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    Sample on Business Organisation

    Introduction to Business Organisation

    Globalization has made all business organisations to expand their business operations on international scale. Primark is a retail fashion chain of the United Kingdom which sales clothing products for men, women and children. The company was founded in 1962 and it has more than 300 stores in the country. The business organisation provides clothes and accessories at low prices. Present report describes about differences between companies working in different industries. Further more, strategies for organisations operating globally have been evaluated. National economy's impact on businesses has been explained in the report. More over,international trade impact on products have been illustrated. Assessment of ICT technologies on globalization has been done. Strategies to resolve the issues impacting operations of business have been explained.

    TASK 1

    1 Key differences between organisation working in different sectors and industries

    Difference between various business organisations can be evaluated according to their sectors in which these companies are working. Primark is one of the leading retail chain in United kingdom. The business organisation is working in private sector of the country. Sectors can be classified as public, private and NGOs. Private sectors are governedby government and these rae not oriented to profits. Private sector of the country can be categorised as follows

    Sole traders

    Sole traders sector is the most popular type of business organisation in which work like plumbing, cleaning, electricity work is done. In this sector generally personal services are given. Starting a business in this industry requires low amount of money. These businesses are owned by single person and do not posses large number of employees . These businesses are non shareable and controlled by an individual. Profit generated form these companies is very low.


    This type of business entities are held by two or more persons. Agreement is signed between partners to define the roles and responsibilities of each one. These business organisations are associated with accountants in which partnership is easy to be maintained. Features of this sector is profit sharing,specific responsibilities of partners, proper regulations etc. Profit gained from these businesses is shared equally among all.

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    Companies are generally operated at large scale. Starting a business in this type of sector requires large amount of capital. Primark is example of big business organisation which is working at internation scale. Complies obtains large amount of revenue and profits.

    Non profit organisation

    Non profit organisations are voluntary business which do not work to gain profits. These business are started for public welfare in terms of eduction, culture and various services for public. Funding for this kind of businesses are provided by local communities.

    2 Assessment of responsibilities of organisation working globally

    Primark is leading business entity of the UK. Th company is operating its business in local market of UK. It is planning to expand its business in global market. There are some responsibilities of organisation which are as follows

    Share holder's Responsibility

    Share holders are pillars of any business enterprise. It is required that Primark should focus on some responsibilities before expanding it business globally . The company should consider shareholders responsibility in terms of how they want to control their business activities.

    Customer responsibilities

    Customers constitutes main part of any business company. Primark when operating globally have to consider neds and expectations of consumers. Company should give better experience to customer for getting success. In order to gain customer loyalty organisation should provides high quality of products.

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    Employees Responsibilities

    Key strength of any business organisation are employees. Responsibility of the company will increase while experting business globally. Primark have to hire other countries people after expanding their business in global market. Equal opportunities should be provided by company to all the employees. Fair payment should be given by organisation to all employees.

    Suppliers responsibilities

    Operating business in new country, company will get new suppliers. Good relationship with suppliers is must for company to get success in it business operations. This will help company to gain more profit and revenue.

    Environmental responsibilities

    Environmental situation is the big issue of concern for company before exploring its business in new region. It is the foremost duty of the organisation that is should take care of environment. Its business activities should not affect environment in any ways.

    Ethical responsibilities

    Company must ensure that its business operations should not affect ethical standards of local area people. Defective products and overprices products should not be distributed by organisation.

    3 Strategies employed by organisation operating globally

    Primark should make some strategies to operate itsbusiness globally. Rapidly increasing globalisation require organisation requires organisation s to make some strategies to compete in global market. Some strategies are as follows

    Policy for human resource

    Company should make strong human resource management policies in order to maintain good relationship with customers. Effective human resource will help organisation to build relationship with customers.

    Policy for Ethics

    Ethical standards of the area should be analyse before starting business operations in new country. It is must for company to identify ethics of the new place so that customer satisfaction could be achieved.

    Information about customers taste

    Business organisation need to collect information about local are consumer of particular country. This information will support company to make product according to the preferences of customers.

    Use of modern technologies

    Company should make use of modern technologies to make enhancements in products. Technologies will support organisation to get success in it business.

    Organisation can also use PESTLE analysis tool to identify the external factors of particular country that can affect business operations. This tool will assist company to find out economical, political, environmental, legal, technological factors that can influence business of Primark pvt ltd. Organisation should make global strategies to get position in global market.

