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    LSBM306 Personal and Professional Development Level 6


    Personal and Professional is refers to as combination of two aspects “personal” that defined a single person instead of group. On the other side “professional” which signifies an individual who has a specific job or work that needed higher educations and qualifications. In other words, the development of personal as well as professional that support in making desired personalities so that particular task or objectives can be achieved in an appropriate manner. This report is based on Starbucks corporation which is a coffee chain store and situated in Washington and operating in several countries (Beach, 2012). This assignment will support in defining several methods for improving the knowledge of employees for the purpose of their development personally and professionally. Its main aim is to strengthen the individuals abilities as well as talents through making development plan as per the requirements. It consist number of methods and tools for managing the self learning and also describe benefits for employees. This report also explain the procedure of implementing activities including plans and techniques so that problems can be resolved within the helps of time management strategies at the workplace.

    Task 1

    1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

    Self-managed learning is a procedure under which an individual develops own personality, that can be done through observations, listening and reading, whatever a person notices in atmosphere, whether it’s a behaviour, thoughts, or opinions, positive vibes and good mind set is always an attracting for them. These are not enough for self-learning, there are some other approaches of self-management learning, that are given below:

    Seminars and conferences – Self practice is the best tool, because that gives opportunities to learn more and analyse own-self, where the things need to change. One of that practice is attending seminars and conferences that gives a chance a to present their knowledge among people that are gazing at them to get the knowledgeable facts (Berk, 2015). But this is not only better for the listeners, who are gathered to hear the speaker, it is beneficial for the speaker too, as a presenter they also groom, as they get confidence to address public, and in their presentation skills, that can be referred as transferable skills, that empowers the organizational and the individual.

    Social network – Social websites has crossed the distance beyond borders, people are able to make contacts with others on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Through use of these websites the entire world can come closer, anyone can learn from social websites (Meyers, 2015). The people can learn and post their knowledge on forums, blogs, bulletin boards, so people can read that and earn the facts to obtain the knowledge.

    Internet – Internet has a wide source to get dive in the sea of knowledge, as it there are a numerous website which offers trail and premium courses on a various subject, these courses are accessible across the globe and anyone can learn from it and can perform their best.

    1.2 Methods of encouraging lifelong learning

    Lifelong learning refers as a learning personally and implement that in professional practice. Personal learning is all about personal assessment of one self-strengthen, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it will give the confidence and path to go ahead and a aim that have to achieved.

    SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis is a personal development tool, that makes an individual aware about ones hidden hurdles, that individual never thought to cross them, but it pushes them to crossed that restrictions, and assess the capacities what they can and what they can't, although there is nothing which cannot be achieved by them but when have confidence and determination then anything can be done. Lack of confidence is the biggest weaknesses having confidence to learn anything opens the doors for a big opportunity that aid to get the things done.

    Self – reflective - Self-reflective learning is watching to the review some opinions, judgements, personal understanding, this makes to learn new skills at workplace through developing personal skills, tasks and responsibilities. This combines the ideas, and techniques, of an individual with the continue learning.

    Self-motivation – Self motivation is a key to success that help to avoid depression, frustration, negative thoughts that comes in mind when nothing goes on its way (Cleary, 2011). But psychology is the way that keep one’s mind on its way, forget everything whatever goes wrong, stay calm and peaceful thoughts like all is well! Nothing is wrong and just attempt one more time the same task, and this time it will going to be perfect shot. If it's not, then think that it's not the end, it's a beginning, take a new start, and that will fill with an enthusiasm.

    1.3 Benefits of self-managed learning

    Self-managed learning establishes a person as a well-managed personality, as they can exhibit their knowledge what they have learned from the observations of different tools, whether it is a personal observation, seminars and conferences, internet, etc. We all are enhancing our learning from that whether as an individual or at workplace, self-learning makes us enable to be self-managed, as being an individual I have changed get such benefits, that expanded my productivity.

    Benefits of individual: -

    • Enhancing personality that assist in future to make big changes.
    • Able to solve the personal problems which are going in life.
    • Reacting on sudden actions or accidents (Eros, 2011).
    • By watching the blogs and courses improves the quality and performance of work.
    • It increases the confidence that an individual can speak in front of public in effective manner.
    • It also makes me able to find out the weakness, that how to engage people while addressing them.
    • Get involved in decision making and pursue different activities.
    • A good sense of humour is also prudent when communicating with others, so it important to improve it.

    Benefits for organization: -

    • It aids to maximize the ability maximize the productivity.
    • It increased generates extended revenue, through performing on higher level.
    • If a manager is good with skills and knowledge, then they can also improve the performance over all organization.
    • Motivating employees is necessary because motivation boost up their psychology and prepare them to think positive and that is more important for them and enterprise too (Forte, 2014).
    • The motivation and guidance is help them to attain a certain goal with a predetermine time.

