back to the grungy room after spending a tiring and long day at college. But what if you get a clean and tidy room? Well, think no more and appreciate the one who did it.

When your family takes you on a holiday

Don’t take it for granted as not everyone gets an opportunity to spend happy moments and quality time with family. But if you’re that lucky soul, then don’t forget to be thankful for it.

Binge-watching your favorite series alone at night

We all need ‘Me-Time’ but hardly get enough. Even if for a single night you’ve got the chance to watch something of your choice alone in the dark with earphones on, then feel fortunate.

Bumping into a childhood friend and feeling nothing has changed

You were out and bumped into an old friend who was your partner in crime in bygone days. You hadn’t seen and heard from him/her for a long time. Just catching up with someone with whom who’ve had shared sweet moments of laughter is enough to make you feel that this isn’t just a fortunate stroke of serendipity, but an incident to make you realise how good your life is.

These were some of the little joys that we all have experienced at some point in time. Let’s start paying gratitude to small things we have in life instead of always running after bigger and better.

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