Famous Logos And Meanings Behind Them

Famous Logos And Meanings Behind Them

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Whenever anyone says Audi, the first image that comes to your mind is those four connected rings or when you hear the word, McDonald’s you think of that big ‘M’ that we see outside the restaurant. This is because we recognize them through these designs. In fact, whenever anyone thinks of starting their own business, then the most important questions that you think of are- What would be the organization’s name? What can be the logo of it? These are the key points before any startup as they later become the identity of the company. But, you shouldn’t have any symbol that you like to represent the business. It must have a clearly defined meaning which relates to the motto and goal of the institution. All the famous logos of the brands that we know have an objective and thought behind it.

Let us take a look at some of the famous logos and what they depict:

1. Amazon

Everyone can notice the smile prominently in the brand symbol which signifies the happiness and satisfaction of the customers. But, there is one more idea behind that, it is an arrow that points from letter ‘A’ to ‘Z’ which means that you will get everything on this site.

2. Tour de France

As you know, it is an annual bicycle race in France which includes multiple stages. So, if you look closely at the logo, you will notice that the letters ‘o’, ‘u,’ and ‘R’ in the word ‘Tour’ make a man who is cycling. The orange circle is the front wheel of it.

3. Baskin and Robins

It is a very famous ice-cream brand that most of the people especially children are fond of. Moreover, pink and blue color used in writing its name attracts a lot of attention. The logic behind this style is the number 31 that is hidden between B and R which symbolizes the 31 flavors available in the parlor.

4. Vaio

A company popular for the manufacturing of laptops and computers is also a great example of using smart logos. The curvy V and A show analog wave whereas I and O signify digital binary code, together they represent the evolution from analog to digital.

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5. FedEx

The logo of the company FedEx which is an abbreviated form of Federal Express has won many awards till now for its vibrant design. If you can’t find any unique feature in it, then focus again, and you will see an arrow in the space between E and X which stands for their speed and accuracy.

6. Toblerone

Toblerone is famous for its distinctive triangular-shaped chocolate bars, and its symbol is equally different. The pyramid is the sign of Matterhorn Mountain in the city Bern, Switzerland which is the place of origin of the company. Also, you can find a bear in the white space which is the symbol of Bern as it is also known as the city of bears.

7. Adidas

The name Adidas is the combination of Adolf Dassler (adi+das) who was the founder of the company. The three diagonal stripes in the logo symbolize the mountain peak. The thought behind is the challenges that athletes face while achieving their goals.


The National Broadcasting Company has changed its logo over the years. The latest design of the network has multiple reasons. The colorful background was used to promote the color television which was first sold by RCA, the owner of NBC. The peacock here signifies the phrase “pride as a peacock,” and it faces right which means looking towards future instead of past. The six feathers signify the six divisions of the network. That’s quite a lot to convey through just one logo!

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9. Google

Well, you might wonder as there is nothing much in its logo, What can be the hidden idea behind a word written with basic colors simply? There might not be any pop-ups, design or fancy objects in it, but those six letters have a thought. According to the designer of the logo, Ruth Kedar, they have used primary colors but broke the pattern by using a secondary color for letter L, which implies that Google does not follow the rules.

These were just a few examples, but there are many other such exciting theories to read about various companies and their logos which you can search on Google and other websites. They may even help you to get the idea if you ever plan to start your own business.

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