Conclusive Peel Writing Strategy to Ace your Essays

This blog explains the PEEL essay writing strategy & how to use it for drafting powerful paragraphs.

07 Jul 2023 1645 9 minutes

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Are you writing an essay?
Have you come across the phrase, 'peel writing?'
Wondering what it is?

This blog can help you understand what peel essay writing is and how to draft a power-packed essay using this strategy and impress your professor for better grades. So, let's just hop in!

What Is a PEEL Essay? (Explained)

Peel is an essay writing technique that includes an approach used by professional writers to draft a perfect piece of information every time. This technique is used to write powerful paragraphs that are required to conduct in-depth research, analysis, and evaluation of any topic. 

This approach's main motive is to deliver the right information in the most appropriate structure for a better outcome. This technique helps one understand better what information to focus on and which information to include in the essay to make it interesting, informative, and impress the reader easily.

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How to Write a PEEL Essay? 4 Steps to Success

The PEEL writing is an acronym for the Point, Explain, Evaluation, and Link. These are the 4 steps that one should follow for drafting a powerful and perfect essay. Let's look into these points in detail:

P – Point

The first step of writing an exemplary essay is to focus on only one point per paragraph. When you know you have only this section to dedicate to particular information, you can make the best of it. Include only the necessary information and make sure to clearly put the point in it.

E – Explain

The second step of this process is to explain the point. Once you have a clear idea about the point, you can explain the same to the reader. Also, provide evidence of the facts and points you include in the content so that the reader can be assured of authentic information.

E – Evaluate

The next step is to evaluate the essay. This step needs to be followed after every paragraph- to evaluate what is written in that particular paragraph. By this, one can closely look into the information provided in a paragraph and understand the same with examples for developing a better perspective on it.

L - Link

The final step of this process is to link the content. It is to connect the different paragraphs in the essay and the different points in a particular paragraph. Also, in this step, the whole document's connectivity is checked, and a smooth transitional flow is maintained in the essay.

This is the simple 4-step process for peel writing strategy of essay. Now, let's take a look at the checklist that can assure you of writing a perfect essay.

Checklist to Draft a Perfect PEEL Essay (From Experts)

To be successful at anything, you need a fool-proof plan. And, to ensure that you meet this plan accurately, you should have a checklist. Similarly, in the case of PEEL essay writing, to ensure that you've covered all the important points and drafted a meaningful essay, you should go through this checklist:

Paragraph Planning

The first thing to check about this process is to ensure that the paragraph is properly planned. A well-planned paragraph can help in developing strong content.

Topic Sentence Writing

The next thing to check is writing a topic sentence. A clear, strong, and concise topic sentence sets a clear path for an informative essay.

Appropriate Example Included

Another point to check is if the examples included are appropriate or not. When the right example is included, the point is clearly explained to the reader. 

Linking All Statements 

Next, check if the statements in the essay are connected to each other. All these statements should be interlinked to ensure the transition from one point to another is smooth. 

Proofreading The Paragraph

The last point to check is that the essay is well-proofread, and If you don't have skills in proofreading, you can also hire an expert from a proofreading service provider. The document should be free from errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, and plagiarism for scoring good grades in it. 

This is a simple and basic checklist to look into before you submit your PEEL writing to your professor. The most common problem students face when it comes to PEEL essay writing is, they easily get confused with TEEL. The below section can help you differentiate them. 

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Different Writing Strategies to Try for Better Outcomes 

PEEL and TEEL are different writing strategies that are used by students to draft a strong and powerful essay. The PEEL stands for Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link, while the TEEL stands for Topic Sentence, Evidence, Explanation, and Link. 

These strategies' main motive is to develop quality content to impress your professor and score high grades. More such writing strategies can be used according to the content type and requirements such as:

  1. SEE – Strategy, Example, Evidence
  2. ACE – Answer, Cite, Explain
  3. TAPE – Topic, Audience, Purpose, Examples
  4. RACE – Restate, Answer, Cite, Explain
  5. CUPS – Capitalization, Understanding, Punctuation, Spelling
  6. WICR – Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Reading
  7. MEAT – Main Idea, Evidence, Analysis. Tie
  8. POW – Pick Ideas, Organize, Write
  9. TREE – Topic, Reason, Ending, Examine
  10. PENS - Pick Formula, Explore, Note, Search and Check 

These are some writing strategies that you can use for writing some quality content. You can also use literary devices to come up with better content. But, what if you get stuck with it? Don't worry; check the next section to know how you can deal with any obstacles that come across your path to achieving success in PEEL essay writing. 

Who Can Help in Writing a Essay with Perfect PEEL Writing Strategy?

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