    Some global strategies are as follows

    • Policies used by company in global market should be same as of local market.
    • Business organisation should make use of marketing mix to make strategies.
    • Culture and national difference should be given preference while making strategies.
    • Design of new supply chin management for new place to distribute product efficiently.

    Global strategies will help company in making clear objectives about expansion of business in new country.

    TASK 2

    1 Performance of national economy impacts on activities of business organisation

    Increased globalisation is making all the countries close to each other. Many countries are taking steps to connect their businesses in order to improve economic conditions. Nation economy of new country can affect the business activities of Primark retail. National economy describes total economical state of the country. There are many economical factors which impact business operations of the organisation. Some economic factors are as follows

    Monetary policy

    This policy highly impacts the purchasing power of customers. It also impact buying power of business organisation. Economical policies ,made by government of country affects rates and price of raw materials. If price of goods are according to business requirements then it will hep in growth of business. Fiscal policy of particular region also impacts growth of business.

    Income of consumers

    Income of consumers is also a major factor which affects the business activities of the organisation. If income of people is low then they will not prefer buying low priced products and vice versa. Productivity of the the organisation also gets influence due to income of consumers.


    If the economy of country is strong and the people have enough income sources then it creates demand. This affects production process of the company. It creates load on organisation to produce according to the increasing demand. Company have to make changes in its product according to the latest trends.

    Manufacturing costs

    Low Economy of the country create problem of manufacturing cost. Employee demands payments which can not be given to them. This problem causes failure of business operations. Rate of interest , inflation rate and recession are also the factors that can influence business activities of organisation.

    2 Measures taken by government to affect activities of BO

    Many polices made by government that can impact the business activates of Primark retail company . Policies to reduce recession problem, inflation crisis, improvement in lifestyle of people etc. Government of many countries are continuously taking step to provide employment. Ito accomplish these goals government takes some action which can impact the regular business activities of Primark. Some of the factors are listed below

    Policy for employment

    Government of any country focuses on increasing employment. Government of UK is trying to give employment to the unemployed people by providing them training and eduction on business.

    Policy for local community

    Government helps in providing funding to people who are suffering from unemployment. It also helps in solving social problems of people..

    Policy for inflation control

    Balance in the economy is must for any country. Government always tries maintain that balance. This balance is maintained by tool like interest rates. If there is possibility that people can spend too much on on product, government imposes taxes on these products. Due to this reason purchasing power of customer decreases and this impact overall business activities of the company.

    Policy for education and upbringing

    Government make many polices regarding educating people and making them advanced.

    Policies for region

    Many initiatives are taken by region authorities to rise the region which is lacking in business activities. Sometimes competition also created by government in order to identify the best company of the country.

    Initiative programs

    Government provides many initiatives to boost up business organisations in country. Various training sessions and programs are conducted by government so that people can enhance their skills in business.

    TASK 3

    1 Implication of global integration on BO

    Global integration is defined as combing various business activities across the world so that same business methods can be used . Global integration continuously raising demand for best quality product in the world. This integration can highly influence the business activities of Primark. Global integration is necessary now a days because of rising competition in the market. Some implications of the integration is as follows

    • Global integration helps in supply of goods and rough material. It also supports in supplying good worldwide.
    • It support in managing system of the business enterprise.
    • Employees training and development programs are managed easily through global integration.
    • It also help in finding new customers to buy products . Revenue of the company increase through it. Organisations find new buyer through integration and it helps in gaining profit for the company.
    • Integration of businesses decreases labour cost. In the global market company can get low cost labour which helps company in getting more profit.
    • Testing of new product will become easy for Primark organisation while operating in global integrated market (Watson, 2017).
    • Import and export of good and services become easy for the business organisation.
    • Threat of new entrants and barriers in trade reduces due to integration of business.
    • Global integration helps in maintaining quality and standards of services which are provided by companies of other countries.

    However, integration of businesses have some negative impacts also. Business companies provides high quality goods in international market where as low quality product are provided to local people.

