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    M/508/9862 - Impact Of Digital Technology On Marketing Activities Of Small Business

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1526
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/9862
    • Downloads: 852
    Question :

    The objective of this project is to evaluate impact of digital technology over the marketing practices and activities. These kind of approaches will assist in analyzing how advancement assist in building direct relation with target customers.

    • Discuss project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the theme of this project.
    • Evaluate a small scale research, data collection and information gathering practice that may support this project.
    • Provide a recommendation based on meaningful conclusion of this project.
    • Provide a reflection based on the performance of this project.
    Answer :

    TASK 1

    P1 Aims and objectives of the present study

    Background of the study

    Digital technology carries several ways that assists to meet with innovative functions and operations. In this regard, social media is important perspective that helps to develop effective performances and outcomes with tools and techniques. It assists to generate more revenue and profit to focus on maintaining and attaining more effective results (Markos-Kujbus, Kiss and Csordás, 2015). Social media is a creative perspective that assists to focus on competitive advantages. Changes in business activities with implement internet tools, business able to attain effectiveness. Marketing functions mainly develop with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Hence, these are the best tools to make more profits and revenues.

    Rationale of the study

    In Talon Outdoor, digital technology considers an important role that assists to implement more growth and effectiveness through ascertain social media activities. With the help of internet tools and techniques, the chosen business able to increase their functions and operations in different areas of the world (Stelzner, 2014). Therefore, present research helps to understand implementation of social media tools in the small enterprise. As a result, they are able to make high profits and revenue at workplace.

    Aims and Objectives

    Aim: To identify impact of digital technology on marketing activities of small business – A Case Study on Talon Outdoor.


    • To understand concept of social media which includes digital technology of small business
    • To analyse marketing activities to make growth of small business
    • To explore social media and marketing activities relationship in Talon Outdoor
    • To recommend ways through chosen business increase their marketing activities and attain desired results at workplace.

    Research Questions

    • What do you understand by concept of social media which included in digital technology of small business?
    • How to analysis marketing activities to make growth of small business?
    • How to explore social media and marketing activities relationship in Talon Outdoor?

    P2. Project Management Plan

    Task Name





    Research Project


    Finding Of The Topic

    3 Days

    Sat 8/12/17

    Tue 8/15/17

    Statements Of Problems

    1 Day

    Thu 10/12/17

    Thu 10/12/17


    Time Frame And Allocation Of Resources

    2 Days

    Sun 11/12/17

    Mon 11/13/17



    Literature Review

    5 Days

    Tue 12/12/17

    Mon 12/18/17


    Selection Of Correct Research Methodologies

    1 Day

    Tue 12/12/17

    Tue 12/12/17


    Data Analysis And Interpretation

    2 Days

    Thu 12/14/17

    Fri 12/15/17


    Evaluation Of Results And Outcomes

    2 Days

    Fri 12/15/17

    Mon 12/18/17


    Project Closer

    Sat 12/16/17

    Giving Conclusion And Recommendation

    1 Day

    Tue 12/19/17

    Tue 12/19/17


    Results of documentation

    1 day

    Tue 12/19/17

    Tue 12/19/17


    In respect to consider effective functioning, it can be stated that in small business there are different activities and tasks that has been implemented. This plan considers research to concentrate on the following perspectives that help to undertake different program which is applied to make systematic work performance.

    • Cost: Present research considers several activities and tasks that taken to perform and meet with desired results. In this way, aims and objectives determines on the basis of certain amount £718. Therefore, different tasks and activities will be developing on the basis of this cost. It will help to maintain effective functioning at workplace. It explores ideas and collects relevant information from primary and secondary data (Schermerhorn, Davidson and McBarron, 2014).
    • Scope: Present study creates wide scope in respect to implement digital technology at workplace. It is the best aspect to make more profits and revenue at workplace.
    • Time: All activities take certain time to complete whole work. In this regard, total 1 and half month will be taken to attain more effective results. Hence, activities develop more significant advantages to make effective work performances (Turban, Outland and Turban, 2017).
    • Quality: Quality is important perspective that undertakes standard of data and information in systematic manner. Therefore, researcher able to find useful results at workplace.
    • Communication: In research, proper communication is needed to perform functions and operations at workplace. In this way. It is important to accomplish desired results (Burt, 2017).
    • Risk: Lack of time and money is high risk which creates impact to attain goals and objectives. Therefore, it reduces collection of effective information at workplace.
    • Resources: There are several resources required to make creative work performances in business. In this aspect, researcher needs to focus on primary and secondary data that helps to gather fresh and relevant information.


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