    Self – learning boosts the performance for an individual and organisational behaviour.

    Task 2

    (A) Person skill audit

    Every individual has their own strength and weaknesses and to carry out operations in an effective manner it is important that same are identified on time so that accordingly planning can be done. It is important that more emphasis is made on factors in which a person is doing good as this will help in getting more effective results. Apart from this there are certain areas which are a weakness of an individual and if work is allotted to same than it may become difficult for people to perform (Flores, 2014). Swot analysis is an effective tool through which an individual can identify his areas which are doing well and also those that needs to be worked upon so that accordingly future work can be planned. There are different qualities which needs to be there as only than I can be productive in business.

    Interaction skills – In an organization it is important that a person has good communication skills so that effective working can be carried out. Proper communication helps in delivering messages on time so that no quality of message is missed out. It helps in raising the productivity of work and hence assist in achieving desired goals and objectives.

    Coordination – As there are a number of departments made under same enterprise it makes it necessary for person working to have required level of coordination skills as it helps in getting desired results. To make optimum utilization of resources coordination among various departments become vital as this way communication is also improvised. Apart from this through this process confusion and loss of information is also avoided which further helps in establishing an effective working surroundings.

    Patience and friendly connection – To reduce turnovers and stress at work place maintaining good connections with the work force becomes important (Gamrat, 2014). It helps in achieving better results and effective connections among the employees that improve the working.

    Attention power – To deliver good results in organization it is important that a person is focused and gives proper concentration towards whatever work is allotted to them.

    b) Identification of own development needs

    In order to give my maximum contribution, it is important that I’m aware of my skills and weakness. It is so because than only accomplishments of work can be done. My SWOT analysis is give below:

    Strength – When I analyze my own skills I found out that I am confident enough and can present my views publically very well. It is an important skill that helps in establishing better effective work place. I am creative enough and is focused towards bringing innovative ideas in business which will help in achieving competitive advantage. Except all these another skill that helps in doing well in business is being responsible (Glogowska, 2011). I have the same skill and can help my colleague in carrying out their work and can perform all work with high rate of responsibility.

    Weaknesses – When I went through my own skills I found out that I am not efficient enough in presenting my ideas in front of my seniors which is not good. In order to work and to grow it is important that a person must have the capabilities to speak when he has the required knowledge.

    Threat – I am very sentimental and this is my major threat. I found it difficult to work where there are chances of getting hurt or conflicts are common at the working place.

    Opportunities – If I work on my weakness and start presenting my suggestions to the top management it would be favorable for me as this may help in getting recognition at work place.

    2.3 Development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

    After SWOT analysis, I have realized that I updated regarding my existing requirements as well as future demands by determining several development opportunities. Therefore, it can be beneficial for the individual for identify the different needs through real and accurate data that play vital role in growth process. Here are some overview of current and future needs such as;

    • Current needs: The first thing that I am going to consider my weaknesses as it will try to remove hesitation while communicating with others so that they can exchange their ideas, opinions and views with other (Young, 2011). It will support in developing my personal and professional and resolve issues to make better performances. I also required to pay attentions on my emotions for improving my overall presentation.
    • Future needs: Through the self assessment, I got aware regarding necessary requirements as well as point out some drawbacks which must be implemented in an appropriate manner such as nature of anger as well as short tempered.

    2.4 Personal and professional development plan


    Learning objective

    Current proficiency

    Target proficiency

    Development opportunities

    Criteria for judging success

    Time scale



    I have to required for overcoming my shyness behaviour and introverts.

    Minute change.

    I will remove this problem by interacting with number of persons.

    Get proper training and development session.

    By organising demo classes.

    2 weeks.

    Availability of supervisors.


    It must be required to prevent procrastinating nature.

    Not achieving objectives still as there may be created problems in time frame.

    I am trying to achieve set goals or targets within a time period.

    Following successful leaders.


    2 weeks.

    Every Staff members.


    I have to be more powerful for removing sentimental issues.

    Somewhat improvement.

    I have to be a strong .


    2.5 weeks

    Books , fiction, publication.


    I have required to enhance my confidence level and boost morale in more effective manner.

    I need some motivational classes for enhancing confidence.

    Decisions made by full confidences.

    Involved in decisions making process for sharing views and opinions.


    1.5 weeks

    Management and administration.

    Task 3

    3.1 Process and activities which required to implement and development plan

    It is very difficult to improve as well as implement plans or activities because it requires more time and efforts for completing tasks such as;

    Assessment of enhancing plan: In this identify some hidden issues or barriers before implementation of plan. Therefore, firm can check its feasibility as well as viability (Lockyer, 2011).

