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    R/508/9727 - Relationship In Health And Social Care Services As NHS

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 1925
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/9727
    • Downloads: 660
    Question :

    The aim of this report is to determine knowledge and understanding over partnership practices in health and social care organisation. This will help in analyzing the requirement of such in the regards of services users, professionals, organisation etc.

    • Evaluate the partnership philosophies and its relationship in health and social care services as NHS.  
    • Identify the requirement of promote positive partnership for services users, organisation and professionals.
    • Analyze the outcomes of partnership working with clients, professionals etc. in health and social care sector.
    Answer :


    Working in a partnership means creating gainful connection that improve the quality and knowledge of consideration. Partnership usually takes place between a company, individual or agency that all have some kind of shared form of interest (Red, 2012). All partners are equally responsible for sharing all profit and loss and mutually deal with all issues or problem occurs in the company. The report is based on NHS which is a UK based national healthcare system that provide medical services all across the globe. The report include philosophy related with partnership, evaluate partnership relation, different models of partnership, different legislation practices, potential barriers to working in partnership and different strategies to improve outcome for partnership working.

    TASK 1


    Partnership can normally be takes place between an organization, agency is among individual who have some common form of interest. In wellbeing sector group of individuals work together with a prime objective of raising the present state of society. They give their efforts so that returns are achieved and people are deliverd with quality of health related facilities. When health and social care personnel grouped together and start working in the respective sector they are said to work at three different level of Partnership. They play and work very important role when they work in a partnership. The performance in potential of each and every partner get linked with each other. There are different philosophy of partnership which are determined as below:

    Empowerment: It is determined as a practice of administration of data sharing, payment partaking and ability allotment so as to yield the else a scope to analysis best solution of some issues and take quick judgment for the enhancement of performance and service.

    Independence Power Sharing: In each and every perspective of our regular living, Independence is thoughtful as the most essential feature. This express encouraging and supporting the service user who is in care you for care of a soul and dynamic body.

    Autonomy: It is identified as allowing autonomy so as to develop the accurate choice of conclusion making at the correct time in the work place. The administrator who will be aid the liberty will be precis the project score and therefore permitting all his worker to select the accurate choice in their precise ways for ensuing goal.

    Respect: As an acknowledgement for the absolute significance of patients, we have come across the name‘respect’. And such revolves around the autonomy respect of the patient.


    Partnership is based on the prime essence of allotment and sharing. All partners share equal roles and responsibilities towards each and other and contribute equal efforts towards attaining organizational goals and objectives as well. Each individual or partner have respect towards different function of the department, information rights, worthiness and accountability provided to every people input. It can also be termed as each partner is contributing equally, share power and take joint decision whenever any problem arises or occurs in the organization (Knox, 2015). As per the given it has been figured out that Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation is facing problem as they were failed in terms of providing adequate services to its patients. They were lack of compassion, leadership, humanity and care. Even the most primary rights to dignity and basic standards to care were not even respected. As a result, patients suffers. In the context of partnership, when all such situation occurs one needs to find best possible solution for the given problem so that they can deal with such problems in an effective manner. Apart from this there are various others issues as well that NHS was facing and which needs to be solved appropriately. Partnership includes co-operating with each other, shared learning, collaboration, working in a team, educating collectively, working in a team. All these are needs to be taken into account while entering into partnership. The service user will be developing a relationship of partnership within the groups performing professionally include

    • Care Manager
    • Support Manager
    • Health sector workers such as nurses, compounders
    • Centre manager for day care 

    Along with this, good partnership is based upon truthful and open contract in which duties and responsibilities must be shared by all members in equal proportionate. Enhancing partnership in and out the enterprise has to be managed carefully. Regulations needs to be managed properly so that the distinct barriers which are faced are dealt with care. It might connect with evaluating and improving constructions and systems, for instance extending the utilization of multi-disciplinary panels; perceiving and handling locales of overlie and multiplying which can discourage proficient administrations; exploratory about the path understandings for out-of-hours bearing can be better; ensuring adequate release hones are set up to help people separating from healing center; and looking at the way correspondence courses of action can be made speedy and made further effective all together that people are checked by the right individual, in the precise place at exact minute in time.               

