Celebrate a Grand Christmas 2023: It is the Season to be Jolly

This Blog Give Insights on the Historical Background and Some Traditions in Australia to Follow for a Great Christmas 2023

18 Dec 2023 318 13 minutes

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Do you know the time when you and most students in the country enjoy it? It is the festive season. When the topic of festivities comes into play, Christmas Day is the first one that comes to mind. It is a festival that is celebrated not only in Australia but in every part of the world. It is when each of you gets maximum off and holidays from your colleges, but there is always a catch. Do an assignment and celebrate the eve of Christmas 2023 with your friends and family. However, you cannot tell if the document is easy or tough just by looking at it. Also, if you are someone who is unaware of how Aussies celebrate this festival, it gets difficult to blend in. So, learn how they celebrate and their traditions to follow on this Christmas Eve.

However, academic pressure is something binds you from looking into such places. But what if you can find the assistance and their traditions in one place? It’s going to be a ‘Yahtzee’, isn’t it? So, this blog can help you with that. It is your first Christmas 2023 present, so let’s start the show with a simple history lesson.

A Voyage Into the Christmas Day: Origin of the Festival

The world celebrates many festivals. Each of them that you celebrate shares a prolonged history. It is the same with Christmas Day as it also has something to say. The information is not something as it packs more than the term. However, in the hustle of gaining an educational degree, you cannot read or learn the reason to celebrate the most precious of festivals.

However, you do not have to worry anymore as the following sub-heads discuss its historical aspect. Now you can know why you will celebrate Christmas 2023:

Neolithic Belief of Christmas:

Neolithic people are the population who lived around the New Stone Age period. They believe that the 21st and 22nd of December marks the shortest days in the calendar. It is what they termed as midwinter solstice. They celebrate this period as a festival, like Christmas day, to pray to the gods to let the sun come and brighten the dark days.

It is a strange story to see here as this does not relate to any way of how you see the celebration. To check this, they built a Stonehenge monument that indicates the shortest day to them. Thus, they begin arranging a large feast with pork and beef when they notice it. Furthermore, on Christmas eve, they enjoy drinking dairy products like distilled milk and cheese. Also, they drink barley beer or mead made of honey.

This detail doubts over when is it Christmas as the date shows variation with the current belief system. But there are others where you may find similarities.

Romans’ Belief of Christmas:

The system works the same with neolithic folks but with a slight modification. The Romans followed the Julian calendar, which states the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Thus, it is the one that designed our modern calendar. Hence, this dating method solidified Christmas Day as the 25th of December. Romans also see this day as their popular holiday of Saturnalia. That is about treating the God of agriculture, Saturn.

In 350 AD, the Roman Bishop Pope Julius I made this day permanent as the day when Christ was born. The clash of thoughts emerged as few believed it happened because of the rise of Christians. Though the Pope never showed his work to anyone, it became a concern if he was right. So, in later studies, the experts revealed that the Christmas Eve celebration is based on the story of Mary and the birth of the son of God.

Nevertheless, historians have found a way to connect the dots and later found the texts written as proof about that. However, some of the stories related to the origin state some unnerving facts. But that is not your concern, as your aim is to find ways to celebrate Christmas 2023 in a unique. It happens when people want to make the festival memorable. So, the following section covers details that make it appealing to celebrate.

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Fun Facts About Christmas That Are Uniquely Attractive

Festivals are events that have both spooky and funny facts. However, it requires time to read about them, and with the pressure of academic projects, you cannot do anything. These tasks act like huge work when a great festival like Christmas 2023 is around.

So, you only wish if you did not attend college, you could read all about them. However, stop worrying as the following sub-heads provide knowledge on the fun facts about Christmas:

  • It is shocking that in some parts of the world, you can ask what day is Christmas day. Some Christians call themselves Orthodox, and they come from Russia, Ukraine and Romania. To them, Christmas falls on the 7th of January every year. Some Greeks also joined them. So, this information brings out a very serious question if you observe closely. It is about what date is Christmas celebrated?
  • Victorian Britain shows high popularity for the Christmas tree. But the place is not the first where they came to notice. However, it was Germany in the 16th century when people began decorating these trees as a part of their Christmas day Many historians believe that this tradition came from Romans and ancient Egyptians.
  • Christmas has an official song to it. You all are familiar with Jingle Bells, but there is something odd about this song. It doesn’t relate to it, as there is no mention of Jesus, Santa or the festival itself. Well, this carol is actually the Thanksgiving song, written in 1850 under the name ‘One Horse Open Sleigh.’ So, now that you know about it, what will you sing on Christmas 2023?
  • When there is Christmas, there is going to be a Santa Claus. The infamous Father Christmas got his name from the Netherlands, where Saint Nicholas is called Sinterklaas. He was a Christian bishop who lived in the 4th century and was known for his kind nature towards the kids. Every Christmas day continues this trend.
  • What If the government bans Christmas celebrations? A furious reaction awaits them, right? But it actually happened before. The incident happened in 1644 when the public was ordered not to celebrate this festival. Soon, it was followed in the British colonised America. But after 20 years, this ban was uplifted and the people celebrated Christmas eve with joy.

These are some of the facts that can lighten your mood and give you something to flaunt about. But you live in Australia and like every country, they also have some traditions passed down in the flow of time. So, as a citizen, you should know about them, though you can make your tradition. However, first, you should know how Christmas 2023 gets celebrated in different cities and areas of Australia. The section below provides insight into that.

Celebrate Christmas 2023 in the Traditional Aussies Way

Aussies have one feature they welcome every festival with joy, whether from South Asia or the West. All they seek is enjoyment, and you must have seen that. The people are welcoming, and they allow the diversified surroundings. So, why won’t they allow a festival like Christmas?

They do, but the mode of celebration is up to them. Since you are living there, you should know what they like to do. So, here are some of the traditions on Christmas Eve Aussies follow:

  • In most parts of the world, Santa Claus arrives on a sleigh pulled by reindeers. However, Australia has something new to add. The Santa arrives on kangaroos, a boat or a surfboard.
  • The dinner on Christmas in Australia includes roast turkey, ham or seafood. They usually choose prawns, but you can give more options. Often, they eat vegetables, potatoes, pudding or Christmas cake. Roasted turkey is permanent. So, this Christmas 2023, you can get a feast ready.
  • A summer-loving country does not wait for the snow to fall. They make it, and Aussies love that process. They decorate their homes and trees with fake snow to get the vibe of Christmas. This way at least the sun can’t affect it.
  • Since it is always sunny, the families can pick the spots for a family picnic. Moreover, it is great to plan a barbecue with your group. So, you can also do that with your friends this Christmas 2023.
  • Aussies have the largest count of beaches. So, they either plan to visit the beach or go for a swim. Since they are fond of sports, they also play beach volleyball, football and cricket.

It shows how long is Christmas celebration in Australia. You can plan all that, but the problem here is not the preparations. You have time to do that, but the problem is the assigned project that takes the fun out from holidays. So, what can you do to avoid it? Asking for help from experts is a choice to go for, but where? Not everyone has the same helping and kind nature as the Santa Claus. So, where to take assignment help? The following section has the answer.

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