    Generating a vision: It is very necessary to create proper visions and understand long term and short objectives.

    Decide group members: In this select suitable and desired candidates for achieving task or activities as per the planning in an appropriate manner.

    Involving high directors: in this requires proper suggestions by the top management and higher authorities in well manner.

    3.2 Document development activities as planned

    This is a necessary task that must be perform by the enterprise as in this they form a effective documentations by considering the activities as well as strategies that are planned for the organizational as well as individual development (Leahy, 2012). They also avoid the delay in a particular work. Here are some task which explained below;

    Improvement and preparing: It is defined as the project in which any individual or expert get interested as it is an essentials that support to personal and professional development so that appropriate tasks or objectives can be achieved.

    Change administration: an individual have numerous capacities as well as tools or techniques that change as per the environment so it is necessary for individual to accept those changes and focus on particular goals or objectives.

    3.3 Reflection on own learning against aims and development plan

    As per the above development plan, I have founded that there are various strengths and weaknesses of mine which will support in overcoming several issues or problems during task completions. Development plan will be helpful in accomplishing personal and professional objectives in an appropriate manner. I have required to enhance my skills or knowledge for accomplishing desired goals. I am able to share ideas or views by overcoming hesitation problems issues.

    3.4 Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation






    Exchange opinions and share ideas.


    Remove of hesitation.

    Take part in decision making process.


    Removal of shyness behaviour.


    Tasks has been completed within time period .

    Follow leaders.


    Improvement of confidence level.

    Analysis needed

    Final assessments are required.

    Make proper strategies and plans.


    Reduce sentimental and emotional problem.





    Task 4

    Get Help in Any Subject

    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    4.1 Select solutions to work based problems

    Problems and issues can be occurred at anytime, anywhere without any alerts or notification at the workplace. So it can be said that firm is facing several problems or issues regarding several changes in technologies, communications and lack or resources and many more. In this requires seven steps such as;

    Step 1:- Identify hindrance

    · Define the actual problem.

    · Define people's different opinions towards problems.

    Step 2:- Understand the individuals interests.

    · Collect opinions of every individuals to satisfy their needs and wants.

    · Involves to all individuals decision making process.

    Step 3:- Make proper list of solutions

    · brainstorming process.

    · Choose best alternative.

    Step 4:- Assessment of chosen alternatives .

    · Define the advantages and drawbacks of selected solution.

    Step 5:- Pick an appropriate option

    · Collect suitable option for selecting satisfactory alternative solution.

    Step 6:- Agreements Documentations

    · Is it suitable as well as beneficial or not.

    Step 7:- Monitor and evaluation procedures.

    4.2 Communicate a variety of styles and appropriate manner

    There are different types of learning styles which are used to resolve various issues those are associated with the employees (Wiliam, 2012). Some of them are discuss underneath:

    • Visual: This is associated with graphical presentation of data. It consists of pictures, diagram and mind maps. This would be easily examine crucial information which takes less time to accomplish a specific task.
    • Physical: As per this particular style which consists of specific skills and ability to assist their learning through using their individual body. Such as diagrams, physical objects and case solving activities and so on.
    • Verbal: This seems to be use as particular aspects which is related with speech and writing at assess their learning capabilities. They uses plenty of words that are based on scripts as well as reading content matters.
    • Public communication: According to this particular styles which is uses as most faster ways of communicating information to large business organisation (López, 2011). The main purpose is to save time and costs.

    4.3 Evaluate and use effective time management strategies

    Time management is said to be an effective procedure of planning and executing certain amount of time which is spent on a particular event of activities. This is done so to enhance effectiveness as well as efficiency of an organisation. There are different types of time management method those are being useful for the cited company. All of them are discussed underneath:

    • Set aims and objectives: It is essential to manage time which are taking to attain their objectives (Pastor and Manrique, 2011). Each and every employees those are operating in an organisation need to allot certain roles and responsibilities in the set time limits.
    • Organising: The main purpose of managers is to organise all activities of various department in order to ensure proper allocation of resources to increase productivity in more quick time.
    • Scheduling: It consists of effective process of time distribution for completing of any specific task. The managers always tried to complete tasks within the set time durations (Pillen and Beijaard, 2013).
    • Time bound: Under this, formulation of new methods and techniques will be use by managers to accomplish task in the given time frame.


    From the above based report, it can be concluded that personal and professional development is very necessary as this will help an individual in gaining proper growth and improvement. Without this, no one can receive success in even their personal lives and corporation one also. Thus, venture should focus on delivering proper training classes to their personnels so that aims and objectives of company can also be attained within minimum time


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