    TASK 2


    In social care aspect, the model of Partnership defines structure of the company. There are different hypothesis of the Relationship in health and social care sector which are discussed below: 
    Unified Model: In this model, organization structure include management, training and staffing of the employees. There is no separate region for various activities. The foremost objective of this organizational composition is to administer the incorporated services according to the needs and requirement of employee. The residence care can be included in this model. The main advantage of this structure are: 

    • Involve activities associated with health and social care. 
    • Single system for all the service delivery
    • Separate financial system (Meldrum, 2012).
    • This model only for follows one strategic approach that include properly explained objectives and goals. 

    Alliance Model: In this theory, several activities are grouped collectively but perform isolated. It means that direction, staffing and grooming of employees are linked to each other with the support of confederation but perform separately or individualist. There is no engagement of staffing with worker's training. Some of the benefit of this model I mentioned below: 
    The activities and services co-operate in collective action. 
    Activities under this model operate individually so that it is not important to have data regarding all activities and its segments (Miller and Wilkes, 2015)
    The segment only carried out activity that is specifically assigned to them. 

    Hybrid model: It does the combination of two or more model that are discussed above. In case of care unit, it refers to the combination of coalition and unified model. 


    The legislation defined under social care sector have certain cluster of norms and regulations which are mainly formulated by governing body so as to secure or protect the users and staff members whomever are presently performing in the company which belongs to service sector. Following are the two current legislation and organizational policies under health and social care sector: 

    Mental capacity act, 2005: The main objective of this human activity is to authorize such person that not able to make decision or make a strategy on behalf  in order to increase the level of their overall life. As per this act, everyone possesses equal obligation to make judgment in their life to be happy. This same thing applied on patient as well when they are admitted in the mental asylum or hospital. The professed bureau is like; local authorities, mental wellness services, societal services, constabulary and the household associate all are required to analyze individual mental capacity while taking judgment that adversely affect whole life of the person. Call associated agencies are requiring to perform properly that ultimately leads to increase the standard of service user's life. 

    Children's Act 1989: The foremost objective of particular norm is to render this security and safety and accomplish all need that the children has so that its forthcoming can become finer and he also become a great person of the nation. The government that included in making children future better and effectively take care of their diverse wishes, needs and also formulate strategies so that they can fulfill them properly. The main focus of this children act involves: 

    • Stay safe
    • Be health
    • Make productive and positive contribution
    • Attain economic wellbeing
    • And relish and accomplish.


    An appropriate policy can be defined as course of action that is mainly formulated by organization or government to determine or oh influence the decision making process. When these policies are taken into consideration for a collaborative working of more than two organizations then it may affect business either in positive or in negative manner. In terms of positive, both companies that are working together gets motivated and influenced with each other’s policy making. And in case of negative effect there might be chances that conflict arises between the organization regarding implementation of own policy in the business (Featherstone, 2012).  Below are the policies and practices utilized by distinct sector for cooperative employed: 
    Government: The main objective of governing bodies is to offer assistance to various sector and cooperation in various forms like assets allocation, financial, preparation etc. 
    Educational activity: School and colleges comes under this sector. Their main focus is on promoting right of knowledge and right to study among people. Their capability must be promoted in every possible manner. 

    TASK 3


    Possible Outcome of partnership working for service user:


    • Autonomy
    • Empowerment
    • Improved Nature of services


    • There might be possibility of conflict that cause negative impact on business
    • Lack of effective communication
    • Level of frustration increased (Fraser, Ashley and Ledward, 2011).
    • It creates confusion

    Possible Outcome of partnership for professional:


    • Optimal and effective utilization of resources
    • Organized communication takes place in the company
    • Clear roles and responsibilities of each and every member
    • Building strong relationship
    • Effective co-ordination can be viewed among educated professional and trained ones


    • Increase mismanagement of funding
    • Strong competition prevailing in the company

    Possible Outcome of partnership for Organization:


    • Coherent Approach
    • Render integrated services
    • Common working practices
    • Works on principle sharing


    • Breakdown communication
    • Loss of shared purpose 


    Basic hindrances: The most common barrier that is faced by working in partnership are that it become difficult to reach at common judgments on time. Much time is spent on discussing the concern issue with the partners and hence makes it an unfavorable form of ownership.


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