Rule of Three: A Trick to Bring Magic in English Assignment

This blog highlights the rule of three to make the assignment creative, effective, and grade-worthy.

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14 Oct 2019 2581 7 minutes

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What is every student's dream? We think they dream to get an A+ and outshine the others in the class. But, not all dreams come true. The stargazers, i.e., students' dream to get the top grade also shatters down into pieces. What they get are only mediocre grades. Then, the frustrated creatures resort to searching, "who can solve my assignment and help me get the grade I have always dreamed of?" You are also doing the same, we know. But, are you aware of the reason due to which your desired grade remains a distant dream? This is because you fail to engage the professor with your content. For subjects like English, only an impressive, magical, and engaging document can impress him and get you the grade you have been waiting for so long.

Now, you are wondering how to compose such a write-up, right? Well, composing it is not rocket science. You can do it easily with the help of a simple trick, known as, the rule of three. In many countries, no. 3 is considered unlucky and a sign of misfortune. But, for writers across the globe, it is their favorite. Pondering why? Well, this is because it helps them make their writing more effective, creative, and keep the reader engrossed. After getting acquainted with this amazing technique, we are sure the unlucky number will become one of your favorites. Eager to know more about the rule? For knowing it, you need to read the next section of this blog with the utmost concentration.

Rule of Three: What It Is?

See the names of some famous novels. You will find most of them begin with "three". For example, Three Musketeers, Three Mistakes of My Life, Three singing Pigs, and many others use 3 in their titles. Ever wondered, why? Well, this is because it attracts the readers more. This number has a special attracting power. Not only the titles,  but also authors use this rule in the core content to make it captive.

Do not open Google to know how it applies this mysterious rule. Why? Because we will ease your concern through our write-up. The segment below will focus on how it can be applied and what kind of magic it brings to the document. All you need to do is, give it a careful reading.

How the Rule of Three Can Be Applied in the Assignment?

Let's not beat the bushes and talk straight about the topic. The below-mentioned points will explain how you can apply this rule in the assignment.

Bring an Element of Humour:

 It is always good to make the professor laugh while evaluating the assignment. But, he should not be laughing at your mistakes. Humour must come from within the content. But, remember there is a difference between being funny and humorous. You can be humorous and sensible at the same time, but it is not possible in the case of being funny. Need an example of how to bring humor without making the work insensible? Well, suppose the topic is, how you spent Halloween? Then, you can write something like, "My friends and I went to a deserted island to celebrate Halloween, there we met one more group, but, instead of getting happy on finding new party buddies, we got hell scared on seeing them, and ran away as if they're going to catch and make us as their dinner menu." Well, there is a pro tip. While introducing humor, you must be a little cautious as not to hurt the professor's sentiments in any manner.

Present Ideas Better:

Open any of your textbooks. You will find that mostly the concepts are being explained with the help of three examples. Why? This is so because this number has a special staying power. If any idea or topic is illustrated with 3 examples, it stays in your mind for long. Not only in your case, but also this phenomenon applies to the professor too. If you explain an idea with three illustrations, then it will linger in his mind longer. For example, if you want to describe a party, then you can write a phrase like "Friends, Feast, and Frolic".

 Explain Something Concisely:

The English assignments become more effective when you explain your point as concisely as possible. According to our academic writing experts, there is no need to write long sentences when only three words can do the needful. For example, if you intend to describe the process of content writing, then you can simply say think, research, write! How easy it is to explain a lengthy process using the rule of three, right?

Now can you compose magical and grade-worthy English assignments? We hope, your answer is yes, but, if not, then also there is no need to worry. Simply, click on that phone icon and contact our experts to get the best online assignment writing service providers without hesitating even a bit. They will be pleased to assist you.

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