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    Sample of Personal and Managerial Effectiveness


    Managing diversity within the organizations is becoming one of the most crucial tasks and it is a key to leveraging the advantages of miscellany within the workplace. One of the most common tasks of any organization is to maintain equality as well as positivity among their workers (Momsen, 2004). They must be focused on protected minority groups that are demographically different. Moreover, diversity management tends to encompass a broader definition of difference that includes several characteristics which may possess differences.

    The present research is based on the Sainsbury’s which is the third largest retail chain of UK and they also offer online shopping to their customers. Diversity management is the most crucial element within their firm. In order to maintain this they have launched a new diversity champion programme involving 140 of their managers. One of the most important tasks of these managers is to gather feedbacks on key aspects of diversity and shape various diversity programs in order to implement several improvements related to diversity issues (Strachan, Burgess and Sullivan, 2004). Further, this research is highly focused with the different diversity management programs which help the company to drive support for their colleagues who combine their work with caring responsibilities. Sainsbury stated that they mainly believe in the benefits a diverse workforce brings. Due to this, the present study provides appropriate information on the benefits of effective diversity management with their business firms.

    Literature Review

    Diversity is terms which can be easily define as a people from different groups that do not suffer discrimination. Different organizations need to understand that how people’s differences and similarities can be mobilised for the benefits of individuals. According to Barris (2010.) diversity in the workplace consists varied range of elements such as differences in primary languages, religion, social status, differences in national origin etc. According to Carr-Ruffino (2011) in todays globalized and changing world many managers find themselves with many challenges one of which is that of managing a diverse workforce. One of the most important and crucial tasks for any organization is to maintain effective workforce diversity within their organization. Woodall (2006) argues that diversity in the workplace is most important to the future of any organization. Within the retail industry workers belongs to diverse countries and all of them are having different backgrounds, need, values, culture etc. It is quite essential for companies to adopt some of the best strategies through which they can enhance their market share with the help of diversity management. According to Heathfield (2015) global demographic patterns as well as cultural shifts are putting increased pressure on various business practices of company.

    A recent interview study founded that the lack of an equality management policy could lead to high labour turnover as well as loss of talented employees. Further, it is essential to maintain the equality among diverse workforce. Moreover, the most important key ingredient in this shift is changing demographic profiles of customers as well as globalization. These are two major concerns due to which most of the companies are facing huge competition (Duncan, 2011). Due to the changing demographic profile of customers they are not able to attain their target in an appropriate way. Another most common challenge is globalization. Most of the companies are expanding their business within the different countries. It might lead to create diversity problem. Workers within the organizations belong to diverse culture as well as language, culture and religion (Thomas, 2010). Due to this, employees might face problems at the time of working as a team. Moreover, globalization as well as changing faces is of both consumers and workers will represent an even more diverse mix.

    According to Iles and Auluck (2000) it is has been identified that there is an increasing number of dual income families as well as single working mother. Most of the leading companies know its essential consistency and maintain diversity as a top business objective. It is all about the customers and business partners of company. Further, demographic trends since 1950 have increased the diversity of the UK population. Sainsbury is operating their business operations within the UK and they are following different piece of legislations. Under this, they are highly focused with the equal opportunities for women and ethnic minorities (Marquis, 2007). Another most common effect belongs to the social and economic trends such as lowering down the international barriers to trade, technological innovation etc. have contributed to increased diversity in the workplace.

    In addition to this, there are mainly six business benefits of a diverse workforce is being presented in the review of literature of Jain (2005). These benefits are as follows:

    Resource acquisition argument: The whole diversity management approach will develop a reputation of favourability with the organization. With the help of following the equality as well as favourability any of the organization or retail sector can get the best personnel.

    Marketing argument: Somehow diversity is known as a best beneficial term for company. Retail sectors will obtain insights and cultural sensitivity from having different employees with roots of other country (Organizational culture, 2015). It helps them in possessing multicultural skills within their business firms through which they can provide improve and better marketing.

    Cost Argument: In order to integrate various workers within the firms most of the companies are adopting several strategies. All those organizations who can manage the diversity will gain a cost advantage. Further, it can be stated that the cost of designing a poor job in order to integrate workers is increasing day by day.

