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    D5080491 Unit 6 Personal and Professional Development Regent College


    Personal and professional development is a process where both organizations and individuals engage in learning to achieve desired goals and tackle challenges. This development addresses the needs of both individuals and groups. In the health and social care sector, enhancing personal and professional skills is crucial for delivering effective patient care (Professional Development, 2013). This assignment focuses on a health and social care organization, outlining a personal development plan and various values and principles essential for supporting work in the HSC field.

    Task 1

    1.1 Comparison of personal values & principles with principles of support for working in HSC

    Health & social care workplace is a path where every aspect of a person are rely on principles. It is necessary for every health care practitioner to understand significance of support principles at workplace. An individual's personal value matters a lot at HSC workplace. Appropriate principles are prepare to ensure taken care of individual's value. Basis of these principles are political perspectives, change over lifespan, priorities, interests, culture, beliefs and preferences of people who are associated with HSC workplace. Each individual who are working in an organisation have distinct values. Personal values includes dignity, polite behaviour, honesty, being gentle with others, religion, equality, liberty, creativity, tradition, courage, freedom, confidentiality etc.

    Apart from this, certain principles are associated with heath and social care workplace which involves work values that are formed with assistance of effective communication, teamwork, reliability, competitiveness, dedication, trustworthiness, ethics and professionalism. As per the principles of HSC workplace, it is essential that a person should treat every patient in equal manner and administer fair and proper treatment to individuals who are coming at workplace (American School Counselor Association, 2012). Support principles includes policies and procedures of firm which needs to be follow by every individual. They should work to facilitate the company to follow its norms, rules and fundamentals and to attain its objectives. It can be said that principles of support and personal and professional values have common objective, i.e., to maintain ethical and fair decorum of workplace & to assist people by administering them effective services.

    1.2 Influence of personal culture and experience on own role in supporting service users

    An individual is influenced by personal experience and culture in supporting colleagues and clients at HSC workplace. Workplace beliefs and values includes administering equal rights to each individual, protecting patients from any kind of harm and abuse, maintaining confidentiality at workplace etc. Own experiences and cultural beliefs assists an individual to ensure that it could administer effective and better services to patients. An individual's experience and personal culture insures to serve effective and fair treatment to service user. If all the cultural aspects had followed by health practitioner and experienced every stage, it becomes easy to a person to protect client from any kind of harm and to manage the processes of work. It facilitates in developing trust among those clients who are coming to utilize services of workplace of health and social care by effect of which, they are trying to recover their patients from any kind of health issue (Berk and Meyers, 2015). Cultural experiences of an individual helps them to treat every patient in equal and fair manner. It depicts that an individual who have cultural experience will not make any discrimination at workplace on basis of religion, beliefs, age etc. and will make sure that similar services could be administered to care patients who are coming to workplace.

    1.3 Impact of new developments and changes on work in health and social care

    Changes and new development to personal values of a person have great influence on work. Any change or transformation whether it is in values, beliefs, behaviour or technology have influence greatly on work processing and on working of an individual who do particular work. Changes and personal development will assist in refining skills of a person. It is very essential for an individual that they must try to accept alterations and to leaning new things at work place as these aspects facilitates them in refining abilities and skills of individual. With change and development in personal values, a person will enable to render effective and better services to patients who are coming to workplace of health and social care. A person will enable to keep meet uncertainties from work and work place on verge to secure patients against any harm. Such aspects will facilitates in protecting workplace from discrimination of any kind and will support in rendering effective and valuable services to patients who are coming for treatment at HSC workplace (Brackett, Rivers and Salovey, 2011). Certain legislations and laws are there that have high influence on personal values of working of individual at work place. Equality at work act, data protection act are certain aspects that aids in development of a person and make sure that it could work efficiently and effectively and render similar and fair services to care patients coming to work place of health & social care.

