4 Young Scientists Who Came Up with Remarkable Inventions

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04 Aug 2017 6707 5 minutes

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In recent times, the world is a technological marvel where most of the gadgets or systems that we use are invented by renowned researchers who hold vast years of experience and knowledge. Needless to say, when we are young, we are not that attracted towards technology and only after reaching a certain age, science starts to allure us as by that time we become capable of understanding the internal mechanism. But on the contrary to this, some young inventors have significantly created and invented a few things that have become a significant part of our world in a short span of time.

The experts offering assignment help have conveyed that people usually picture an inventor as a dishevelled old man studying some observations, but it is completely insane to relate the technological know-how with age. In fact, the most amazing machines are designed by teens across the world. So without much ado, let’s get started and acknowledge these youngsters who eventually changed the world with their inventions.

Louis Braille

The inventor of Braille Alphabet, Louis Braille, met with an accident when he was three and lost his eyesight. After this tragic incident, he was enrolled in the specialized school where he was made to read using the raised alphabet on the paper. As the books were bulky and expensive, he got bored and introduced his own language that consisted of only six dots. He used his father’s tool to indent on the paper sheets, and eventually this method was found to be more practical. Today, the Braille is accepted as a language for blind all over the world.

Blaise Pascal

We know him as a mathematics genius who contributed towards the development of computer and programming language. What we are unaware of is, he also invented a device that we use almost daily, that’s a calculator! When 18-year-old Blaise was trying to help his father with tax calculation, he invented the counting machine which was capable of performing basic mathematical operations. This later became the inspiration for other researchers who created devices that could perform complex mathematical operations more accurately.

Boyan Slat

A lot of debate was witnessed when the ocean sweeper, a machine that could help in cleaning the ocean trash was proposed by Boyan. He claimed that all the trash could be removed from the world’s ocean within five years. He, at his TED talk, explained how the machine would work as a significant amount of oxygen that we consume comes from phytoplanktons that are getting affected by the wastes that we are dumping into the sea.

Philo Farnsworth

When his family moved, he got a new house which was filled with a plethora of science journals, books, and as he read them, various ideas started flooding his mind. He had converted most of his household appliances into machines that would run with electricity. He was 14 when his mind was bombarded with the idea of inventing a television while he was relaxing in the field. Later, a successful and sophisticated design was put forward by him.

This is not an exhaustive list of young scientists who have invented and are persistently inventing much-needed innovative designs to improve our lives for better.

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