    Problem solving argument: Due to the diverse workforce Sainsbury is able to make several decisions within the teams. According to Lopez, Hodson and Roscigno (2009) heterogeneity in groups potentially produces several better decisions and also helps in resolving any type or problem within the faster way. It is considered as a most effective and potential benefits in which organizations can make appropriate solutions regarding any problem.

    Creative argument: The presence of diversity helps in come up with different ideas. This is the best way which put less emphasis on conformity to past norms and helps in improving the creativity as well (Momsen, 2004).

    System Flexibility argument: It is quite essential for Sainsbury to become more flexible by reacting towards the environmental changes. With the help of this, they can develop more standardized system and maintain diversity within their firm.

    Successful diversity management is all about unleashing the rich and diverse potential of the whole workforce of company. There are various business benefits of effective diversity management for the Sainsbury such as:

    Diverse experience: At the time of working within the group as well as team all the co-workers with diverse cultural backgrounds can bring unique experience. All of them can share their experience as well as ideas between each other. It helps them in managing their team work more effectively. Robinson (2009) stated that each employee posse’s unique strengths as well as weaknesses derived from their culture. At the time of managing the diversity under the team work, workers can complement the weaknesses of each other. It is the best way through which they can make the impact of the workforce greater than the sum of its parts. It is considered as a most effective business benefits under which diverse knowledge and skills of culturally distinct workers together can work and enhance the productivity within the team. Further, it is the best way through which Sainsbury can provide high quality products to all their customers and enhance their market share as well.

    Learning and growth: Diversity within the workplace somehow provides several opportunities for the personal growth of employees. According to Stroman (2009) working with culturally diverse co-workers somehow breaks the subconscious barriers of ethnocentrism. This provides huge benefits to the workers and encourages them to become well-rounded member of society. In addition to this, it can be stated that individuals can enhance and gain a clearer view of their surroundings. With the help of this, a person can grow and learn various things with respect to the success of their job.

    Sainsbury believes in the benefits of diverse workforce. They are highly concentrated towards the changing needs of customers (J Sainsbury plc, 2011). One of the main objectives of company is to create an environment where everyone is welcome. They just want to provide high quality services as well as latest products to their consumers. They are highly committed towards maintaining diversity within their business firm. As per the past survey of Sainsbury it has been founded that company have launched a new diversity champion programme in the year of 2011. Under this, they have involved 140 managers in order to gather feedbacks on key aspects of diversity (Duncan, 2011). With the help of these feedbacks they can drive and forward better improvements within the diversity related issues. In addition to this, it can be stated that Sainsbury is highly focused with raising their consumer profiles. They have contributed with giving sponsorship to London 2012 Paralympics games.

    With the help of this they have supported their customers as well as colleagues with disabilities. Further, it can be stated that there are several benefits of effective diversity management due to which company can enhance their market share and sales (J Sainsbury plc, 2015). The diversity champions programme of Sainsbury have helped in introducing a new disability confidence programme as well as appropriate training to all the workers that how best they can serve their customers with disabilities. With the help of appropriate training employees are able to make quality products as well as they also continue to improve the facilities and services that can be offer to the customers at a high priority.

    In addition to this, Sainsbury’s record and data clearly states that our diversity is one of our strength. Most of their workers on their leadership development programs are female and they anticipate that they can maintain and increase the whole proportions of women in Board and senior positions (Profiles In Diversity Journal, 2011). This might leads to decrease the overall concept of diversity and maintain the similarities in terms of gender as well as gender. It is the major approach under which any of the retail sectors can maintain their target and enhance their sales with the increasing consumer proportion.

    The main vision of company is to be the “most comprehensive and best retailer where people love to work and shop”. According to their set target and vision they want to enhance their consumer base and it is essential for them to generate their sales. In order to achieve the aspiration as well as their target Sainsbury is highly focused with recruiting, retaining as well as developing diverse and talented people (Lopez, Hodson and Roscigno, 2009). They need to develop an environment as well as culture where diverse viewpoints of people can be listened. It helps them in increasing their motivation level and anticipates the diverse needs of customers. They are taking several steps to remove diversity issues for which they are supporting talented women to develop their careers.


