Signs You're a Book Nerd and Can't Imagine Your Survival Without a Book

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16 Aug 2017 7327 6 minutes

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Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing. Is this what you truly relate with? Well, books are magic, and nothing can make a book lover feel on top of the world than reading a quality book in solitude with a cup of coffee in hand. You will agree with me if you’re a book enthusiast. But this isn’t just the mere sign to prove how loyal you are to the crisp pages. Here are the signs that will make you understand that you’re someone who finds joy and peace of mind in nothing else than reading.

You look forward to attending a book party

Have you ever attended a book release party at any bookstore? If yes, then you must’ve known that it’s a great platform to meet the fellow book fans, participate in events and win prizes. Let’s find out in which bookstore the next book release party is scheduled!

You wait for the next volume to release

The excitement of finally holding the next volume of your favorite book series is nothing less than getting a long-awaited prayer answered. If you’ve experienced this recently, then you must be living in paradise!

You realize that true happiness lies in watching your favorite book turning into a movie

When you read a book, you somewhere feel connected to the protagonist and other characters so much that you actually start living the story. Whatever the characters go through in the story, you experience the same within. And when you come to know that this interesting tale is soon going to be turned into a movie, then it doubles your joy, isn’t it?

You get highly critical of the flick

When you watch the movie based on your desired book, you become highly critical of it and feel as if someone has trampled upon your dream when you realize it isn’t made exactly your book.

You follow your most-liked author on social media

You indeed are a big fan if you follow your favourite author on social media to know the updates regarding next book release. When you fall in love with a book, it’s natural to get swooned over the storytelling of the author.

Your world seems to fall apart when you don’t get time to read

This is the biggest fear of an avid reader who secretly desires to spend the rest of their lives in reading good books. Do you get vexed if someone spoils your mood for reading by suddenly bumping into you? If the answer is affirmative, then welcome to the club of Bibliophiles who just cannot afford to miss the reading time.

You often think of buying a new bookshelf to keep your most treasured possession organized

A plethora of books, but little space? Every book enthusiast faces this concern in life. If you too find yourself arranging your books systematically quite often because you not only love but also adore them, then you truly are a book lover.

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You order books in advance or in bulk

A book nerd cannot imagine his/her existence without having a stock of books for reading. Many people order books in advance so that they can quickly pick the next read just after finishing a book.

You do not really appreciate the idea of book borrowing

Do you mind if I borrow your book for a while? This question has the power to break or make your day. You fear if someone asks you this and when someone does, then you feel like saying it ‘NO.' Let’s face the fact that you do not like the idea of sharing your books with the others around you as they are nothing less than a complete world to you!

Cheers to that moment when you read a book and the whole world around you does not exist anymore!

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