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    Working In A Business Team


    Meeting management requires a set of skills that must be looked by leaders so as to ensure that agenda of meeting is achieved. Meetings are necessary in all sorts of organisation, large or small scale to effectively address the issues being faced within organisational premises (Bens, 2017). This report is based upon a business meeting in Quartz Power Group taking into account certain agendas and proposals related to company. It includes abilities of leader to effectively articulate meeting goals and engaging members in a meaningful discussion. Also, it will take into account the communication barriers along with the extent to which participants listened in meeting.

    a. Evaluation of business meeting

    Business meeting are an essential part of every entity to make sure that the rules and regulations, as well as the policies and norms of company, are being abided by. Also, it helps in brainstorming of ideas so as to collect unique and creative ways of developing solutions to existing problems and challenges being faced by employees (Hamstra and et. al., 2014). The business meeting conducted and headed by managing director of Quartz Power Group, Mr. Marcus was organised to address a number of agendas. As per the evaluation, the meeting was conducted in a formal and structural manner wherein participants actively participated in the discussion by way of responding effectively. Also, it was noticed that they were seated on a round table and the speaker was in mid of the two team leaders, Paul and Maya, and their teams.

    It is analysed that the leader optimally developed ground rules which need to be followed and abided by participants at all the times. The discipline of meeting as well as individuals could be noted well. Also, the behaviour of leader was such that it facilitated a meaningful discussion about the subject matter. Besides this, the language used in meeting was formal and specific in relation to the agenda of discussion. Also, the leadership skills portrayed while conducting and heading the meeting were exceptional as there was no interruption or answering back at the time when speaker was addressing and conversing about the agendas.

    Ability of leader to state the goals clearly

    It is required by business persons conducting any meeting or business discussion yo effectively open and close meeting. Also, it is essential that the goals and objectives due to which meeting has been conducted are stated clearly in front of everyone so that there is no confusion or misconception (Mone and London, 2018). Here, in this meeting, the leader as well as the head  possesses adequate leadership skills to clearly put forward the issues and agendas required to be discussed upon. This can be confirmed from the act of leader when he asked if everyone present in the room had a copy of agenda to be discussed in meeting. Also, the agendas were clearly put forward in front of business personnel to be 'relocation and plans for flexible working'. Furthermore, the leader kept asking the participants at regular intervals if they comprehended what was addressed. This reflects strong leadership skills of the person who headed the meeting as he took continuous initiatives to ensure that everyone present in the room agreed to the matter of concern during the discussion. Also, it can be analysed that the speaker asked regular questions after addressing each agenda to keep the interest of audience intact and to ensure that the business personnel clearly understood the subject matter.

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    Ability of leader to engage members in a meaningful discussion

    The leader of the business meeting took efforts to clearly put forward the issues related to relocation and flexibility of working hours. Also, after an issue was addressed, the leader asked the two team leaders, Paul and Maya to share their views and opinions about the  subject matter. Besides this, the leader and speaker of the business meeting effectively remembered the issues individually and collectively faced by the team members. It can be said from the fact that when the issue of relocation was discussed, he put forward in front of the team that the idea of flexible working hours is proposed by Paul. Also, it was noted that the leader asked Maya about the issues that she and her team has with the whole concept of introduction of flexible working hours. Further, it was seen that the spokesperson was emphatic towards Mark who he analysed by way of Mark's facial expressions to be sceptical of the idea of relocation due to the element of high IT costs associated with it.

    Group dynamics

    In the business meeting regarding relocation and probability of flexible working hours, it was noticed that the participants in the group had different intellectual abilities. The business personnel present in the room had diverse set of cultural, linguistic as well as educational backgrounds yet all of them patiently sat together to address the various issues, proposals and challenges. Also, the group patiently listened to what was being spoken by the head of meeting. Also, as per the analysis of the meeting, the participants in the group had different types of psychological and organisational needs and thus, they possesses diverse set of requirements from company in relation to working environment, location  of workplace, hours of operations etc.

