Most Strangest Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Venus

Most Strangest Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Venus

24 Jun 2023 17218 5 minutes

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After Mars, Venus is the planet that is known for its perplexing and alluring mysteries. According to some scientists, billions of years ago, Venus probably had something in common with our planet. Perhaps, an inferno swept through it and destroyed its beautiful life and Earth-like oceans. This speculation is based on the occurrence of atmospheric deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen in Venus's air which is only found in our oceans. Apart from this, there are several other facts about Venus that we barely know. So if you are interested in knowing what they are, then read this blog further.

1.) Mercury isn’t the hottest planet, but Venus is

“The closer you are to the Sun, the hotter you feel.”

You might be aware of this fact. But, in case of Venus and Mercury, this rule doesn’t apply as the former is hotter than the latter. Even though the distance of Venus from the Sun is almost twice that of Mercury, the basic principle of thermodynamics doesn’t apply there. The reason for this strangeness is Venus’s thick atmosphere that traps a significant amount of heat. On the other hand, Mercury has a tenuous atmosphere due to which the heat loss occurs.

2.) Its name is ironic to its actual features

Venus is the name of the Roman Goddess of beauty and love. In the ancient time of the Mayans, its location was used in making the calendar accurate. Later on, the Romans named it Venus. It is a legendary saying that they chose this particular word only because of its sparkling brightness and beauty in the night sky. However, modern missions ‘Venus Express’ reveals a totally opposite features of this planet. It is a toxic, fiery, and hellish world of extreme heat and pressure.

3.) At Venus, one day is longer than its year

It’s something you’ve never heard of- a day for Venus (comprises 243 Earth days) is longer than its year (consist of 225 Earth days).  Venus rotates backward with respect to the other planets and has the lengthy day compared to our planet. Many speculations tried to explain these abnormalities. One of those says that probably a major collision in the past caused Venus to rotate slowly and backwardly. Something that is not easy to stomach here is that even though Venus is spinning slowly, its atmosphere undergoes superrotation, i.e., it rotates faster than its surface.

4.) It rains Sulfuric acid, but it never reaches the ground

Have you ever wondered why Venus appears to be yellowish? Well, this is because of the presence of sulfur in its atmosphere as sulfuric acid, which rains after getting condensed at high altitudes in the atmosphere. The most amazing fact about it is that not even a single drop of it ever touches the surface of this planet. This is because, the surface of Venus is extremely hot and has very high pressure, and while reaching down, the temperature of rain droplets keeps on increasing to the point that they re-evaporate before touching the ground.

5.) It’s both similar and different from the Earth

Venus is called the twin sister of the Earth due to their resemblance in many aspects. Its size, mass, gravity, escape velocity, etc., are quite similar to that of Earth. However, Venus is nearly 67 million miles away from the Sun, whereas Earth shares a distance of approximately 93 million miles. Its closeness to the Sun, and the atmospheric composition made it remarkably different from our planet.

We barely know anything about the aforementioned facts about Venus due to our emphasize on Mars exploration from a very long time. We expect a number of surprises from this evil twin planet of Earth in the near future. Hope you liked reading the blog.

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