    2 Effects of international trade on domestic products and services

    International trading of goods and services has been increased in previous years. Export and import business of various regions have been increasing rapidly. This trading of goods and services have both positive an negative impact on Primark. Some of the impacts on domestic products and services are as follows

    • Increase in import business increase the options for people to choose the best quality of product. Consumers get various alternatives so that can compare each product and choose the best one.
    • Import of good have negative impact on domestic product. If people find foreign product are less expensive than the domestic ones then they will not buy domestic products. Due to this reason domestic products will loose their place in the market (Percy and Shortland, 2013).
    • Competition will also increase in market due to high availability of imported and domestic products. Quality of domestic product will increase due to international trade. Local area businesses will make enhancements in their products in order to compete in the market.
    • Higher export rate will make unavailability of good for the local population. Company will not be able to fulfil the needs of local consumers.
    • Popular brands would take the place of local brands due to which domestic products will loose their importance.

    3 Global economy impact on business

    Rapidly increasing globalization is connecting all the population of world. Production methods and interaction ways have changed drastically. Global economy can impact Primark enormously. It can affect the business activities of company in many ways. Every day increasing technology is helping people to find out information about new product in the market. Global economy impacts international trade of products among countries. It increases competition among business entities worldwide. Due to increased global economy companies are trying to provide best services and product than others.

    Organisations try to make product unique and different for others. Globalization has made people to look for hundreds of brands to buy a single product. Globalization increase demand of product due to which sometime companies sometimes unable to provides product in market. Rapidly increasing economy is helping companies in making huge profits. Internation trade is supporting businesses to make strong bond with their consumers. However, risk is also increasing due to speedily increasing global economy. Global economy is also raising demand of innovation in each product. Primark is continuously making innovation in its products to gain more customer attraction. Globalisation is also increasing market share of each company.

    4 ICT technologies assessment

    Information and communication technology plays vital role in promotings globalisation. It helps in building strong networks among companies by providing them communication platform. Use of technology in making products helps Primark in convincing it customers. Technologies helps organisation in monitoring workers from distance. Rise in use of internet has made organisations in analysing current trends in market (Fernie and Sparks, 2014). ICT supports businesses in finding new innovative ideas to grow up their productivity. Companies can easily connect with its customers due to information and communication technology. It also helps in building strong connections with other business parties. ICT is supporting globalization in following ways

    • Strong networks of communication is speeding up the global economy.
    • Managing of business globally has become easier. Process of businesses are speeding up.
    • It has provided shorter processes to do business in internation market.
    • Virtual business organisations have been created by ICT.

    TASK 4

    1 Review of global environment of business operations

    Primark is currently operating in United kingdom which is one of the leading market in the world. Global environment of the country is business friendly. Domestic market of the country is very constructive. There is strong competition among brands of the country but this competition does not affect business activities of the company. Researches have concludes that many foreign companies wants to grow their business in UK. Many foreign organisations have established their businesses in the country. Domestic business of the country are trying to help local area people's demand.

    Impact of political factors is also very high on Primark. New technologies are supporting local as well s global businesses of the region. Government is also giving full support to business organisations. Many policies have been made by government in order to maintain business friendly environment. Training and seminars are also conducted by government to provide high skilled workers. Though country has suffered from economic recession yet it has given support to business organisations. Free trad is also provided by authorities to make international trade process smoother.

    2 Strategies to solve issues impacting business

    Many factor are affecting business activities of Primark in the country. UK is one of the best place for business organisations. Effective strategies are required for any business venture to survive in competition of market. Primark can follow some strategies which are listed below

    • Primark should focus on making innovative product . This can be done by implementing innovation in its production process. Company should concentrate on creativity in products.
    • Technology is an important factor now a days. Every business organisation is using automated processes to improve their productivity. Technology saves time and helps in increasing productivity. So organisation should use techno,logical tools to enhance its business operations.
    • Company should expand it business in other markets too. Expansion will help organisation to create new products which in turn increase consumer base.
    • New product should be launcher by company in order to satisfy consumer needs.


    From the above report it has been concluded that business organisation works with various outcomes and results. In this context, present report is includes differences in working of different sector businesses within the industrial context. Furthermore, it summarizes about strategies that employed by the firm to operate functions and operations in global market. Therefore, the chosen firm has opportunity to enhance profitability and revenue at workplace. Moreover, it evaluated about measures that are taken by government and influence to activities of company in successful manner. In addition to this, there are certain implications also implied that includes for integrate global outcomes within the organisation. Hereafter, the organisation can easily assess impact of global economy on the enterprise performances. At last, report carried review of global environment in which current business is operating there functions and operations. Hence, strategies also adopted that taken for address issues which affect to activities.


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