    Task 2

    2.1 Assessment of current skills ability & learning

    Different learning styles are preferred by an individual and it varies from working of person to person in HSC workplace. Various tools are there which assists in evaluating learning styles (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). One of the tool includes SWOT analysis which helps in determining strengths of an individual along with opportunities, threats and weaknesses. I prefer to select SWOT analysis for assessing my current abilities, skills and learning styles. I use this tool because it will assist in collecting information regarding my threats and weaknesses which assists in developing my abilities and skills.



    · I have good interpersonal skills which assist me to keep calm & render effective services.

    · I am able to build effective relationship with colleagues and patients working with me at workplace.

    · I have ability to deal with challenges effectively at workplace.

    · Lack of patience in situation of problem solving.

    · Emotional attachment with people who are coming to work place of health and social care.

    · Less knowledge about new laws and legislations related with health and social care.



    · Effective communication skills assist in rendering better explanation of several aspects.

    · Always ready to accept changes that takes place at work place & try to get new learning.

    · Laws and legislations are changing very frequently and is a threat for me as any mistake could impact my whole career.

    · Diversities and culture can influence work processing.

    So, by assistance of SWOT analysis, it can be assessed that I have effective skills that are needed in care professional as having excellent communication skills is a fundamental aspect in HSC workplace (Capuzzi and Stauffer, 2016). It supports in making people understanding in regards of different factors and aspects. But, various other things are there that may influence my career and future objectives and goals. It is essential that I must work on these aspects in order to refine my skills and can help me in providing more effective services to patients.

    More Resource: 

    2.2 Holistic development plan with long, medium and short term goals

    Planning is an significant aspect of life of every individual. A person should necessarily be develop a plan that includes short, medium and long term goals. After preparing plan, it is also essential for an individual to work on it & try to attain goals in specified time. It will help in leading life towards better future and attaining success (Cox, Bachkirova and Clutterbuck, 2014). My holistic plan of development will involve SMART objectives, i.e., specific, measurable, attainable, realistic as well as time bound. These objectives ensure life success of an individual.

    Holistic development plan:

    Smart objectives

    Success basis

    Needed actions

    Strategies to be executed to achieve goals

    Resources needed to attain goals


    Entrepreneurial skills (Long term goal)

    When I'll enable to understand how to manage work and people as well as able to develop thinking skills & bring innovative ideas.

    Engaging in innovative facet creating some new things.

    Participation in development programmes and working hard at work place.

    Colleagues, counsellors,

    teachers, experts, mentors.

    4 years.

    Leadership skills (medium term goal)

    Managing people in proper manner and influencing them with things that I communicate.

    Administering influential speeches and learning new things.

    Interaction with new people and attending seminars and conferences.

    Motivators, teachers guidance, experts.

    2 years.

    Time management and communication skills (short term goal)

    Learn how to manage things and do multitasking effectively. Taking classes and interacting with new people to enhance communication skills.

    Prioritize work and try to do various tasks simultaneously.

    Participating in several debates, group discussions and speeches & try to communicate with new people.

    Work as per the set priorities (Creek and Lougher, 2011).

    Guidance of experts, teacher, mentor, friends and family.

    6 months.


    2.3 Monitoring progress against plan as per the requirements of HSC practitioner

    Progress monitoring is an essential aspect for every person. Such kind of practice assist in eliminating all breaches and loops that occurs in framing plan in real life of person. Plan monitoring includes various aspects due to which people will enable to gain information related with loops and to move on platform of fulfilling needs of plan. These aspects are:

    Conduct skill assessment: It will assist in gaining information related to skills that a person have and several require skills fulfilling plan criteria (Elliott, 2011).

    Revise the plan: Revision of plan that is being developed is necessary after conducting assessment of skills. It assist in collecting information related to present needs. With assistance of this collected information, plan can be revised and execution can be done effectively.

    By monitoring different aspect, I have assessed that several elements are there which needed to be worked on by me. It is required by me to emphasizer on my English communication skills so that I can refine it. It will assist in accomplishing my long term goals. Interpersonal and critical thinking skills are also needs to be develop with leadership skills. The time of 2 years is needed so that proper information regarding market and people's behaviour can be gathered.