    When the proposal of flexible working hours was introduced by Marcus in front of business personnel, people had contrasting views upon it. On one hand, Paul and his team was in favour of acceptance of this proposal as it was suggested by his team members collectively, Maya and his team members expressed their concern over it. Maya openly suggested the need and want for further study and research into the possibility and feasibility of introducing the system of flexible working hours. assignment writing help

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    Group listening skills

    The ability to listen actively and patiently when a message is being delivered is very necessary in corporate world. It is essential that when a business meeting is conducted, participants are involved in a meaningful discussion (National Research Council, 2015). Here, in this meeting, the group actively lend their ears to speaker so that they do not miss out on any important or crucial information related to company. Also, it could be noted that the group focussed on participation by way of expressing their opinions when asked about their views at regular intervals by Marcus. All the individuals were significantly engaged and expressed their thoughts by way of their body language, facial expressions and gestures. The participants readily listened to the speaker so as to be able to be able to express their favour or disapproval upon the idea of relocation and flexibility of working time.

    b. How did group members reach upon a  decision?

    There can be various ways in which a group can reach upon a decision. These can be by way of voting, consensus, discussion, debate etc (Neumann and et. al., 2016). Here, in the business meeting headed by Marcus, the agenda was regarding the acceptance or rejection of proposal for 'relocation and flexibility of working timings of employees'. The sole motive of spokesperson here was to address the views and opinions of various individuals present in the group to finally arrive on a conclusion. The method adopted by group was consensus. While the team headed by Paul was in favour of proposal, Maya's team wanted a further study into this system to be sure about its implementation. No decision could be reached upon in the meeting and it was decided that proposal would be accepted only after taking into account its feasibility. Thus, the decision was retained till the next meeting.

    c. Ability of individual participants to listen

    In a business meeting, there can be many distractions like a ringing or vibrating phone, noise in surroundings etc. In relation to the business meeting for relocation and flexible working hours, there was absolutely no distraction or diversion in any form and personnel actively listened to the speaker by way of observation and analytical skills. Also, the fact that the participants actively listened to the agendas and proposals being discussed upon in meeting can be strengthened by the act of Mark when the concern of high IT costs associated with the element of relocation was pointed out. Further, the two team leaders, Paul and Maya, were attentive enough to express own and their team's favour or disapproval upon the proposal.

    d. Did participants changed their views during meeting?

    In corporate world, it is often observed that participants change their views in meetings due to undue influence, coercion, peer pressure etc (Waterman, 2014). In relation with meeting headed by Marcus, it was noted that none of the participants really changed their views during the discussion. However, when Marcus asked Maya about her views in relation to proposal specifically pointing out the dejection expressed by her team members in past regarding the same, she answered in a manipulative way. The tone and gestures of Maya did not reflect disapproval for the proposal. Instead, she dismayed negativity about the offer of flexible working hours and pointed out that Paul's proposal seems fine to her and she along with her team members only wanted further feasibility study to be carried upon it before executing it into system.

    e. Identification of communication barriers

    Any discussion or meeting can get interrupted by a number of communication barriers like linguistic, cultural, gender, emotional and psychological (Neumann and et. al., 2016). In the meeting taking place in Quartz Power Group, there was no such distraction. However, the only barrier to communication that was observed was when Mark pointed out the concern regarding high IT costs associated with relocation due to surpassing of marketing budget. At that point, Maya was clarifying her concept with which the issue of high costs could be tackled but in between, the secretary of Marcus pointed out that 10 minutes has elapsed and it was time for lunch as a business professional has arrived for giving views and upon a certain agenda of company. This acted as a barrier for communication in the meeting as Maya was interrupted in between when she was explaining her view about the raised marketing and IT costs associated with proposal.

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    From the above discussion, it can be concluded that it is necessary to conduct a business meeting in an effective manner along with ensuring that all the key issues and challenges are addressed by leader in front of everyone. Also, it has been analysed that the person heading a corporate discussion or meeting must possess the ability to clearly specify the goals along with effectively engaging the participants. Besides this, it has been evaluated that communication should be carried out in a formal manner and should not be restrained by way of any barriers or constraints. 


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