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    Five supported recommendations to management about how such processes could be enhanced

    In order to enhance the diversity management within the company and maintain the trust among consumers it is essential for companies to develop some of best diversity management policies. With the help of these policies they are able to provide similarity in between all their workers. Management team of any organization need to unleash the rich and diverse potential of an entire workforce. In order to build better diversity and enhance such process some of the most common recommendations are as follows:

    Defining terms: It is the best and most appropriate way through which company can maintain and manage the whole work within the stipulated time frame. For this, it is essential for company to define their appropriate term of diversity. Further, several essential steps need to be taken into consideration in order to maintain similarity between diverse workforce. Each team members has a different idea about what diversity means. Somehow it is not limited to the consideration of age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, mental and physical disabilities etc. Moreover, defining diversity for the company is quite important.

    Be realistic: Another most effective approach to enhance the process of diversity management is to be practical. Sainsbury need to involve everyone who has responsibilities for diversity. Diversity management is a complex process and not every company will advance at the same pace. Further, it is necessary for company to become practical about all their decisions and need to gather appropriate feedbacks from their consumers. It helps them in fulfilling their requirements by providing them high quality products as well as services.

    Build in metrics: In order to increase the diversity management within the organization it is essential for company to measure their progress. With the help of measuring their progress they can maintain diverse work culture within their firm. Further, with the help of diversity management company can go through the achievement of their specific, quantifiable as well as long term and short term goals.

    Assemble all the resources: In order to achieve the target as well as objectives of company it is essential to have appropriate resources such as human resource, financial resource. By assembling appropriate resources company can easily attain their objectives and maintain their diverse work culture.

    Set up a system: It is considered as most effective recommendations under which Sainsbury can set up appropriate pool of talent within their firm. It can be stated that talent acquisition is one of the most effective approach to enhance the process of diversity management. Under this, company can attract best talent pool of outstanding individuals from diverse background. In case of having diverse culture and background they might face several problems. But, once company has attracted such talented people then they must enable them to become a part of the established culture within the organization. It is the best and most effective way through which employees are able to understand the work culture of their existing organization. They can meet the standards of their existing workers and maintain the diversity among the organization.

    Education: It is essential for every organization to have appropriate managers within their firm. They must be educated about the benefits of diversity and the overall process that is necessary to achieve it. Further, companies must trained their employees about the health work culture which they need to maintain. They must provided appropriate coaching, mentoring as well as skills they needs. In order to attain higher competitive advantage it is essential retain best talent within the firms.

    Demonstrate CEO support: Management could enhance diversity management within their firm by properly articulating the business case for diversity. For this, it is essential to take support from the top management team of company. With the help of above presented recommendations top management team of organizations can enhance their system. They can go through the diversity management in better terms and motivate their workers to perform all their tasks more effectively. They can gather different ideas and viewpoints from culturally diverse background people.

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    Discussion and Analysis

    From the above literature review it has been founded that there are various benefits of diversity management. It has been identified that being various range of business advantages for diversity has been supported by several authors. Further, diversity might leads to better understanding of local markets as well as consumers. With the help of managing diversity most of the workers of company can go through the greater creativity as well as greater flexibility within the organization. Sainsbury can easily attract and retain best people towards their firm.

    It is being founded that Sainsbury is highly committed to providing several benefits to their customers. The major strength of company is diversity and in order to protect this, Sainsbury is organizing several leadership development programs. They have launched Diversity campaign in order to promote diversity differences. With the help of this campaign most of the companies are able to go through the better diversity management terms. These type of different programs will help the Sainsbury to continue to raise their profile of carers within the communities and they can also drive support for colleagues who combine with caring work responsibilities. It has been founded that Sainsbury is committed to helping all their colleagues to achieve their full potential. For this, they are highly focused with removing different barriers to progression that can be faced by them such as race, gender, age, religion etc. In terms of age, religion there must not be any type of diversity. It highly influences all the workers capabilities and they are not able to perform their tasks appropriately. Further, they are trying to removing different barriers in order to come up with high quality service as well as products.


    From the overall research it has been articulated that diversity is all about the creation of an organizational culture where the best people wants to work. In today’s highly competitive environment it is essential for the top management team of every organization is to treat their employee with dignity and respect. Sainsbury is providing similar opportunities to all their workers and also promote diversity within their firm. Further, all the people here are promoted on the basis of their merits and opportunities for success are open to all. With the help of attaining appropriate principles of diversity management in everything company can achieve most ambitious business goals. Further, it has been concluded that with the help of appropriate diversity management employees can easily learn and grow with different ideas and viewpoints.


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