    2.4 Effectiveness of development plan to own development

    By developing better understanding regarding need of health & social care workplace and different aspects available in market, I have assessed that the plan of development prepared by me is effective and assist me in my future progress as health care practitioner. Effective communication skills and work knowledge is necessary for health care practitioner. Good influential power is also needed so that I can influence patients to take care of health (Englander, R. and et. al., 2013). Along with this, effective decision making and critical thinking skills are necessary so that appropriate decisions can be made and good solution to issue can be provided during emergency situation. Effective leadership skills assists in managing people and team working within firm to ensure effective working and assist in managing health of individuals living in society. So, by reviewing all facet, it can be said that development plan prepared by me is beneficial and effective for my growth and leads me towards better future & assists me in offering effective and better services to individuals in need.

    Task 3

    3.1 Nature of various professional relationships in health & social care context

    Professional relationships: It is a kind of relationship which is being handled by team in professional ability to create good nexus amount in process working capacity system. A firm should have to develop effective relationship with their employees and along with this, they has to develop good behaviour of workforce in process working system. Number of professionals needs to be hired in betterment of organisation so that effectiveness of working and professional relationship can be improved throughout time (Fullan, 2014).

    Relationship with team members: High level of regulation and policies are needed on working system in context with health care responsibilities upon workforce and co-worker. Members of team should come forward for help & they have to work collectively to promote health and social care aspects. HSC context in firm is big channel & covers medical insurance of employees, using various measures and tools when individuals are participated in hazardous work in working process system. Health and social care also put focus on professional code of conduct, working style, advocacy and trust in system and concern of manager with their subordinate.

    3.2 Evaluation of personal effectiveness in supporting and promoting the rights of individual

    Personal effectiveness: Workforce are the main pillars in success of firm and attainment of set objectives and goals. It assess working quality of manpower in working process. It administer support to employees in many ways in promoting and supporting behaviour and rights of individuals in organisation working system (Hoyle, 2012). Personal effectiveness development in system of firm is essential to overcome process dilemmas, abuse related concern among employees, challenging behaviour, responsive attitude of employees with respective situation throughout time. Various key points are noticed but, sustainability and ethical concerns are put on high remark and can be managed by workforce, if proper help is provided by developing effective channels within firm. Several rights are there that should be provided to employees by process line manager in office premises. For instance, right to speak on any kind of issue, liberty to reciprocate any type of mischievous act. Various points needs to be considered by top management to protect interest of employees. Personal effectiveness is main part in developing nexus in good amount among employees and organisation. It can be created with the assistance of proper communication and understanding of assigned responsibilities. Collective efforts of team and positive attitude of manpower plays crucial role in maintaining good relationships within organisation.

    3.3 Ways to resolve problems encountered in professional relationship

    Issues concerned with professional relationship is the term which denotes behaviour and culture of manpower with each other in working process system. To maintain sustainability in long term, professional effectiveness play vital role. Several problems are encountered in professional relationship of workforce such as working conflicts, different working style, ego, ethical dilemmas, groupism, less effectiveness in working of team etc.

    • Proper working system development and administer adequate employees to encounter issues in effective manner (Reeves, 2012).
    • Assist workforce to get them out from services concern and ethical dilemmas.
    • Conduction of proper meetings & proper communication agenda with worker & their concerns in system process.
    • Collective team efforts working in identical process by fulfilling their needs and meeting personal objective and goals can be be assistive for personal effectiveness in working system.
    • Consistent imparting and team training needed process knowledge attended with social working style is very imperative within organization (Robertson, 2016).

    The important point that needs to be understand is that health care is very abjuratory for effective management of workers on sustainable basis. Collective efforts of team and own contribution of employees are main factors in troubleshooting main process issues in organization working system.

