15 Questions to Consider When Writing McDonald's Case Study SWOT Analysis

15 Questions to Consider When Writing McDonald’s Case Study SWOT Analysis

30 Jun 2023 4207 9 minutes

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“I am dying to eat Burger and French Fries! Please take me to McDonald’s,” such is the popularity of this brand. Be it children, workaholics or the elderly people, the best place to grab hamburgers and spend some happy time with family and friends is at one and only McDonald’s. This brand has served millions of people around the world. Today, it stands at the top among the world’s most successful fast-food restaurant chains. However, maintaining success for McDonald’s in such a competitive environment of recent times is not easy. Hence, it becomes essential to study some important factors which create an impact on this brand’s growth and development. Thus, students pursuing master’s and doctorate courses in business and management are often assigned to write McDonald’s case study SWOT analysis in their assignments. But, many of them think that they incapable of writing such a difficult assignment and look for McDonald’s case study help expert assistance online. So, if you have spent long hours in browsing and found this blog, congratulations! You are finally at the right page. Here you will find the best way to write McDonald’s case study SWOT Analysis. Have a look.

First of all, let us know quickly about some basic information related to SWOT analysis.

What is SWOT Analysis?

Well, SWOT is an abbreviated term which represents Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats. Talking about SWOT analysis, it is a method to examine a situation. This method was proposed by Weirik, a professor of management at the University of San Francisco in the early 1980’s. According to the SWOT model, the strengths and weaknesses are internal factors of an organization. While the opportunities and threats are external factors. So, you must be thinking why is it important to study these factors or conduct a SWOT analysis. Let’s have an idea about it in the next section.

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Why do we conduct a SWOT Analysis?

Each company sets some financial and operational goals to achieve growth and success. In order to fulfil these goals it does, corporate planning and SWOT analysis is an important part of it. Let us give you some good reasons as to why there is an urge to perform SWOT analysis. Have a look on the following points:

  • Allocate resources in the most efficient manner so as to achieve a high business revenue.
  • Identify critical areas which need improvements so as to remove performance shortcomings.
  • Find potential customer groups to expand in global markets.
  • Develop contingency plans by identifying risks.
  • Discover weaknesses of competitors that can be exploited.

So, if you want your business to reach great heights or planning to launch a start-up than, you must begin by conducting a SWOT analysis. Now, as you completely know about this analysis, so, you must have realized why you have been asked to write McDonald’s case study SWOT analysis. Do not worry! If you are finding an answer as to how you can write it in the best manner, the next section will surely help. Keep reading.

What is the best way to write McDonald’s case study SWOT Analysis?

Case study writing is not an easy task. Students need to first read the case study and identify the problems in the case. Then they need to suggest solutions for those problems and write a detailed document for how their proposed methods should be implemented. So, to simplify your task, here are 15 questions to consider when writing McDonald’s case study SWOT analysis. Have a look.

Questions When Evaluating Strengths?

Q1. In what areas McDonald’s business regularly excel?

Q2. What strengths or unique skills do McDonald’s employees possess?

Q3. Which elements of McDonald’s resonate with target audience?

Q4. In what ways McDonald’s has aligned with the current mission and business direction?

Questions When Evaluating Weaknesses?

Q5. In what areas McDonald’s business does not perform well?

Q6. What are some strategies that McDonald’s lack in moving forward?

Q7. Is McDonald’s business failing to follow through on any brand promises? What are they?

Q8. What are some elements of McDonald’s that are inauthentic? What can be the solutions for it?

Questions When Evaluating Opportunities?

Q9. Can McDonald’s partner with another business to gain exposure, financial support or consumer goodwill?

Q10. What are some changes in state or federal legislation that will help McDonald’s any way?

Q11. Are there any new technological advances that could improve McDonald’s product? If not, what can be done?

Q12. Can McDonald’s modify an existing product or service for a new demographic?

Questions When Evaluating Threats?

Q13. What are McDonald’s competitors offering that it can’t compete with? Who are they?

Q14. Will changes in state or federal legislation hinder McDonald’s business in any way?

Q15. What are some steps taken by competitors to discredit McDonald’s?

So, without thinking a minute, find out the answers and jot them down in your notebook. This way you will get some great content in writing for your McDonald’s case study. But, apart from this, if you are also confused about its perfect structure and format so you can also seek help from a good assignment help expert. If you are thinking, how they can help, read the following section

How Experts Can Help in Writing McDonald’s Case Study SWOT Analysis?

Of course we can, here are some of the best qualities of our assignment help experts:

  • We are highly qualified professionals from renowned universities so even if it is the most challenging topic; we have immense knowledge on it.
  • We patiently listen to all the doubts, queries of the students.
  • We properly understand the concerns of students about structure and guidelines and make sure that we are correctly followed.
  • We have years of experience in writing assignments.
  • We make use of highly advanced software to keep your document plagiarism free.
  • We are having excellent time management skills and deliver your assignments much before deadline.

So, you should never doubt on taking our help if you feel the deadline is nearby or the topic is too difficult to handle. So avail expert help so as to relieve yourself from stress. Apart from this, if you are also assigned to write McDonald’s case study marketing analysis, avail assignment writing services of Global Assignment Help Australia today!

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