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    Task 4

    4.1 Evaluate effectiveness of personal contributions when working with others

    Individual performance is important at workplace in HSC. My contribution as social worker are:

    • My focus at workplace is on patients and their needs. I put my whole efforts to determine their needs and fulfil them.
    • I have good analysis skills which assists in making my contribution efficcient.
    • My responsibility and roles towards work place helps me in managing confidentiality.
    • At work place, I constantly try to create a innovative and entrepreneur culture by my actions to intensify quality and effectiveness of it.
    • My behaviour in firm is always to support goals and activities of my team and make them effective through effective communication and positive attitude which can be non-verbal, verbal and written (Russell and Korthagen, 2013).
    • While implementing my activities in firm, I keep considering reliable and possible budget of it and keep it cost conscious. It assists in attaining effective results.
    • Consideration of social aspect in my task assist in making it more beneficial for society.
    • I suggest my ideas and views to team which assist in growth and increases participation in decision making.

    4.2 Impact of limits of own work role on work with others

    To maintain control and discipline within firm, roles and responsibilities of each member have some limits which impacts their work. So, as health care worker, I have some limitations which are defined as follows:

    I always emphasize on maintaining confidentiality in information and records of clients at workplace. It is limit of my work & is impacted on work with others that condition of confidentiality is not fulfil in tasks (Zepeda, 2012).

    As a social worker, society and culture of clients should be considered by me and have to make decisions on basis of that. While working with others, I may not enable to emphasize on culture of patients and their need which can lead to unproductive results.

    At the time of working with others there appear a limit on making decisions on a specific activity orb task because views of all member is considered.

    While working with others, it is essential to build respect and trust within members & I fail in this which will results in decline my role in activity or task at work place.

    Protection of data is my responsibility & it must be considered to secure and protect electronic data as well as its access through others. But in case of work with others, this is also limited.

    4.3 Analysis of own role in minimizing barriers to effective team work

    Development of effective team work results in growth and success. Some essentials are there for teamwork which needs to be developed for getting effective results at workplace . Some essentials to be maintained in teamwork are:

    Leadership – It can be referred as a tool that leads all tasks and activities of team in proper direction of attaining objectives. Leadership assist in management of activities effectively and efficiently. A good leader allocates and distributes jobs to all team members and decline complexity chances (Capuzz and Stauffer, 2016).

    Communication -Ineffective communication is a huge barrier to effective working of team at work place. It leads to misleading and delay in process of decision making which is a obstruction in opportunities & taking its benefits.

    Interpersonal interactions - Effective interactions is very necessary among team members to intensify level of participation in team and enhance their role in working of team. Poor interpersonal interaction is one of the huge barrier to effective teamwork.

    Motivation - Lack of motivation can be one of the barrier to effective teamwork. Policies and methods must be adopted in order to motivate team members.

    These barriers can be reduced by intensifying trust in team members, providing them opportunities to take decisions and innovate, developing effective communication channel in team and motivate worker to increase performance and serving them complexity that leads to enhanced performance (Cox, Bachkirovaand Clutterbuck, 2014).

    4.4 Way to improve personal contributions to collective effectiveness of team

    While working with other people, each member contribution is equally essential in terms of improving work performance effectiveness. Contribution and efforts of individual and team collectively make work effective. Various methods are there through which contribution can be made towards team effectiveness. It includes ideas and views sharing with co-workers and team members. It assists in enhancing creativity and improving ideas and concept shared as suggestions taken from colleagues can be unified which results in generation of effective idea. Other method is to help others at the time they require. This assists in work sharing and hence decreasing burden on single individual. If some scope of betterment exist in work done by other member, then suggestion shall be make to him instantly to improve quality and effectiveness is attained (Wilson, 2015). An important factor is to effectively communicate with team in structured manner so that objectives and goals can easily be communicate with others. Each member take responsibility while working in team and be accountable for the work they done so that quality is enhanced and ambiguity is removed.


    As per the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that personal and professional development in health and social care is essential aspect. It assists health care professionals in offering high quality and effective services to patients who are coming for treatment. By this process, individual is able to determine their weak areas and can improve them by participating in various activities like group discussions, debates, lectures. It is very essential that care professional should maintain good relations with service users and do not discriminate among them on any basis. Ethical working within firm helps in offering effective and better treatment to patients. For further insights, consider seeking homework help.


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